How To Clean A Filthy House? Tips To Keep It Clean Longer

You are overwhelmed with the messy house around. And the growing piles of trash-like items make you find it hard to kick start. How to clean a filthy house

A filthy room can influence your overall sense of well-being. When everything around you looks like a war zone, you feel helpless, out of control, and more anxious.

We’ve been stuck in this situation but have already cleaned our dirty rooms from scratch.

So, we can share the best tips on starting and cleaning a filthy house step by step like professional cleaners.

If you don’t want to be overwhelmed with your messy rooms anymore, come back the entire house and follow some tips below!

How To Clean A Filthy House?

Clean A Filthy House
Clean A Filthy House

1. Trash Throwing-Away

Trash Throwing Away
Trash Throwing-Away

The estimated amount of time: 15-20 minutes.

It would help if you had something funny to keep your kids quiet.

Now, let’s start to make your house clean by keeping the windows open when the weather is not bad and bringing out a large trash bag.

Next, with the bag in hand, go through rooms to collect everything needed to throw away.

You need to focus on just one thing; this is the secret of how to clean a filthy house fast.

It will not be a good idea to spend much time thinking about whether you should throw it away or not.

The term “it” here refers to the things like:

  • Trash
  • Toys your children leave around
  • Junk mails

Next, throw the bag outside after fulfilling it, grab another and do the task again to get things done. Between 15 and 20 minutes or less are the perfect time for this process.

Remember, it is not about deciding whether you should keep or get rid of any valuable stuff.

It is about throwing away the trash and even the trash-like stuff in your rooms, such as broken crayons, torn paper, hotel notepads, etc.

And don’t worry about ideas of donating or recycling anything with this step. Tidy the rooms and relieve your stress first; then, you can recycle later.

2. Kitchen


The estimated amount of time: less than 1 hour.

If you want to make your room from being pristine to a like-new deep cleaning condition as soon as possible, tidy up the kitchen.

But you do not need to polish it; clean it to a certain extent that makes it functional and hygienic. Also, you can relieve your stress when looking at it.

The following are the step-by-step instructions on how to make your kitchen clean.

  • Walk through each room and collect dirty dishes, paper plates, etc.
  • Put overwhelming things into the garbage can
  • Load and rinse dishes in the dishwasher
  • Press “start” the process
  • Clean the surface as quickly as possible
  • Wipe down the surface
  • Wash the unsafe-dishwasher dishes by hand and start drying (if you want)
  • Sweep the floor or mop if you want to make it brighter
  • Use baking soda to clean stubborn stains in some stuff like wood stove glass.

You might focus on deep cleanings like cleaning out the refrigerator or junk drawer. But don’t do it.

Once your kitchen is cleaner, the next step on how to clean a disgusting house is to do the laundry.

3. Laundry


The estimated amount of time: half an hour.

Unwashed laundry holds unexpected power to lower your mood. You might feel frustrated because of the growing pile and the disorder of laundry hampers right after you think it’s okay to tidy up.

However, we have some tips to help you conquer all the dirty laundry from room to room in your house. You need to follow these steps.

  • Go through rooms one by one and collect all the unwashed laundry, including bathroom rugs or towels.
  • Allocate into smaller piles to wash them conveniently and keep organized.
  • Start with one load first.

If there are piles of laundry left around, you should fold then put them away.

Or you need to divide them out and put them in the wardrobe to make it organized later. It is because your kids can make your folded clothes out of order.

You can start the next step when you are done with the laundry. We suggest you repeat the laundry process every single day.

4. Paper Clutter

Paper Clutter
Paper Clutter

The estimated amount of time: half an hour.

Tackling all the paper clutter in your house is the fourth task of the guide: how to clean a filthy house step by step.

