About Me!

About me

Hi, I am Hoang Catherine, currently live in San Diego, California(CA). I have a 2-year old son. First say first, getting to know something about me and discover the journey to become a mom with me!

Becoming parents is a remarkable mark of our lives. It is because many things will be changed from this moment: responsibility, love, finance. During this progress, you definitely meet troubles and challenges.

From the book of Psalms, children are considered presents from God.

“Children are a gift from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.” 

In addition, it is supposed that children are the crystallization of love or the results of long journeys consisting of blue, happiness, and sacrifice. People hardly comprehend the above utterances unless they are parents.

I deeply understood those feelings when we became parents. It is hard to describe that feeling in words. 

“Children make your life important.” – Erma Bombeck.

From the day of pregnancy and when the kids step into our lives, we go through ups and downs, from anxiety, uncertainty, happiness, tear, excitement, and even fear. 

As parents, I was delighted when my kids cried at birth. I was thankful when they toddly walked for the first time. Then feel peaceful when they eat their favorite food deliciously. 

Apart from those happy emotions, parents encounter different challenges. I am uncertain about the appropriate raising techniques, nutritional diet for children, and our child’s minor but sudden changes. 

Sometimes, I suffer from negative thoughts such as I am not good enough to be parents, or our baby is not good as others expect.

Fortunately, I have made great efforts to look for solutions because I want a happy family. During that time, we read a lot of books, searched for information, sought experts’ advice, etc. Overcoming those challenges, I knew that raising children is not easy. 

Particularly, raising children need suitable techniques, approaches, and insights. Moreover, I gradually realize that physical products and services for babies play an important role that supporting us along the way.

I want Bon’s Mommy will be a pivot website to help parents achieve their full potential. This helpful knowledge helps babies get good and reasonable treatment from their parents and develops parental skills necessary for children’s achievement and future growth. 

It is our pleasure to become a piece contributing to your full bright, happy family picture.

Any further inquires, contact me via my contact page. Cheer!!!