What Are Signs She Is Lying About Paternity – Top 6 Suggestions

As the number of bloodline scams increases, more and more men are interested in the matter.

The deception of a loved one can cause great emotional and material losses. So how do I know if I am a victim of this? What are signs she is lying about paternity?

Do not ignore the suggestions below.

What Is False Paternity? 

signs she is lying about paternity

People of the same bloodline are directly related by blood.

So paternity fraud is a condition in which a mother misidentifies someone as the biological father of a child even though that is not a biological child.

The baby’s momma may know for certain that he is not in a parental relationship with the child but still lies about it.

But it’s also possible that she couldn’t confirm whether the father on the birth certificate was the baby’s biological parents.

False paternity occurs when a man signs a child’s birth certificate to determine the parental rights to which he is not related.

It was probably the woman who urged him to sign the declaration.

The misidentification of paternity betrays the trust of men biologically bound to a child.

It causes great pain and affects the spirit of the biological father, the non-biological father, the mother, and the child.

This issue will only become complicated when the authorities use that birth certificate or bloodline certificate as proof when they go through the child support process.

Most organizations do not ask for DNA testing results after the alimony process.

6 The Signs She Is Lying About Paternity

my wife lied about me being the father

When a woman lies, there are usually some signs such as frequent hesitation and wanting to change the subject when it comes to the matter, threatening abortion, falsely stating the time of pregnancy, wanting to receive support, the kid doesn’t look like you, etc.

Threatening To Have An Abortion

No one loves their kids as much as their mother because that is the crystallization of the love of two people.

Even if it is an unwanted pregnancy, the connection between a mother and her unborn child is sacred because not everyone can get pregnant.

That’s why you should start to doubt the authenticity of your blood relationship when she repeatedly threatens to have an abortion to remove the baby from your life.

When you two argue, she’ll start getting angry and say things like: “It’s not your baby anyway”, “you’re not his father”, “don’t meddle in this”, etc.

According to the share of many men accused of paternity, these manifestations prompted them to take a DNA test.

They need an objective basis to determine the paternity transparently instead of continuing to listen to the baby’s momma deceiving them more.

Contradictions About The Time Of Pregnancy

Another sign that many “reluctant fathers” feel they are being cheated is that the age of the fetus does not match the time when they last had sex.

Imagine you and a woman meet in February and have sex with her in March. Then suddenly, 4 months later, she comes to you and says she’s having a baby soon, and the baby is yours.

There’s no denying that some moms have a baby bump that looks smaller than the pregnancy cycle and, in some cases, may give birth prematurely.

However, it is not very common, and this time difference is still very suspicious.

You have every reason to think she is trying to force you to have a relationship with the baby, even though it is someone else’s child.

Many men face this situation, but most are not rational enough to analyze its logic.

The sudden birth of a kid made them nervous, trusting the woman’s affirmation.

She Wants To Receive Cash Support

Signs the wife lied about being the father can show in the way she wants you to pay support.

Society is evolving, and there are many convenient ways to transfer money online, but she still insists on sending you cash.

Why cash? Because cash deposits will not generate receipts and no proof like other transfer forms.

Without a permit, it won’t be easy to prove that you have paid support in case of a court order.

Be careful when the other party doesn’t want to sign any receipt for monthly payments.When you want to gather proof of child support payments, you can seek the help of attorneys.

Prevent You From Contacting The Kid

The woman passively prevents you from interacting with the child and is no longer excited about the relationship between the two of you.

Some people even prevent you from visiting for no particular reason. These actions are because she knows you’re not the birth father.

You And The Child Won’t Look The Same

Not all people of the same bloodline look alike, but a child always has some similarities with mother and father.

This is the first sign that men, family members, and friends notice when they meet a child.

Seeing it looks like the mother’s ex, ex-husband, or current husband would be awkward.

You Are Not Aware Of The Child’s Events

She tries to erase you from her child’s life by not informing you of events such as parent activities at school, extracurricular activities, competitions, moving house, etc.

This is how she stops you from approaching kids.

Why Does A Mother Lie About Paternity? 

Can someone lie about a paternity test

According to surveys, many women confess that if they were pregnant with another man but wanted to live with their husband, they would choose to lie about paternity.

Even someone can lie about a paternity test just for fear of that person discovering this truth.

Most men who are cheated on believe that their partner or lover is doing this because of financial problems. However, we know women have more reasons to do so than money.

Many women choose this way because they still want to keep the family, unable to extinguish the hope of their husbands and relatives around when witnessing the birth of the baby.

It could also be because the kid’s birth father is not a good and responsible man. She is afraid to tell that person the truth or to start living as a single mother.

Whatever the motive, cheating is still morally and legally wrong.

Can You Sue For Paternity Fraud?  

This is something that concerns a lot of people, including liars and cheaters. A man can sue the baby momma, and this fraud case is a civil case.

Some women not only lied that the man was the baby’s biological father but also tricked him into reading legal documents about the child’s birth certificate.

This could lead her to face paternity fraud charges.

In a civil case like this, the mother is not jailed but will have to repay the full amount of the father’s allowance, legal fees, and other expenses related to having an illegitimate child.

To better understand the course of a lawsuit, you should seek legal advice to learn more about the laws of your country.


The signs she is lying about paternity that we just mentioned above are only relative and are suggestions for your reference only.

The best way to deal with this situation is to perform DNA testing and seek expert advice. Don’t be too hasty for a lawsuit.

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