Baby Stops Kicking When I Touch My Belly – What’s Wrong?

Pregnancy is full of change and surprise to women. But one day: baby stops kicking when I touch my belly!? What happened?

It leaves many mothers-to-be perplexed and worried. This article will allow you to explore why your baby does that and all the mystery behind it.

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Baby Stops Kicking When I Touch My Belly – Why?

baby stops kicking when I touch my belly

The baby stopping kicking when the mom touches her bump is quite normal,  as it’s just the fetus’s instinctive reaction.

Otherwise, your little one is distracted by something else, in an unfavorable position to kick, or just get used to your touch and don’t want to react.

Fetus Instinctive Reaction

Why does my baby move away when I touch my belly? The first reason is the instinct reaction.

Not because the fetuses are still inside the mama’s womb, they lose the ability to feel the outsider world. The moment they can move around, their essential movement ability awakens.

That is why they can start to sense the outside world through their hearing and the mommy’s touches.

When they are so little, even small moves can make them stop what they are doing because they startle. Sometimes, they sidestep the touch, too.

The magic natural instincts are considered the way of supporting survival. They can stay away immediately if there are any hidden issues, danger, or harm.

The Fetus’s Mental State 

The neurological system, which enables the fetus to feel & perceive its environment, develops during pregnancy.

The fetus might pay attention to other sensations, such as the mother’s speech or physical movements.

When there’s other sensory information to analyze, the baby’s focus may divert from the kicking.

That is why some expected mothers share that the baby stops moving when I lift my shirt, or the baby stops kicking when I talk. The reason behind this is the fetus’s mental state.

On top of that, the root might come from the fact that they are in uncomfortable positions that are hard to kick.

Before your touch, it is ok, but at that time, naturally, your baby shifts to another spot, so the position does not facilitate the kicking anymore.

Recognition Ability

Some mothers wonder: Can baby feel when I rub my belly? The answer is yes; hand touching or rubbing, they can feel it, but until the week of 26.

Besides, the fetus could react differently when the baby detects the mother’s touch. According to research, fetuses can recognize and react to various forms of stimulus.

The baby may move differently in response to the touch of a particular individual, such as the mom or dad. Talking to the fetus by the father may result in more fetal activity.

Thus, it’s probable that a baby understands a mother’s touch and reacts differently when the mother lays hand on her tummy.

Besides, there is another explanation for this. Your baby gets used to the mother’s touch, as always happens. Therefore, your baby starts to react less strongly.

What Should You Do To Encourage Baby Movements?

Does it bother my baby when I poke my belly

Touch Your Belly And Talk To Your Baby

You can try to touch your belly, talk to your little one, and even sing a lullaby. All that will help you communicate with the baby.

That is how people bond with their baby, and then your baby will react to your actions.

Drink Water

There are several benefits of drinking water during pregnancy. One of them is to encourage your baby to move around.

Because water is a factor that keeps the so-called amniotic fluid level at an optimum number, your baby can move freely without any obstacles.

On average, 8-12 cups is the recommended number of water that an expectant mother should drink. Introducing other beverage like fruit juice or Ensure during pregnancy is also advised.

Change Position

Changing your posture or doing some movements yourself can encourage your baby’s movements since it also changes the baby’s position.

Sometimes, just a small adjustment can give them an ample environment to move. If you sit too long, then stand up. If you lie on one side for hours on end, switch to the other.

We suggest you consider the 21-day fix pregnancy program, too. That is the best of both worlds because you can exercise and have a healthy diet, and your baby can change its reactions.

Eat Something

Eating can stimulate your baby to move. When you eat, you digest, and your whole body moves. Then, your baby feels that and reacts to this.

So, when you want to see more action responses, try some healthy snacks for pregnancy. They can help a lot.

And don’t forget that whatever you eat should be nutritious and safe. Stay away from junk or fatty food. That is the health advice from health care providers.

Gently Massage

Gently rubbing your belly will help. Does it bother my baby when I poke my belly? No, with the thickness of the amniotic sac and your skin, a gentle massage or poke does not harm or irritate them.

These moves can encourage the baby to react to pressure & movement in the womb, which may prompt movements.

When you are at ease, your baby feels the vibe, and they might be more genetic and active too.

The tip here is when you massage, think about beautiful and positive things down the line.

Remember that the massage should be light and not too vigorous because too much pressure could hurt the infant.

Last but not least, it is worth noting that every baby is different. These are just suggestions, and the thing is, it is all up to your baby.

Even if you want to find out how to make baby stop moving in belly, it seems like there is nothing you can do. It also depends on each baby.


fetus's instinctive reaction

When Can A Baby Feel When I Rub My Belly?

8 weeks of pregnancy for your touch. But 20 weeks for the touch response because that is when their touch sense develops.

Does baby know when dad touches belly? Yes, but it happens after 24 weeks.

Still, each baby is different, so if your baby does not react strongly as the others do, it is ok. These babies are in the developing stage. They will finally react.

Can Babies In The Womb Feel When You Shower?

No, there is no research reported that your babies can feel when you take a shower.

They can not literally feel anything outside the world. But the movement of your body can stimulate their response as you move around, rub your body, make your heart rate calmer, etc.

Final Thoughts

Now you know everything about the topic: the baby stops kicking when I touch my belly.

Feeling this reaction may be precious for some moms when they sometimes feel like their baby truly understands them. But even when you can’t enjoy such a godsend, you have nothing to worry about.

We hope that you have an amazing time with your fetus.

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