Single Mom Pregnancy Announcement – The Best Way To Do

A single mom pregnancy announcement is a hard and crucial decision to every mother-to-be, whether planned or not.

You have to face not only yourself, friends, neighbors, work circle, but also the entire society. If you make it right, your future will be easier for you.

Otherwise, everything might collapse, and you wish you could turn back time. All boils down to the way you select to inform them.

So, if you look for single mom pregnancy announcement ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t just sit there. Please scroll down to continue with us, finding the best way that fits you! You and your baby will be fine!

What Is Pregnancy Announcement?

Pregnancy Announcement

A pregnancy pronouncement is defined as a notice that an angel is about to come. For every mother in the world, it is how they share one of the joyful moments of their life.

For single mothers, a single mother pregnancy announcement is also the turning point they become assertive about the path they will take in the future.

Besides, the notification itself turns out to be how they tell everyone in their life circle that they will have some changes in the next months.

Finally, the announcement is for anyone who looks at them in the future won’t be surprised.

Why Single Mother Has To Announce Pregnancy

Single Mother Difficulties

There are about 20% of single mothers in the US, according to a study by Pew Research showing the number of children living with single parents.

The difficulties they might concern to deal includes:

  • Money: The more members you have to take care of, the more money you need. It’s for physical and mental support too.
  • Balance: Your emotion, desideration, and responsibilities are in chaos sometimes. It will be best if you prepare for hormone changes and solutions to cope with the struggle to come.
  • Society: Like it or not, there are public opinions existing. You can’t change it. But you can prepare yourself for whatever comes at you.

Reason To Announce Pregnancy

Pregnancy announcements for single moms are a treat to their lives if they choose to do so.

Why? Because even if you intend and choose to be a single mom, people, more or less, see it as an unplanned pregnancy announcement.

And negative feedback for this is inevitable. So, whatever the situation is, you should change your mind on the concept.

The notice is the way for soon-to-be-mothers to live normally regardless of the obstacles they must meet in the coming months. They will be ready to battle with them.

How Would People React?

Pregnancy announcement for single mom becomes mothers’ worries when they are concerned about society’s gaze!

Society talks because they think a lot about the effects on children in a single family. Children may not receive enough love from parents and can be hungry for affection.

Many people have negative points of view on the matter, as the Ladders stated in an article revealing how Americans honestly feel about single mothers.

They even think it is not good for society as it creates a precedent that impacts the future if this becomes a social trend.  

However, they are not all negative. There are also opinions sharing that it is not about money; it’s up to the environment that the mother brings to the child. Hence, as long as the mothers are happy, the children will.

Did You Receive Judgment?

Yes. The reality shows that single mom by choice pregnancy announcement received different judgments.

On Single Mom Club, people share the judgment they got after the long process of choosing a birth announcement wording single mother.

After the public notice, some say they are the badass, amazing. Some even get angry feedback because they are pregnant too soon compared to their peers.

However, some of them also receive unexpected questions making them feel anxious. For example, I don’t know if you have a boyfriend or Who was the father? How did you find out you were pregnant?

Overall, that’s a big world out there. People are different, and if you choose to be a single parent, prepare to face those prying eyes.

Pros of Single Mom Pregnancy Announcement

In general, a positive side always exists when talking about a public or inner-circle pronouncement.

Since we have room for people deep down in everyone’s heart, especially a going-to-say-hello-to-the-world baby. Therefore, the advantages of the announcement are:

  • Confident in life wherever you head out
  • Enhancing your trustee in yourself
  • Be comfortable with nausea or fatigue without worrying about people looking at
  • Getting support from family, close friends, or coworkers 
  • Being an angel because you prepare to bring another angel to the world
  • A miracle milestone that marks your maternity
  • Receiving healthy advice and joyful sharings
  • Getting help from people in case a miscarriage happens. Always prepare for the best and worst!

Cons of Single Mom Pregnancy Announcement

Still, you must be ready to face the upside-down of the world. Some convert positive feedback or so-called disadvantages that you may get are:

  • Negative reaction
  • Flat questions
  • Unrequired advice
  • Slighted look or behind-your-back discussion
  • Undesired pity feeling

The Best Way To Announce

It’s ok if you want to reference single mom pregnancy announcement quotes. However, if you don’t, some cute ways for single mom to announce pregnancy below will definitely be yours.

Cool Announcement

It will be awesome if you consider taking advantage of your pet, like a dog or cat. Then, you can take pictures of pets and an ultrasound pic together.

The caption can be: Mom is about getting a brother/sister for me, everyone. Be cool and welcome her/him!

Another way is: “Farmers grow trees; banks grow fee, I grow a baby! Everyone does their job”.

Or: “God just sends me an angel, everyone. We are sure that you are gonna love us as much as we love you!”

An Announcement That Gives You Strength

The simple is always the best. Please don’t take it so far or ponder too thoroughly.

Let’s make use of your pregnancy craving, take a picture with a meal for two and say: God sent me a blessing and told me to be strong to finish it. So, I have enough strength to raise you! Welcome to the mama world, me!

Or you can write everything you feel about your child, for example, Every mother says it’s hard. But mom loves hard challenges. I will love you with all my heart and be strong till the end!

Trust us; the truth is pure. Just admit the reality and rock the universal with your child. People will feel the sincere feeling and be supported. 

You have many problems to worry about, like when is it ok to leave the baby with grandparents or is a road trip with babies ok, etc.

A similar one arises every minute the baby grows. Therefore, doing whatever you feel comfortable with is the most important thing.


Single Mother

In the end, a single mom pregnancy announcement is a choice upon you. Don’t rush to do it if you don’t want to. There isn’t a law punishing you if you’d love to share the news, either.

Despite that, the world is gradually different every day. However, there are always chances that people judge. It will be best if you brave yourself in any decisions.

In any circumstance, remember that a happy mother has a happy child eventually.

Being a mommy is the best gift that God gives you. Take good care of yourself and the treasure.

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