My Boyfriend Wants Me To Get An Abortion – How To Deal?

What to do when my boyfriend wants me to get an abortion? This is something that many women who are having an unwanted pregnancy wonder about.

Facing the opponent’s opposition makes many people feel anxious, even depressed. So what to do to solve it?

The information below may help you.

How To Deal When My Boyfriend Wants Me To Get An Abortion? 

my boyfriend wants me to get an abortion

Don’t be discouraged when the father doesn’t accept the baby, and you leave it late. The law and people around you are always ready to protect your rights.

In addition to abortion, there are other options for you, such as adoption or self-care.

Know Your Rights

We understand that you are going through a difficult and heartbreaking situation, as he wants you to get an abortion.

Find out first about your and your partner’s rights over your unborn baby.

According to the 1989 International Convention on the Rights of the Child, a fetus is a child and must be recognized and protected legally and in practice.

The fetus has all human rights; the right to life is the most basic, inherent, and important right.

Depending on the region, there will be different regulations on parental rights to the unborn child.

For example, in the state of Texas, a biological mother is a person who has full parental rights.

If you and your partner are unmarried, he has no rights over the child. Likewise, when you reach the age of eighteen, your parents no longer have ownership over the fetus.

You are the only one with the right to decide the baby’s life. Be strong because there is always a lot of support for you.

Consider Your Options

Having a baby is a major life event, not only for yourself and your family but for the baby – a tiny being transported into this exciting yet worrisome world.

Some of them are born with the careful planning of the parents, but many babies can come unexpectedly.

The more life develops, the more knowledge people have and the more choices they have regarding whether to have children.

When your boyfriend wants you to get an abortion and says it is the only choice because you are not ready for this, do not rush to listen.

Sit down calmly and consider other pregnancy options.

Become The Parent

Don’t get upset over this unplanned child because having the opportunity to choose is inherently a privilege. There are many reasons why many couples cannot become parents.

Maybe it’s because they don’t have a chance of pregnancy, opposition from their families, or the lack of resources to welcome a child, at least for now.

Whatever the reason, it should be respected.

Being a mother is a sacred yet challenging task, so consider the following factors carefully before making a decision:

  • Do you want to have children? People cannot avoid being influenced by outside pressures and opinions, but it is important to listen to yourself.
  • Does your health allow it? In some cases, pregnancy can be extremely dangerous for the health of both mother and baby.
  • Do you have enough financial capacity? Giving birth and raising a child is very expensive. The bills will last from pregnancy to when the baby is grown.
  • What about your dreams and future? Suddenly becoming a parent can affect your plans.

Please evaluate these factors closely for yourself because you have the power to make the final decision.

Place Your Child for Adoption

Many families cannot afford to have a good life for their children. This makes many people consider giving their children up for adoption after birth instead of having an abortion.

It offers the chance to live for the unborn baby and help another family find happiness, but it can also be heartbreaking to say goodbye to your baby.

The ultimate purpose of adoption is to benefit the person being adopted so that the child can receive upbringing, care, and education in the best family environment.

To avoid cases of taking advantage of adoption to commit illegal acts, the laws of each country have strict regulations for this.

In Texas, unmarried women can make their own decisions about adopting a child without the father’s consent.

You must contact the agency in charge of the adoption process. You have the right to choose the family your child will go to and see them if you want.

Remember that once all formalities are completed, you will no longer have parental rights over the child.

Performing Abortion

As mentioned above, you have full control over the fetus, including whether to abort or keep it. Don’t let his pressure influence your choice.

Because surgical abortion can cause many health effects, carefully weigh the issues to see what is best for you and the child.

You can consult your doctors, supportive family, and kissing specialists for more informed decision-making.

What To Do When Forced To Have An Abortion?

boyfriend wants me to get an abortion

Give Your Boyfriend Some Time

Give him time to adjust, as he may also be in shock. Tell him about the miraculous changes in his body and ask him to go to an abortion clinic to see the baby.

This can help build a father-son relationship and make him change his mind.

Seeking Support

Remember that you are not alone on this journey; many friends, relatives, and social organizations are ready to support you.

Thinking About Questions

Think about what you want for the rest of your life, not just the near future. What if you don’t have a baby?

Learn About The Law

Understanding your legal rights is the best way to protect yourself from coercion or intimidation.

What To Avoid When Making A Decision? 

It’s a pity that many women with unexpected pregnancy come to us and share, “He wants me to have an abortion, but I don’t,” or “I want an abortion my boyfriend doesn’t.”

We understand that it is understandable for couples to disagree when suddenly a child appears.

However, don’t let rash thoughts or arguments sway you into regretting your decision. To help you make the most informed decisions, avoid the following:

Let Him Decide For You

Even if he wants you to have an abortion and puts pressure on you, remember that you are pregnant, and only you have the right to decide.

Of course, a boyfriend or family member can give you analysis and advice, but absolutely no compulsion.

Make Decisions When Mentally Unstable

Unplanned pregnancy and pressured abortion from the baby’s father are extremely heartbreaking and stressful for a woman.

This is not the time for you to make any decisions, do not rush to do anything.

Please give yourself a quiet place and time to relax and think about everything. Reach out to someone you trust for advice because outsiders are often wiser.

Narrow Yourself From Society

Many women with a surprise pregnancy often feel ashamed of their situation, especially when the child’s father himself doesn’t even want to exist.

It’s normal thinking, but you don’t have to put much pressure on yourself.

Pregnancy is a woman’s sacred ability; unwanted pregnancy is not a crime. Do not shrink back; actively contact experts, organizations, and support groups to ask for help.

There are many organizations around the world ready to help mothers and children.


he wants me to have an abortion but i don't

Above are the tips we want to share with women worried about the problem: “My boyfriend wants me to get an abortion.”

Consider the factors and be calm when choosing because the only person with the right to decide this is you, not anyone.

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