20 Beautiful Zara Middle Names And Their Meanings

Zara is one of the names that carry great meanings and are given by many parents to their daughters, especially in the US.

What are some cute Zara middle names? What are their meanings? Let’s follow us to discover!

What Is A Middle Name?

Zara Middle Names

In various countries, a middle name is put between the first given name and the last name of a person. It is part of one’s name and is often abbreviated in written documents.

In some cultures, a middle name may come from the mother’s surname (last name) or inspired by the baby’s angel number.

However, parents can set middle names for their children without being bound by any rules.

What Does Zara Mean?

Zara is a variation of Zahrah from Arabic. The name meaning Zara expresses the splendor or blooming flower.

This name contains the desire of parents that their daughter will be as gorgeous and radiant as a flower, shining everywhere.

Although this name derives from Arabic roots, the Bulgarian or Spanish family tradition considers this name with similar meanings.

In France, it represents the light, and in Hebrew, people choose the Zara name as the title of Princess.

What Middle Name Goes With Zara? 20 Meaningful Zara Middle Names

What Middle Name Goes With Zara?


One of the most popular Zara middle names is Aria. Inspite of Italian origin, it is used in several countries for girls who are American, Australian, German, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, etc.

Aria means gentle music, a song, or a melody in some places, so some parents also choose Zara Melody for their baby girl’s name. In Greek, Aria is a symbol of a lioness.


Ava is a female English name that means to breathe, to live.

Many think this is a variation of “Eva”, symbolizing the woman. Therefore, it is considered a unique middle name for glamorous girls.

Besides, parents can choose Zara Joy, which means their daughter will have a happy family and a radiant life.


Zara Elizabeth is one of the most familiar names in multiple cultures.

This is a word of Hebrew origin, meaning the Oath of God, or “I am the daughter of God”. It is wonderful that a daughter is always sheltered in the wings of God.

Beatrice Elizabeth Mary, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, and Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor are some royal names that can be cited.


Charlotte is of French origin, meaning “petite” or “feminine”. It depicts easy and sweet girls.

The name describes a cute, pretty girl with the beauty of the season’s first flowers, and it is also one of the middle names used in the royal family (George Princess Charlotte, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Mountbatten Windsor, and Charlotte Prince Harry are examples).


Isla is a Scottish name related to an island – Islay.

For parents with an endless fascination with medieval tales like “The Queen of Hebrides,” Isla is a unique choice because the names are given with no strings attached but rather have only a certain meaning.

Besides Island, if you want a middle meaning “sky”, Zara Skye is a perfect name.


Another middle name for Zara derived from the classic French story is Marie. In this story, Marie means star of the sea. It is also the name of the virgin mother of Jesus.

Therefore, it is said that Marie is as holy and stunning as the star, and Zara represents the flower, creating a graceful and beautiful name.


Renee indicates to be reborn or born again. Parents often give British, Filipino, French, and Latin girls this middle name.

It means that one’s soul is reborn after baptism because when all previous sins were erased, they will start a new life.


The next in our list of middle names that go with Zara is Scarlett, which translates to red. It is the middle name used a lot in England, Wales, and the US.

It is a symbol of courage, longing, and intense strength. Zara Scarlett – a red flower, indicates a girl with courage and a strong desire in life.


Violet – another lovely name with a cute purple color. It is of Latin origin (viola) and carries the meaning of grace, modesty, and freshness of nature.

Therefore, girls named Zara Violet are often said to be gentle, delicate, and carry hidden strength like a Violet flower.


Zara Pearl means precious gemstone, which is associated with innocence, purity, and elegance. Besides, pearls are also the crystallization of the quintessence of heaven and earth.

It is an appealing name for a girl. Just imagine you make a time capsule for your little Zara Pearl in a box full of sparkling pearls. How amazing!


Mireya is a meaningful middle name, which means miracle and admiration.

It is of Spanish origin and is an extremely feminine and soft name. Parents hope their children will receive admiration from those around them.

In addition, Mireya also implies good luck in the girl’s life. Also, you can consider Zara Evangeline – a name of good luck and good news.


Noelia – a very Christmas-inspired middle name. It comes from Spanish and French, which means “born on Christmas”, so it’s usually given to girls whose birthday is in December.

The name brings to mind the twinkling lights on Christmas Eve and the wonders. Zara Noelia is like a pure snowflake on Christmas Eve.

How beautiful it is! Besides, parents also choose Zara Eleanor or Zara Dawn – holding the same meaning of “shining light”.


Fidelia is another female middle name, which means faithful and loyal. It stems from the Latin word “Fides” and the English word Fidelity.

It took on moral and human meaning after Beethoven’s opera “Fidelio” premiered in the 19th century.


God’s joyful song is the meaning of the middle name Ronia and in Latin, also known as “My joy is the Lord”.

In Hebrew, people usually use many variations of Roniasuch as Ronit and Roni.

Ronya, Ronja, or Roniya are also popular in different cultures to name baby girls. Besides, Zara Anne is also given the same meaning.


In Latin, Crispina means curly-haired. It is a Spanish female name, and parents probably prefer a girl with cute short hair.

You can see it’s a popular middle name in Christian countries. Zara Crispina is the name of a baby girl with short hair, as pretty as a flower!


Aydee stems from Arabic, which means power and strength.

Many people mistakenly think this is only used for baby boy names, but parents also give this name to their baby girls in the hope that their baby will always be healthy and strong.


Another strong name is Silvia, which means “spirit of the wood”.

Also a name of Latin origin, it is associated with the image of the Forest God in ancient myths, carrying something mysterious and the potential power of the forest.

Besides, if parents want a middle name to refer to the sea, Zara Morgan is a great suggestion.


Paula also stems from Latin origin. It equals “small and modest”.

Parents always see their baby girl as a tiny flower that they always embrace and shelter. Paula also means modesty, towards a calm and gentle life.


Here comes another Latin word Vivian  meaning “lively”. It originates from the word Vivianus – inspired by the vibrant rhythm of life in society.

It is a special middle name for baby girls because it expresses the parents’ desire for an active and enthusiastic daughter in life.


Another beautiful name is Zara Naomi, which signifies pleasantness. It is of Hebrew origin and is especially popular in Japan.

In addition to pleasantness, it also carries the meaning of uprightness and beauty. So this is one of the names parents often give their newborn daughter.


How To Pronounce Zara?

This name is pronounced as its Arabic origin is “Zar-ah”. The stress of this word is on the first syllable “Za”.

Some people pronounce the short “a”, but the common pronunciations are still “Zar-ah” in Arabic or “Za-rah” in English.

What Are Some Nicknames For Zara?

Usually, people often repeat the first or second syllable of a baby girl’s name to create cuteness.

It doesn’t have any rules. Za-za or Ra-ra are unique and adorable nicknames that most parents give their daughters.

Is The Name Zara Popular?

The name is most popular in the US, and its popularity has steadily increased in other cultures in recent decades.

First appearing in 2005, the name Zara and its meaning has become a sought-after name since then.


Splendor or blooming flower is the meaning of this beautiful name.

Its middle name is also very diverse, with various meanings depending on parents’ preferences.Above are 20 meaningful Zara middle names that parents can consider choosing for their children.

Thank you for taking the time for us, and see you in the next posts!

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