How To Wash Bamboo Pillow – Washing Instructions

Bedding from bamboo, especially the bamboo pillow, is becoming a bright spot in the bedding line thanks to significant improvements in features compared to the conventional ones.

Possessing many differences in texture, how to wash bamboo pillow has also been a popular concern.

Washing this head padding is completely possible. Most importantly, the washing method had better be careful and correct.

Otherwise, the pillow may no longer maintain its original condition. All the bamboo pillow cleaning tips will be spoiled in this article.

Let’s find out the quality innovations of this item first.

What Is A Bamboo Pillow?

What Is A Bamboo Pillow?

Have you ever heard of “memory foam”? It is an active mousse that exhibits outstanding softness, foam, and toughness.

Memory foam is widely applied in household interiors like sofas, mattresses, etc. And the bamboo pillow is not an exception.

This soft foam is perfectly embraced by a bamboo cloth – an extremely benign, safe, non-irritating, and eco-friendly cover.

How Does Bamboo Pillow Foster Your Relaxation?

Some users with sensitive skin may experience stinging, itching, or even an allergic reaction to certain polyester fabric.

However, that feeling will almost vanish when you use the bamboo pillow.

The scent of natural material can even help you quickly fall asleep. Therefore, parents can consider this item to preserve children’s skin and sleep.

Thanks to its remarkable resilience, the bamboo pillow possibly supports the users’ weight.

The pressure between the head, neck, and shoulders is balanced, providing a feeling of lightness and comfort when you lie.

Even if you sleep in the wrong position by accident, you will rarely experience neck or shoulder pain the next morning.

Notably, bamboo bedding products will also enhance blood circulation while sleeping.

Finally, the product’s self-antimicrobial properties can reduce unpleasant smell from the surrounding environment, protecting your health and safety.

As such, it turns out as a top-notch choice for pregnant women, the elderly, and children.

Can You Wash Bamboo Pillow?

Like cleaning a filthy house, washing a bamboo pillow is a must to maintain hygiene and health.

Once again, we would like to confirm that you can wash the bamboo pillow. Undoubtedly, doing laundry can prevent the penetration or growth of bacteria and remove odor.

However, because the texture leans to smoothness, suppleness, and sponginess, this cushion requires some techniques or carefulness for the cleansing procedure.

You should pay more attention to the washing powder and the appropriate washing mode (circular motions).

 If you prefer the hand-washing method, you also prioritize the moderate force used. This way, the item does not deform or lose its inherent softness.

How To Wash Bamboo Pillow?

It’s time to answer the concern of how to wash bamboo memory foam pillow.

To ensure the integrity of the pillow, we list 4 steps, including both machine and hand washing actions.

Step 1: Washing Bamboo Pillow Covers

Your cushion needs washing from inside to outside. So how to wash bamboo pillow case?

You can have the washing machine cleanse the bamboo pillowcase for your energy-saving.

Gently remove the bamboo sheets; otherwise, the fabric may tear or spread apart before being put in the washing machine.

As we said, this item is likely vulnerable to temperature. Hence, please forget about using cold or hot water.

Warm water coupled with gentle detergent is the perfect combination for the bamboo fiber.

We recommend that liquid detergent can be more effective than the powder one.

Step 2: Washing Memory Foam

Mix 2-3 tablespoons of mild liquid detergent and ½-1 tablespoon fabric softener in warm water based on the padding size. This formula can make sense on memory foam material.

You can let the pillow slowly absorb the mild detergent by soaking it for about 10-15 minutes.

This practice makes stuck stains easier to wash off. Please do not soak for too long. In other words, you have to spend twice as long removing soap by hand.

Next, a few rubbing, dipping, and squeezing actions are needed to wash away the stain, dust, and bacteria. Please remember to use moderate intensity when rubbing.

Meanwhile, you can increase your arm strength at the squeezing step. Twisting the pillow vertically will preserve the pillow’s form better.

That’s also how to wash essence of bamboo pillow.

Step 3: Watering The Cushion

The washing procedure can come to an end by this final step. Please use about 40 degrees Celsius water.

At this step, do not hesitate to rinse the product several times as long as it is free from the soap and bubbles.

You can stop rinsing the pillow only when you feel none of the viscosity within your palm. Finally, wring it out about 2-3 more times to release all the hydration 

Step 4: Drying

It is better to let the natural sunshine dry both the bamboo pillow cover and memory foam. This way, your pillow becomes dry and maintains its fluffy appearance simultaneously.

You can put it under direct sunlight in the morning or afternoon. However, it doesn’t seem to be ideal at noon. Instead, you can dry in a well-ventilated area with a cool temperature.

How To Wash Miracle Bamboo Pillow

Let’s check whether the “miracle” tag is attached to your bamboo pillow packaging or not. Magical bamboo padding can much more facilitate your laundry procedure.

It can experience both machine or hand washing actions.

You can conscientiously apply 4 washing steps listed above. More conveniently, you can wash the miracle bamboo pillow in the washing machine.

You only need to consider combining gentle detergent, warm water, and the delicate cycle mode.

Common Mistakes Of Bamboo Pillow Cleaning

Besides knowing how to clean a bamboo pillow, it’s advisable to stay away from some mistakes.

The correct laundry solution somehow gets less emphasis by users.

Many households apply the same washing method with other bedding stuff, significantly reducing the bamboo pillow’s longevity.

This carelessness can lead to your misunderstanding about the pillow’s quality. In detail, you doubt that the item shows worse features than promoted.

Here are the 3 most common mistakes. Please check if you did any practice unintentionally.

Inconsiderate Cleaning Actions

It is the most popular error but less mentioned frequently. You may be too busy with your daily life.

Or, you underestimate the importance of washing bedding regularly. As a result, you often ignore or only superficially clean the pillow.

We’ve recorded a few cases where users occasionally shake or wipe the pillow surface with wet wipes.

When the moisture of wet wipes remains in the pillow without drying methods, it creates mold or even bed bugs.

It not only causes unhygienic resting space but also affects your hair. Alongside is the clear decrease in pillow quality

Choice of Detergent

You may have a myth that using a harsh detergent or pouring a large amount of it can make the pillow cleaner. It is regrettable to say that this concept is not accurate.

In fact, this technique results in a rougher cushion appearance. Besides, an excess amount of soap remains can stick to the pillow even afterward, against the initial effect.

If your face directly contacts this soapy and moldy pillow, you are at risk of skin allergy.

Washing Mode

You tend to wash your bedding together to save time and effort. That’s why you click the powerful/regular washing mode.

This technique may take action on the thick texture of the blanket, but not the padding. Your pillow can tear immediately, or it will gradually stretch over time.

Use A Machine Dryer To Dry

The bamboo material is extremely sensitive to humidity and temperature. Therefore, excessive heat radiated inside the dryer can quickly damage your pillow.

You may face an unpleasant situation where your favorite head padding is wrinkled or shriveled!


Common Mistakes Of Bamboo Pillow Cleaning

We hopefully abolish your wondering about how to wash bamboo pillow or how to wash bamboo magic pillow with the detailed and useful presentation above.

The steps seem to be time-consuming. However, the whole process only takes about 20 minutes.

Thanks to your effort and time, the pillow can become your loyal friend every night.

Let’s fulfill your sleeping experience by efficiently preserving your bedding stuff.

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