Baby Fell And Hit Head On Hardwood Floor: What To Do?

If your baby fell and hit head on hardwood floor, it’s necessary to consider the possibility of injuries and how to treat them.

You can choose and apply proper treatments depending on each injury level.

The question is: when to worry and when is it normal? In severe cases, your little one needs treatments from the expert pediatrician rather than usual methods.

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My Baby Fell And Hit Head On Hardwood Floor – Is It Normal? 

baby fell and hit head on hardwood floor

Yes, it is completely normal when your toddler falls and hits the head on the hardwood floor. Most usual head bumps are nothing to worry about.

Yet, you should monitor the more serious signs after your baby hits the head to have proper treatments.

What To Do When Your Baby Fell And Hit Head On Hardwood Floor? 

Keep Calm & Consider The Fall

When your toddler fell off bed hits head hardwood floor, you first must keep calm to take the next move.

Then, consider the fall and evaluate the injuries to decide whether you will take your toddler to a doctor or treat the injuries at home.

You may inspect the fall through the height. Remember that the higher the position, the more serious the injuries.

Besides, you must determine if your toddler hit any other hard objects on the hardwood floor during the fall, such as the furniture’s sharp edges and glass.

These objects are dangerous and cause serious injuries to your baby, so call the ambulance immediately.

Check the Injury Symptoms

The next step is to inspect the essential signs that tell you about the injuries to find the right solutions.

If your baby only gets a normal bump without being accompanied by other signs, it is unnecessary for a concern or further treatment.

Yet, monitor and check the other symptoms after your toddler’s fall to properly cure the serious injuries. First, your child may have constant bleeding or uncontrolled vomiting.

Other signs of serious concussion and injuries are a dent in the baby’s head after a fall, loss of consciousness, or difficulty breathing.

Besides, don’t neglect if your baby has abnormal headaches, dizziness, constant sleepiness, or weak legs or arms.

Monitor Baby’s Concussion

Concussion, a mild head injury, often appears when your kid falls and hits the head on the hard surface.

This shock can make the hard skull collide with soft brain tissue and lead to injuries in brain cells in a short time.

Thus, checking the signs of concussion in your toddler is necessary to avoid more severe effects.

These symptoms include lethargy, irritation, vomiting, and bleeding in the surrounding brain layers or the brain.

Besides, concussion often impacts the brain areas and causes brain malfunction. Therefore, you may consider the other signs, such as headache and unconsciousness.

Apply Some Basic Treatments

If your baby fell off bed hit head hardwood floor but only has minor injuries, you can apply some basic treatments at home.

Using ice gives your baby a numbing effect and relieves the pain.

In addition, take some simple steps to cure your baby from the pain with mild injuries. First, try to calm them down.

Plus, use a cold compress to apply to a goose egg on your baby’s head within 20 minutes every 3-4 hours.

Also, use a clean cloth and press it on the bleeding area on your toddler’s head within 15 minutes to avoid uncontrolled bleeding.

Next, continue monitoring the other signs within 24 hours after your baby’s fall and contact a health provider or take your baby to a doctor if necessary.

Help Your Baby More Comfortable

Besides making the first aid for your baby, provide comfort and proper care to relieve pain for your little one.

It’s best to calm your child down after the fall by cuddling them; ask for a doctor’s advice in case of any abnormal symptoms.

Aside from helping your toddler feel comfortable, monitor your baby’s sleep habits to determine if the injury becomes more serious when your baby hit head on wood floor.

Take Your Baby to Doctor

If the symptoms of serious injuries appear when your toddler falls and hits the head on the hardwood floor, contact a pediatrician.

Furthermore, immediately take your toddlers to a doctor if they experience vomiting, nausea, unconsciousness, or loss of consciousness.

In addition, some traumatic head injuries require significant medical therapy and surgical treatment.

Besides, you must tell the doctor when and how the fall occurred and the first signs of your child after the fall.

After getting the necessary information about your baby’s fall, the doctor will examine the brain’s condition, reposition the bone, and treat the existing injuries.

Following the doctor’s instructions and applying the right treatment is of paramount importance to prevent your child from developing more injuries.

How To Know If That Is Serious?

How To Know If That Is Serious

The injuries will become more serious and require better treatment when your baby has constant headaches, abnormal behavior, and dizziness.

If you notice that your child has uncontrolled sleepiness or swelling on the head, call a pediatrician to learn more about how severe the head injuries are.

How To Prevent Baby From Falling And Hitting Head On Hardwood Floor?

Paying attention to your baby and situations that can cause the fall is one of the simple ways to prevent head injuries.

Don’t leave your kid alone to avoid the fall when they want to hang or climb onto the crib rail.

Plus, don’t let your toddler sleep in high places such as a sofa or bed to prevent sudden falls backward and hitting its head on the floor with serious injuries.

You should buy a foam mat to give your toddler a soft place for playing.

Also, clean and arrange dangerous furniture or small objects, such as plastic toys or stuffed animals, on the floor to reduce more severe impacts when your baby hit head on hardwood floor.


What To Do When Your Baby Fell And Hit Head On Hardwood Floor 

What Are the Effects When Your Baby Fell and Hit Head On Hardwood Floor?

The fall making your baby hit the head on the hardwood floor may result in changes in behavior and mood after several weeks.

This effect often happens after a concussion with brain injuries as the brain must work harder to focus on the actions and tasks.

Yet, you need to monitor the development of this impact after your baby’s fall to find a proper treatment.

How Long Should You Monitor Baby After Falling and Hitting Head?

It is important to closely monitor your baby for abnormal signs after a fall and head injury from 24-48 hours.

This will help you handle and control more severe symptoms of head injuries that may appear hours, days, or weeks later.


Now, you know what to do when your baby fell and hit head on hardwood floor. First, you must stay calm and judge the severity of the fall.

Then, consider and monitor the signs after a concussion to identify if they are just moderate or serious injuries to apply a suitable treatment.

Besides treating head injuries, learn more about preventing falls that make your baby hit the floor and know when to call a doctor for a thorough inspection and medical therapy.

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