How To Clean Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Properly

A complete guide on how to clean Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas in this article will help you care for and renew your favorite bag.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Coated Canvas is one of the outstanding products of a French wallet and handbag manufacturer with durable leather and luxurious style.

It is a counterfeit product that costs an average of three to four thousand dollars, including shipping costs or shipping partners.

This bag will give you an aristocratic style thanks to its modern design and great look. Apart from using it, cleaning and caring for it is also important to keep it for prolonged periods.

However, the storage and cleaning of the LV Canvas bag are quite hard because of its finest material and model.

Thus, this article will give you a detailed guide on how to clean LV bag effortlessly. Scroll down for details!

How To Clean Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas

How To Clean Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas

Apply A Deep Cleaner On The Stains Or Spots

If there’re surface stains and spots on the leather of the Louis Vuitton brown bag, cleaning is necessary.

But, you should be careful to access the leather on your bag and select a safe cleaner. Use a good cleaner that gives you a thorough cleaning on surface stains and spots you want to remove.

This process can take prolonged periods. Yet, it also depends on how terrible the spots or surface stains are and how clean you expect them to be.

So how do you clean a Louis Vuitton bag? Here are specific steps you can follow the care guidelines to apply the commercial cleaners.

  1. Start by washing the surface stains or spots for about 10 minutes. Wait a few minutes to see whether any changes have happened. Normally, you can repeat this step three times.
  2. Double-check the surface stains you’re treating on your bag before applying the commercial cleaners. Note: It is excellent if you see about a 70 percent improvement in your bag.
  3. Wait for the precious materials to dry in sufficient drying time. Repeat step 2 if you’re not satisfied with the final results.

Use A Damp Cloth To Clean The Surface Gently

Use A Damp Cloth To Clean The Surface Gently
Damp Cloth

You can use a damp and soft cloth to remove and clean the dirt and surface stains on the leather. Follow the additional care instruction or additional care recommendations below:

  1. Determine the positions you can access with the wet and soft cloth easily as a magic eraser, such as the bag’s body, edge, leather trim, handle, and bottom.
  2. Use a clean and smooth piece of clean cloth. You have to make it damp before wiping the marked positions on your bag.
  3. Move the damp and soft cloth through the dirt areas, spots, or adherence surface stains to remove them.

Note: You should move the soft cloth gently to avoid damaging or scratching its leather exterior or abrasive surface. Check whether the leather on your Louis Vuitton bag is clear enough.  This can help prevent the leather from fracturing and drying up when you clean it.

Use Baby Wipes To Clean Inside The Bag

Use Baby Wipes To Clean Inside The Bag
Baby Wipes

To remove the grime and dirt inside the bag, apply baby wipes. Baby wipes are the best choice for removing rough surface stains, dirt, natural markings, or watermarks.

This water-based cleaner can help you clean the handles or leather straps of the Louis Vuitton handbag cleaning more effortlessly.

You can use this cleaning method to clear the dirt and dark area inside your bag. Wipe the bag down with a baby wipe to give your bag a shiny look.

You can slightly and thoroughly clean the leather but keep its consistent texture and pigmented colors, color migration, or PixelsScreen colors.

Similar to cleaning other vulnerable items like bamboo pillows, you can’t use chemicals on the bag because the leather will become dry and split.

Thus, choose a brand of baby wipes that is free of alcohol, oil, and fragrance so that it won’t dry out the monogram coating. This is also true for Damier Azur or Damier canvas coats.

Process in circular motions and utilize mild pressure when scrubbing or rubbing to remove the layers of dirt.

Apply a leather lotion to prevent the cracks. You can do this approach by dabbing at the leather.

Cleaning through the bag is more important than focusing on one spot or stain for too long or prolonged periods.

So, wait 15 seconds after each mild dabbing of the leather before commencing another round. Stop working on the bag if a spot starts to feel the heat from your dabbing.

Use A Leather Moisturizer

Use A Leather Moisturizer
Leather Moisturizer

After cleaning your bag, apply the moisturizing product adequately to care for and protect the leather in the best way.

This product is beautiful in gel application form, and you can use it as a leather cleaning and a leather moisturizer.

Unlike the leather wax, this gel can clean the leather beneath the bag’s abrasive surface and long-lasting elements.

Thus, you can apply a little gel layer by using your finger or a damp cloth, cloth with water removing, and a soft brush, rubber brush, or soft shoe brush to rub it until it becomes clean.

Apply A Final Moisturizing Layer

No matter which method you choose, you will need to apply the final moisturizing on the furs & leather to complete the cleaning process.

This finish will moisturize the leather on your Louis Vuitton LV bag at the final time.

