How To Clean Football Helmet? Several seful Tips!

You buy a football head protector for your matches but do not know how to clean football helmet?

Don’t worry because this article will provide you with detailed information about the solutions to wash each part of this accessory and some useful tips to keep it brand new.

Let’s find out together!

What Is A Football Helmet?

How To Clean Football Helmet

This piece of protective gear was used worldwide in matches in the 1920s. It included some padding inside together with leather.

However, the first version gave little protection for players as it did not have a face mask, resulting in many common injuries.

Not until 1939 was the first time made from plastic introduced to the public.

A company called Riddell in Chicago produced the first plastic version of it with the belief that it would be a safer option than the leather version.

The plastic item had the ability to remain in its shape when experiencing collision, and it also consisted of more cushion and padding for safety reasons.

Moreover, it came with a face mask made from plastic, which could help protect players’ heads.

Although this item’s standard level of protection has witnessed many innovations since its first introduction, players who want to have a safer option desire to get additional support.

That’s why there are more technological processes that help to protect players by providing more protection to their heads during matches.

How To Clean Football Helmet?

Wearing a dirty sport helmet is the recipe for scalp folliculitis, according to Healthline. So keeping it clean is a must.

For players, how to polish football helmet is a problem as they do not know the proper solution. If you also have this worry, read the below information.

Things You Will Need

Things You Will Need

The first one you need is a microfiber pad or an unused cotton T-shirt. Cleaning vulnerable and prone-to-scratch items such as helmet’s coating or high-end handbags like Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas calls for the utmost gentleness.

Do not use an abrasive cleaning pad as this could create scratches outside your gear and cause damage to the inferior.

The second object you need for this cleaning process is a gentle and smooth detergent. If you used to clean the bamboo pillow, you know the necessity of using a mild cleansing agent on such fragile material.

Using a plain and old dishwashing detergent can erode the grime and does not lead to harsh residue, which can, in turn, cause irritation for your next wearing.

The final thing you should use is a disinfectant spray. Using this kind of spray will help you get rid of all bacteria that mushroom in your item during a long-wearing period.



Regarding cleaning the item, the outside is the easiest part to wash. The cleaning process includes:

 1. Remove all pads inside and spray the whole gear. If you want your item a bit shinier for your next match, prepare a polish liquid like you often use for your car and a soft piece of cloth.

2. Leave the shell aside and wash all the pads.

3. Washing these pads requires a dip in soapy and warm water. If the pads are too grimy, wipe them with a piece of cotton cloth or soft microfiber, which utilizes 95% less chemicals and water.

4. Let them dry before using a disinfectant spray to kill the remaining bacteria.

5. Reassemble the item when all the features are dry and clean. 

Now you have a brand new helmet for your next matches.

Hopefully, the above information has given you an effective solution to the question on how to disinfect football helmet so that you can completely enjoy your games.

How To Clean The Inside Of Your Football Helmet

Regarding how to clean a football helmet, washing the inside may be a daunting task.

There are two ways to wash the accessory depending on the different types of helmets.

The first one is cleaning the football gear with non-removable pads. With this type of head protector, there are several steps in the cleaning process:

1. Use a soft microfiber or cotton cloth.

2. Take a piece of fabric, such as old socks, wet by soaking it in a mixture of warm water and a gentle cleanser.

3. Wash the gap between the pads and the interior with this wet fabric.

4. Rinse it under the freshwater to remove all the soap before using a spray to get rid of all the bacteria.

5. As the non-removable pads are highly sensitive to sunlight, you should keep them dry in a suitable environment that is not too hot or cold.

The second one is washing the gear with removable pads. Regarding this type of accessory, you need to:

1. First, remove all parts, such as a chin shield or a chin strap buckle.

2. Wash all parts with gentle dish soap and a soft cloth before removing all the soap under the freshwater.

3. Let all parts dry before reassembling them.

How To Clean Football Chin Strap?

How To Clean Football Chin Strap

Unfortunately, the chin strap can be considered the dirtiest part of the gear as football players usually touch them with their hands to clog straps or remove them.

Therefore, you need to follow strictly to below steps to make it brand new again:

 1. Remove the chin straps from the gear.

2. Soak the chin straps into the cold water mixture and gentle liquid dish soap.

3. Rub these straps in a gentle way with a toothbrush to get rid of all dirt and grime.

4. Wash them under the running water to remove all remaining soap before letting them dry in an airy area.

How To Wash Football Pads?

How To Wash Football Pads?

Regarding the pads, what you should do includes:

1. Remove them out of the gear.

2. Use gentle liquid dish soap to wash it.

3. Use a disinfecting spray to kill stubborn bacteria in the pads before letting them dry.

Several Tips For Cleaning A Football Helmet

When cleaning this item, the tips below will make your cleaning process more effective.

  • Use a football helmet cleaner: This special liquid will help your gadget clean without any damage.
  • Disinfectant spray: After cleaning the item, you should use it to kill stubborn bacteria. Remember to apply this spray when your accessory is upright on the surface till it is dry.
  • Don’t let the helmet under the direct sun: Instead of putting it directly under the sunlight, which could damage the gadget’s interior, you should use a dry cloth or old carpet to make your gear dry.
  • Don’t wash your gadget with abrasive chemicals and cleaners: This action could bring severe damage to your gear, so avoid doing it.


For players, washing this valuable gadget may be a daunting task as not everyone understands how to clean football helmet in a proper way.

Hopefully, this article has given you effective solutions to this problem as well as some useful tips so that you can enjoy all your games without any worries.

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