BFN 7DP5DT Test – Is There Still Hope For Being A Mother?

Getting a negative pregnancy test BFN 7DP5DT can be stressful for couples experiencing in vitro fertilization.

But don’t fret yet. We are here to explain everything behind the test results and show you what to do next.

Sit back, have tea, and relax. We got you covered.

What Does 7DP5DT Mean?


In short, 7DP5DT is a short form of 7 days past 5-day embryo transfer. It means the time (7 days) has passed from the day people transfer the 5-day-old embryo back to the mother’s uterus.

In a detailed manner, 7DP5DT is a term in vitro fertilization (IVF) process which gives hope to couples who can not conceive naturally.

In the beginning, healthcare specialists will remove eggs from the mother’s body and fertilize them with the husband’s sperm in their laboratory.

Then, after 5 days (in this situation), when the egg is 5 days old, they will put these fertilized eggs (also called an embryo – as it is a tiny baby) back into the mother’s tummy with the expectation that the mother will get pregnant.

The 7th day is important because they will tell whether the embryo transfer is successful.

That is why several people buy a pregnancy test to see the results and check the 7DP5DT embryo development.

There will be negative or positive tests this time. Some get positive at 7DP5DT, but some are later than that.

What Are 7DP5DT Symptoms?

7DP5DT embryo development

Some women experience no symptoms at all. But others will:

  • Feel bloating or mild cramping.
  • Vomiting & nausea may occur. However, these symptoms are less common.
  • Breast tenderness or becoming more sensitive than usual may happen.
  • Some women may feel fatigued, easily lose control, or have mood swings.

Popular symptoms are shared by people who experience IVF at 7DP5DT milestones. Still, please remember that there are other factors that cause these manifestations.

Therefore, to be sure that these are the indicators you are looking for, you need to go to the hospital and get professional advice.

They will give you the proper diagnosis and tell you what exactly your situation is.

What Caused 7DP5DT BFN?

BFN on 7DP5DT BFN means “big fat negative.”

It is an IVF term describing this as a negative pregnancy test result after 7 days that your 5-day-old embryo is being transferred to the uterus. The reasons for the result are a lot.

Here are some popular ones:


In fact, when you take the pregnancy test too early, you can not detect the pregnancy due to the low hormone levels when it is not time yet.

Normally, if you experience IVF, the doctor will advise you to wait about 10 or even up to 14 days after embryo transfer to check whether you are really in the family way.

So, is 7DP5DT too early to test? Yes, it is at least 3 days earlier than the optimum time doctors advise.

The Fertilized Egg Has Not Yet Attached (Or Maybe Can Not Connect) To The Uterus Lining 

Only when the fertilized egg nests on a woman’s uterus lining can the pregnancy have a chance to occur.

Otherwise, there is no positive pregnancy after 7DP5DT. The reason behind that is hormonal imbalances and low quality fertilized eggs.

Hormonal Imbalances

Lack of progesterone can hamper embryos in implanting properly and growing. As a result, the door to a successful pregnancy is closed sooner.

Pregnancy Test Problem

Low-quality pregnancy tests can be a problem too.

If you use a lower-quality one, it reads BFN or it does not even work at all. Therefore, buy a different brand of pregnancy test to rest assured.

Uterus Problem

Problems with the uterus can stop the chance for your embryo to grow. Hence, checking the misshapen uterus (uterine abnormality), polyps, or uterine fibroids is important.

7DP5DT BFN, Is There Still Hope For Being A Mother?

Yes, there is still hope for being a mother.

As stated before, 10-14 days are the recommended time to take the pregnancy test. The earlier test is more likely a BFN.

Even though the milestones are gone, there are a lot of women still being moms. So, don’t give up and be negative. When you see the negative, do positive things.

For example, think about angel numbers for pregnancy or baby names. Then get advice from your doctor, communicate with them, and follow the procedure until the final decision.

There is not one path to your motherhood destination. You can choose various directions as long as you have that motherly energy. Every child is lucky to be yours whichever the way is.

What Should You Do When You Get BFN 7DP5DT?

It is surely not happy news at all when you receive BFN 7DP5DT. However, remember that the test at this time is still considered too early.