The leather lotions play a role as a polishing cream that moisturizes the furs & leather, adding a little sheen and making it seem great.

Spread a little coating of the cream with a soft cloth, damp cloth, and dry cloth or your finger. Give it an even distribution until it becomes shiny.

You can use fresh leather lotions or wax without the risk of color transfer.


What Is The Best Way To Clean Louis Vuitton Canvas?

Due to its durability, Louis Vuitton handbag cleaning is simpler to get than ordinary leathers or furs & leathers.

If you regularly use it, the best way of Louis Vuitton handbag cleaning should be done with a damp and clean cloth, a cloth with water removing, soft cloth, or jewelry polishing cloth to remove the surface stains and dirt on the surface.

You can also use light-colored absorbent, lint-free cloth or lint-free light colored absorbent cloth to clean your bag.

If you want a deeper clean, we should use deep leather lotions or leather cleaner. An exotic leather cleaner can support removing odors, stains, bacteria, or dirt.

The furs & leather lotions or conditioner and leather deep cleanser are terrific commercial cleaners.

You can apply to various exotic leather parts, such as handles or metallic leather straps, furs & leathers, on your Louis Vuitton handbag cleaning with ease and economical price.

How Can You Restore A Louis Vuitton Canvas?

If you have a Louis Vuitton handbag cleaning with cracks or fractures, you should use it gently to avoid worsening or spreading the problem.

You should bring a broken canvas bag to a competent handbag repair store or shop to fix the mistakes or keep your bag in good storage.

A powerful adhesive is beneficial to help put the Damier canvas parts, such as Vachetta leather straps, back together after it has cracks or splits.

Follow some tips below for the best storage of Louis Vuitton LV bags: 

  • Allow your Louis Vuitton bag to breathe by keeping it inside its dust bag, not in a box.
  • Try not to put the bag under direct sunlight, direct heat source or in hot environments when using or storing it.
  • Do not crumple or bend the canvas bag or store it in this state.
  • Avoid overfilling the bag or putting too much weight inside it and keep it away from sharp objects, heavy objects.
  • Condition the leather of your Louis Vuitton LV or the coated canvas bag every 6–12 months, depending on how much you use it.

How Do You Clean A Louis Vuitton Purse At Home?

Clean your Louis Vuitton coated canvas products with a soft cloth and damp cloth and a soft brush to remove dust, including the light or white-colored bag.

You should use extreme and special care and minimize direct contact with the metallic leather edge, as the liquid can have risk of damage to the pigmented materials, functional material, edge materials, or other precious materials and cause spots.

Can I Clean A Louis Vuitton Bag By Using Water?

Yes, you can. Don’t use chemicals to cure delicate furs & leather. Use soapy water and baby wipes to clean the coated leather or Nubuck leathers on the colored canvas bag.

Soapy water is also useful to clean your Louis Vuitton bag easily and quickly.

What Are the Benefits Of Cleaning Louis Vuitton Canvas?

The bags command premium prices even after many years of use.

Thus, the better the preserving condition of your Louis Vuitton handbag cleaning is, the greater the resale price will be when you decide to sell it.

Here are some of the benefits of caring for and cleaning your Louis Vuitton colored canvas products:

  • The cleaning will make your bag increase the resale value. So add this maintenance step to your cleaning schedule.
  • Besides, cleaning gives the Louis Vuitton LV bag an appealing, attractive and shiny look.
  • The cleaning also keeps the bag last for an ample time without leaving an unloved or broken bag.

What Are Some Louis Vuitton Handbags Cleaning Tips?

  1. Be careful where you put your bag, and never drag it across a rough surface to avoid the appearance of surface scratches. You should check display settings and place your bag on a clean and flat surface.
  2. Use a wet and soft cloth or dry cloth with a soft brush to clean the bag daily.
  3. Use a deep metallic leather conditioner for cleaning it every 3-12 months, depending on how often you use the LV bag.
  4. Keep your Louis Vuitton LV bag in its dust bag for good storage in prolonged periods and away from hot environments, salty environments, direct sunlight, sources of heat, and sharp objects when not in use. Don’t let it contact or limit contact with magnet, contact with stone, contact with water.
  5. Invest in a premium handbag liner to preserve your bag’s lining from spills and dirt. A liner will also help your bag keep its shape both in storage and use.


The above is a thorough guide on how to clean Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas. We hope that you fully understand the specific steps for cleaning and caring for your bag.

Besides, you can also learn more useful information about storage tips, the benefits of cleaning, and important cautions when caring for a Louis Vuitton LV bag.

If you have a luxurious Louis Vuitton Canvas bag, read and follow our complete guide on caring for and cleaning your bag outside and inside.

So, you can keep your favorite item in the greatest condition.

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