How To Clean A Portable Ice Maker: Step By Step Guideline

Portable ice makers are more and more widely used because of their convenience. This is a great choice for desserts such as shaved ice, smoothies, or picnics on the weekend.

Although the main material is only fresh water, this device will still get dirty and needs to be washed regularly.

Or even when you leave it in the cupboard for months at a time, this task is necessary from time to time to prevent it from getting dusty and damaged.

But what if you don’t know how to clean a portable ice maker? Keep reading to know the step-by-step guideline!

What Should I Prepare?

how to clean a portable ice maker

Of course, before learning about how to clean a countertop ice maker, you must prepare all the necessary tools and supplies.

It makes the process easier, and it’s much quicker when you don’t have to waste time on delays.

There are many types of detergents today, but not all are suitable for washing portable machines.

The best options we recommend are using dishwashing detergent, vinegar, or lemon juice.

If you’re looking for  how to clean discolored vinyl flooring or how to clean carpet on stairs, these ingredients also get the job done well.

They are easy to find and cost you less than others. You can do regular cleaning without spending too much.

Moreover, their impact is just enough to clean the maker but doesn’t wear it out or make it spoil faster.

In addition, tools for effective cleaning are indispensable. Some clean clothes, a brush, and a cotton swab should be ready at hand.

Pay attention to choosing soft, thin, and light materials and avoid rough or scratchy ones. When you scratch the surface, bacteria will easily gather in the scratches and produce more.

How To Clean A Portable Ice Maker?

With Detergent

With Detergent

Gather All Necessary Supplies

As mentioned, do not let the cleaning process be interrupted because it takes time to get the tools and supplies. Also, don’t forget to prepare your gear like gloves or glasses.

Many people don’t notice this problem, but when they do, the agents or vinegar can make your hands dry or allergic, so gloves are extremely handy.

The glasses will protect your eyes from being splashed with soap or detergent.

Unplug The Machine

To begin these steps, unplug the power plug. Even if you have turned off the power, it is not safe to clean while the gadget is still plugged in.

Short circuits can still occur when you wash the machine with fresh water and solutions that make the device quite humid.

For absolute safety, remember to check the water reservoir. Ensure that there is no standing water, or you can drain the water before moving on to the next step.

Remove Interior Parts

Take out the internal parts of the machine such as the tray, filter plate, water tank, etc. Set them aside for easy separate tasks.

If you see leftover ice stuck inside, use a spoon to remove them. If they cling too tightly, warm water is the ideal solution for quick defrosting.

Clean The Interior Parts

How to clean the inside of a portable ice maker? Fill the sink with warm water (not hot water) and a cleaning solution.

At this point, prepare a soft rag and soft brush, then dip them in the diluted sink.

If you regularly wash your device, this step will not take too much time, and stains will be easily eliminated gently.

However, it’s essential to put more effort into stubborn residues or mineral deposits after a long time without cleaning, especially on the water tank.

Clean Inside The Machine

Continue with a soft, damp cloth and brush; use them to clean the inside of the machine. It pays to keep an eye on the corners or grooves where bacteria accumulate.

In some cases of tough stains, you may need to add a small amount of diluted bleach or other effective agents such as salt and baking soda.

When finished, wipe the interior thoroughly with a dry cloth. Residual water inside can cause rust on metal parts or damage the motor.

Clean The Surface

The outer surface is quite easy to clean with the two items mentioned above compared to the inside.

However, to save significant time, one thing to note is avoid leaving this device in a greasy area.

Obviously, a clean appliance that will easily be cleaned quickly. If it has oil or dirt on it, cleaning will take longer, and you’ll also need more effort.

Let It Dry And Reassemble

After washing the inside and outside, wipe the entire machine thoroughly with a dry and clean cloth. But don’t rush to put the parts together.

Leave them in the air for about 30 minutes (not under direct sunlight) to 1 hour to ensure the parts are completely dry before reassembling and storing or continuing use.

With Vinegar

With Vinegar

Cleaning the ice maker with vinegar is also quite similar to cleaning with detergent. The difference here is the type of cleaning solution.

Vinegar is appreciated for its ability to clean, and you do not need to pay too much for it.

To make the most of this home-available resource, you will need some time to make the cleaning solution.

It will not be too complicated, but you need to pay attention to the appropriate ratio to ensure the cleaning effect without impairing the quality of the materials that make up the device.

It’s advisable to mix vinegar with warm water in a ratio of 1:10. For every 1 tbsp of vinegar, you will need to dissolve it with 10 tbsp of warm water.

This is the ideal ratio for effective cleaning and odor removal.

Cleaning Tips

Once you know how to clean portable ice maker, here are a few tips to complete the cleaning process quickly and efficiently:

  • Don’t mix sanitizing solutions or different cleaners. Each type will be specially formulated with its formula for different uses. Sometimes the mixing of cleaning solutions will cause an adverse effect on the product’s surfaces when being cleaned.
  • Wearing glasses and gloves is highly recommended to protect your hands and eyes.
  • Don’t let the control go to cleaning mode for a longer time than needed to avoid ruining your machine.
  • Leave your machine dry completely before assembling and storing it.

How Often Should I Clean My Portable Ice Maker?

Besides the question “how to clean a frigidaire portable ice maker“, another issue that many people are interested in is the appropriate frequency.

The cleaning procedure is important, but how often should you do it?

There is no truly correct answer to this question. It depends on many factors, such as ambient conditions and how often you use your tool.

Normally, it is often recommended that you clean the ice maker every week if you use it often.

Even when you don’t use your device, keeping it in a cupboard every three months will work wonders. We make sure that no one wants to see rust or mold inside their ice maker.

What Are The Benefits Of Cleaning Portable Ice Maker Machines?

Create Quality And Pure Ice

The first time when making the cream or ice, you feel it is very clear, tasty, and pure. But after a while, the quality of the cubes suddenly changed.

There are two main reasons for this problem: the quality of the clean water you use to make ice and the cleanliness of the ice maker.

You need to choose purer water for the first reason, and you’re done. However, if the problem comes from the ice machine, it’s time to wash it up to improve the quality of the finished product.

Speed Up The Ice Making Process

The blockages and dirt that stick to it for a long time will hinder the cooling process, causing the outcome to freeze longer.

A clean ice maker improves the quality of ice and saves you considerable waiting time.

Protect Your Health

Long-term dirt in the machine can create bacteria, mold, and microorganisms that are harmful to your health. They will grow more and more if you do not wash them in time.

It gradually creates negative effects on the body with signs like ice having a strange taste or bad smell.

Increase Durability

Once you properly clean and care for your devices, they will function smoothly and last longer. This task directly and significantly affects the life of the ice maker.


And you’ve had all the clues for how to clean a portable ice maker. It’s not that difficult.

Remember to do this task for your machine every week if you use it often and every three months in case the frequency of use is low.

The step-by-step guideline can be summarized as follows:

  • Gather all the supplies
  • Unplug the machine
  • Make the solution (if you use vinegar)
  • Remove interior parts
  • Wash the interior parts
  • Clean the inside machine
  • Let it dry and reassemble

Was this article helpful to you? Don’t forget to follow the guideline and do it step by step to finish your task in the fastest way.

In case you don’t have the ingredients we suggest, find another one as long as it’s safe and suitable to use.

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