There is hope hanging. The best things you could do at this point are:


hCG will appear on the test when it reaches the optimum level a few days later, passing the 7DP5DT for some women.

That is why you need to be patient and wait. Then, when it is the 10th 14th day, do the test for a more precise result.

Trust Your Healthcare Provider’s Word

Your fertilizer specialist will give you exact instructions on when to do the test and what to do next if you get BFN.

So trust their professional and communicate with them whenever you have doubts or concerns.

Love Yourself

Do everything that makes you stop being anxious. Focus on relaxing to alleviate pressure and stress during this sensitive time.

Exercising may benefit your health as it releases bad energy and stimulates happy hormones. Try talking and sharing in mommy and baby clubs too.

It will help because when you confide in them, you will not feel lonely anymore since there are many on the same boat.

Book An Appointment With A Psychiatrist/Counselor

IVF may be a long journey. There are a lot of problems or issues going around that make your mood go up and down all the time.

Having a person listening to you and giving you a positive vibe in which you can trust and empower you so that you can continue to go on the path is important.

What Percentage Of Second IVF Cycles Are Successful?

It varies from 40% to 90%. However, the number is up to a lot of factors, listed as:  

Sperm Quality

Sperm quality plays a significant role in the odds of second IVF cycle success as it directly affects embryo quality.

If these sperms are subpar, they result in genetic abnormalities in the embryo. As a result, the embryo can not develop healthily.

Your Age

The younger you are, the higher the chance is. That is why to conceive a miracle baby at a younger age is highly recommended.

Quality And Quantity Of Egg

Higher quality and quantity of eggs will increase the possibility of pregnancy.

As more healthy eggs can travel in your uterus, the chance that there is one of them sticking to the uterus lining is higher.

But if your eggs belong to slow-growing follicles, the opportunity is partly limited!

Physician Skills 

Suppose the physician does not have much experience in the ovarian stimulation process. In that case, the chance of a second IVF successfully is not high because you can not have enough quality eggs.

Besides, egg retrieval or embryo transfer skills are also important. In these stages, if you are put in good hands, the success rate will be greatly improved.

It is not 100% sure that your second time will be a breakthrough with sweet fruit.

Therefore, be clear about the process and brave enough to deal with upcoming things.


BFN 7DP5DT Then BFP 8DP5DT, What Does It Mean?

It means good news that you are pregnant as the test on the 8th day after you get a negative result of pregnancy on the 7th day from the day the doctor transfers the embryo to your uterus.

On the 7th day, the hCG hormone is not increased to the level the pregnancy test can detect. But on the 8th day, the hCG level is on point.

Still, remember that you need a doctor to advise on this matter for final confirmation.

7DP5DT BFN And Spotting, What Should I do?

Call your doctor or fertility clinic and follow the instructions strictly. Spotting means a lot of things. It can be:


Your fertilized egg is successfully attached to your lining uterus. When it happens, spotting is a sign.

It is considered a normal part of the early pregnancy stage. It is mostly good news unless you have heavy bleeding or severe cramping accompanied by spots.


When the pregnancy is unsuccessful, the body starts to push out the embryo and others related to it. The process leads to spotting & vaginal bleeding.

People experiencing this may start from light spotting to brown discharge. It becomes heavier gradually.

Whatever it is, you need the doctor to confirm whether the situation gives you false hope or not. Don’t rush to a conclusion when your healthcare provider has not yet confirmed it.

Is 7DP5DT BFN Clear Blue Trustable?

Yes, provided that you use it correctly.

Still, there does not exist a 100% accurate pregnancy kit. Sometimes, when people test earlier, the pregnancy hormone does not go on par, so no test pregnancy, even Clear Blue, can detect it.

So, whatever the result is, come to see your doctor for accurate results.

Final Thoughts

While a BFN 7DP5DT can be frustrating and tiring, don’t forget that it does not show that you will not have a baby after 9 months.

Keep a positive mind and be relaxed because you have done the best part so far.

Whatever the result is, it does not mean the end of the world. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, or it just pops up when you least expect it.

We wish you the best.

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