  • Collect every paper clutter left everywhere in your house
  • Divide into two parts: Tackle right now (ex. bills), tackle later.
  • Store the “Tackle later” pile. In case you want to seek a paper later, you’ll remember where it is.
  • Pay every outstanding bill.
  • Go through the pile of “Tackle right now” and do everything you can to get it done. If something tends to take longer, make a reminder on your cellphone to tackle it in the next two days, then set it aside.

Don’t forget that your target is to keep the process going and solve to the best ability.

With papers already in order, the question “how to clean an extremely dirty house” is almost addressed. The next step you need to do is pick up from room to room.

5. Pickup From Room To Room

Pickup From Room To Room
Moving wrong things to to right places

The estimated amount of time: 45 minutes.

Getting each room organized and quickly cleaning surfaces are two goals you need to focus on.

It would help if you didn’t consume much time on it because trash or laundry messes are out of each room. Set 10 to 15 minutes up to keep moving fast.

  • Pick up all wrong-place stuff and quickly put them back in the right one. Don’t be concerned about the idea of folding or deep tidying yet.
  • Clean all surfaces. Clorox Wipes and a rag or paper towel are good recommendations.
  • Repeat the process in the next room until everything is done.

We’ve gone so far from when we wondered how to start cleaning a filthy house. Cleaning the floors is almost the final step of this process.

6. Floors


The estimated amount of time: 45 minutes.

The house is almost done at this point, and let’s clean the floors. Pay attention to your floor type like vinyl flooring for proper care.

Here are the steps to make your floors brighter.

  • Sweep the hard surfaces and do it again if they’re dirty.
  • Vacuum both the rugs and carpet. If it’s too dirty, let’s clean the carpet.
  • Mop any hard surfaces.

We are sure that you can feel better and more relaxed after cleaning the floor.

7. Bathrooms


The estimated amount of time: 45 minutes.

The bathroom is the key to making the house more hygienic.

With all the things done in the previous steps, cleaning the bathroom – the final step – will solve the problem of how to clean an extremely dirty house.

Just make the bathroom spotless and hygienic; don’t be concerned about cleaning closets. Below are tips for you.

  • Wipe down all surfaces and make sure the sink and shower are in a good condition.
  • Spray down the tub or shower in every bathroom one by one. Take time for the cleaner and then move to the next steps.
  • Spray down the sink with a cleaner and clean with a scrub brush or rag.
  • Squirt toilet cleaning liquid in the toilet and scrub with a toilet brush. Don’t flush until you’ve already finished other toilets. Move into the next bathroom and clean the toilet.
  • Rinse the brush, then put it away.
  • Go through the rooms, then flush the toilet one by one.
  • With a bathroom cleaner or a rag, clean the outside of the bowl and the seat. Repeat the process for it.
  • Sweep/vacuum and mop floors.
  • Clean the mirrors.
  • Put back any items that used to be in the sink or shower.
  • Put away every cleaning supply
  • Hang washed towels in every bathroom, or grab those if you have a supply of washed towels in your closet.

How To Keep The House Organized And Clean Longer?

The most obvious way to keep your house spot-free for an extended time is to put effort into a little housework every day.

The best way to do this is to follow a simple cleaning schedule every day until they become a habit.

Carry out this sample cleaning routine below to keep your house clean longer.

  • Make your beds
  • Wash the dishes; unload/load the dishwasher
  • Remove trash for bathrooms and kitchen
  • Clean counters and table’s surface
  • Tuck away everything
  • Sweep then vacuum
  • Take out the laundry, start another load if needed
  • Train yourself to declutter as you go

Another method to make your house well-organized is to create a decluttering system as you go.

You need to get rid of at least one of your old clothes and stuff before purchasing the same type of items.

You could refer to the rule “1 in and 2, 3, or 4 out” to make the process more effective.


How to clean a filthy house?” is the hard question that might hold you back when you have an idea of re-organizing your house.

But don’t worry; we’ve listed some useful tips for you to get started easily and make the process more effective. Roll your sleeves and kick-off now!

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