Baby Names Meaning Tenacious Every Parent Should Know

The naming stage is, no doubt, one of the most critical steps in every child’s life after the mom confirmed her pregnancy in the first place.

Whatever the parents bestow upon their kid, that name will follow him for the rest of his years. That is why we are here, offering you some guides on choosing the most beautiful phrases!

A name can imply different notions, but names meaning tenacious (strong will/determination) are by far the best ideas.

Hardships in life can come totally unexpected, requiring immense strength and conviction.

With a name that means strong, your children will feel encouraged to overcome any challenge that nature and society throws at them.

List Of Names Meaning Tenacious

Names Meaning Tenacious

The best names that mean tough are Liam, Hector, Ethan (for boys); Cornelia, Gabriella, Maya (for girls); Drew and Kyle (gender-neutral).

1. Male Names

Male Names


Liam, originating from Irish regions, means “protectors” and “strong-will warriors”. Some argue that it is a shortened version of Uilliam that means “the helmets of will”.

Still, regardless of what theories you lean into, their meanings remain the same – a great term to give to a baby boy!

In 2014, Liam climbed onto number 2 in the list of most popular American strong boy names and stayed there for three years – before its eventual dominance in 2017.

Since then, it has never dropped out of the No.1 spot and started to gain popularity in other countries as well. Cases in point include Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Spain, and Germany.


Devoted fans of Greek mythology are familiar with Hector, a modified version of Hektor that means holdfast or steadfast.

It’s also the name of a Trojan War hero in most Greek legends, known for his honor and bravery. Rumors speculate that the knight that raised Arthur King also had this name.

With such a mighty and grandeur background, Hector embodies the notion of courageousness and resilience, propelling your child to tackle any life battle!

The strong baby boy name “Hector” has always been regarded as one of the crowd’s favorites, particularly in Spanish-speaking societies.

You will be delighted to learn about many celebrities and sports players that are called Hector, including Hector Rodriquez (baseball player), Hector Berlioz (Composer), and Hector Elizondo (Actor).

Regarding nicknames for Hector, please visit these guidelines.


Ethan, a Hebrew-origin moniker, is synonymous with “firm”, “solid,” and “strong ruler”. They are all the renowned characteristics of Ethan, a wise Bible Ezrahite.

The name has already been popular for decades, but its reputation surged even more after the “Mission: Impossible” franchise was released.

Other countries/regions also have their own variations for “Ethan”, including:

  • Izan (Spanish)
  • Eytan (Abrahamic religion)
  • Eitan (Hebrew)
  • Aithan (Greek)

While Ethan’s popularity has not always stayed unchanged, it has never fallen out of the top 100 most badass names in the U.S for three decades.

We believe any boy would love to be given such a meaningful nickname! 

2. Female Names

Female Names


The Latin origin of Cornelia has associated this name with words like “tenacious” and “brave ruler” – but from a more womanly perspective.

Indeed, during the era of ancient Rome, Cornelia was viewed by many as a symbol of womanly virtue pinnacle, which makes it a great name of excellent pedigree for baby girls.

For those who do not want to follow the bandwagon, we also have great news: Cornelia is not a very popular moniker, and that’s why it’s extremely unique!

So if you are seeking a name nobody uses that brings about memories of Shakespearean Cordelia and Amelia, then this name should not be crossed off your list.

Short forms of Cornelia – such as Nell, Nelia, or Cora – are also fine.


Most of us are pretty familiar with Gabriel already, while its Italian female counterpart – Gabriella – is somewhat rarer.

The name basically entails what Gabriel does – except aimed at women. A “strong, tenacious battle fighter of God” – what a beautiful meaning! 

For unknown reasons, Gabriella is much more common than Gabrielle (the French version) or Gabriela (Spanish). All of them can get shortened to Gabbie, Gabi, or Gabby.

As per Social Security charts, the name has stayed on the global top 200 strong girl names since 1999.

We are certain cinema fans must have heard of Gaby Hoffman, an actress, or the protagonist Gabriella in High School Musical (portrayed by actress Vanessa Hudgens).


As one of the most beloved female names meaning resilience, it’s not an exaggeration to claim that Maya transcends cultures and languages.

In fact, other than “tenacious” (Maori), it contains lots of other concepts such as “dreams” (Sanskrit) or “Mother” (Greek).

People have traced its origin back to India’s Sanskrit language, which associates Maya with “dream” or “illusion”.

In another vein, others have considered it an alternative for Lakshmi – the famous Hindu goddess representing power, fortune, wealth, and beauty.

For years, the name has been favored by many parents worldwide as a great choice for their baby girls – especially those from New Zealand.

3. Unisex Names


“Manly and strong” constitutes Drew, a Greek-origin term suitable for both boys and girls.

It delivers an intellectual and polished vibe that charms many Andrew parents, eventually replacing “Andy” to dominate these regions since 1942.

Many iconic movies have included Drews in the plots. Examples are “Everyone Hates Chris”, “Parenthood”, and “Steel Magnolias”.

Want to find some more high-profile names? Then welcome to the formidable singer Sidora, Superbowl champion Brees, composer Lachey, and comedian Carey.

And who cannot forget about Drew Barrymore, one of the most iconic actresses in history? Certainly not us! 


Among many popular names that mean resilient, it would be a crime to skip Kyle! 

Kyle is derived from “caol”, a Gaelic word that points to the water channel between the mainland and island (some believe it’s traced back to a Scottish community, however).

A few years back then, most people listed Kyle as a name for boys. Nevertheless, recently, it has been thriving among parents with female babies as well!

So why not make a tweak and name your little daughter Kyle to make her a strong, outstanding girl from the crowd.


What are the best names meaning tenacious for your babies? This insightful article has named eight promising options to consider.

Whether they are for boys, girls, or gender-neutral, we have you covered!

Assess which baby names that mean strong will suit your child best, and write to us if you still need more advice.

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