Can You Put The Crib In Front Of A Window? Potential Risks

Many people are in the habit of hanging cribs near the window and placing their babies on them, while others argue against this act by stating that it could cause much danger to the babies.

So can you put the crib in front of a window?

This article will provide deep insights into the matter by listing all the possible risks and suggesting a more suitable location for the crib. Keep scrolling down for further information!

Can You Put The Crib In Front Of A Window?

can you put the crib in front of a window

Setting up the crib near window is a bad idea, as it has many potential hazards, especially the danger of your baby being strangled by the rope.

Besides, constant exposure to intense sunlight is not good for your newborn’s health and development.

Although this location is beneficial in some aspects, such as providing lots of space, ample ventilation, and a good dose of natural scenery, the disadvantages seem to outweigh the advantages.

Below are some drawbacks that you should know before making a decision.

The Strangulation Risk From Rope

When placing the mini crib or crib, particularly hanging it onto the window, the biggest concern is the potential threat stemming from strings.

Blind cords, as well as long curtains, all pose a suffocation risk if your baby makes some strong movements.

It would be best to remove all the nearby cord cleats, heavy curtains, and strings so your child doesn’t play with them anymore, reducing the risk of strangulation.

Using the cordless window coverings is also advisable. 

Glare And Sunlight

Removing the curtain rods means that the crib faces the sun directly. In the summer, your baby might feel uncomfortable due to the heat and direct sunlight.

In the worst cases, it will likely get sunburned because of the sensitive skin. Apart from that, its eyes are severely damaged by the ultraviolet radiation.

Temperature Fluctuations

The temperature difference between the house and the outer environment is another worrying issue.

For instance, the weather is often very cold in the winter, so you want to turn on the heater to warm the in-house atmosphere.

Yet, the drafts from a window could make your baby’s room colder. Of course, this temperature difference is not good for its health in the long term.

The Risk Of Broken Windows

There are various culprits behind the broken window, including bad-quality materials, strong forces from the outside, or a significant divergence between the house and outside temperatures.

Suppose this accident happens. In that case, many glass pieces will be pushed forth and backward, which can scratch your child’s skin or even cause more severe injuries.

The Danger Of Bugs

The threat of bugs and insects should not be disregarded.

If you open the window in the summer, you’ll soon notice the attack of many bugs, like flies, mosquitoes, etc., into your house.

Even the small openings allow them to slip into your baby’s crib. When bitten by them, it will likely cry in pain and be susceptible to several transmitted diseases.

Babies Can Fall Through The Window Screens

If you place the crib by window and open it, you must watch your baby very closely.

Suppose you leave the room for a few minutes and don’t pay any attention; your little one might try to reach the window and fall out. You’d better watch out!

It is advisable to close all the windows when you are leaving and finding another place for a safe nursery.

Difficult To Reach In Case Of Emergency

In some urgent emergencies, like the house’s firing, you may need more time to take your baby from the crib if hanging it.

You must be more careful not to make the crib move strongly and prevent your baby from falling down.

How Far Should Crib Be From Wall?

How Far Should Crib Be From Wall

Setting the crib at least three to four feet away from the window frame is highly recommended.

This distance is ideal, as it is unable to reach the window and avoid falling on the ground.

Besides, you must take close notice of the weather as well. Keep a proper distance so the rain and sunlight are less likely to contact your baby.

Where Should A Crib Be Placed In A Room?

Finding the perfect safe spot is not a straightforward task, and you must spend lots of time thinking and considering numerous options to choose the best placement of cribs.

Here are a few suggestions for you:

  • The first choice is to diagonally place the high-backed crib in corner space to save space. You can put extra storage and other small things around, such as a cool mist humidifier or a baby monitor device.
  • Putting the crib in the middle of your room is a good idea. You don’t need to worry about the potential dangers, including the bugs’ attack, temperature fluctuations, excess exposure to natural sunlight, etc.
  • You could set the baby crib next to your bed. This location helps you better monitor your baby and implement prompt measures. Don’t forget to fill the gap between your crib and bed
  • Suppose you are financially stable, even rich, having a private room to place the crib is also suggested. You can decorate it with many toys, cute souvenirs, etc. However, this method should be applied when your child turns 3-4 years old.

Is It Safe To Hang Anything Over A Crib?

Is It Safe To Hang Anything Over A Crib

It is a bad idea to hang objects over the crib. The risk of falling is very dangerous, jeopardizing your baby’s health.

This is because if your little one grows tall enough to pull the items, they could try to grab the objects and fall out, rendering injuries or other horrible consequences.

Besides, a child is super active. When it moves or plays strongly, the crib turns over and may fall on the ground floor.

There are some items you must avoid at all costs, especially sharp objects.

The decorative shapes, crib gyms, and picture frames with tempered glass are not ideal to hang onto the crib. You never know how dangerous the broken glass is.

The Bottom Line

Can you put the crib in front of a window? It is not recommended to do so. Despite some benefits, like ample ventilation, this practice is still too dangerous and causes more harm than good.

If you still want to place the crib near window, please purchase some protective layouts to secure the crib and your baby’s safety.

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