Why Baby Fell Backwards And Hit Head On Floor?

Baby fell backwards and hit head on floor. What to do now? It is the question many parents ask when they find out that their child has fallen many times.

The time when babies learn to walk is when babies fall the most. Let’s dig in and find the reasons.

Why Baby Fell Backwards And Hit Head On Floor?

baby fell backwards and hit head on floor

There are many subjective and objective factors why a baby fell back and hit head.

However, babies often fall due to incomplete coordination ability, slippery floors, some accidental crashes, and even child abuse. The above causes can lead to many unpredictable consequences.

Incomplete Coordination Ability In Babies

Toddler fell backwards and hit head on floor as they still did not develop fully physical coordination between body parts.

When standing or learning to walk, they will find it difficult to balance their legs and fall backward or forwards.

Usually, as it’s not possible to perfectly control the movement of both legs at the same time, babies will stumble and rush forward.

When they suddenly stop, your little ones will fall backward and may hit their heads on the floor.

Besides, children’s hyperactivity and innate curiosity also make them interested in many things around them.

Therefore, sometimes they will suddenly stand up and walk quickly to the spot they want. When the legs are tripped together due to going too fast, the babies will fall backward.

Slippery Floor

Slippery floors are one of the next most common causes of falls. Whether it’s a wooden floor or a ceramic floor, it’s easy for your child to slip and fall.

Babies cannot control their bodies well, so they can easily fall in slippery places with water.

When falling due to slipping, babies will stumble backward and hit their heads on hard floors.

Although falling at a fairly close distance from the floor, a few cases still have serious consequences.

Parents who are not paying attention will not be able to catch their babies in time because their kids are walking faster than they might think.

Accidental Crashes

Big families are also a potential risk that makes a baby fell back and hit head.

In particular, if there are many siblings in the family, they may play and bump into babies while your little ones are learning to walk.

More dangerously, if they are unaware of their brother’s fall and deliberately play with and push the baby down, the risk of injury is even more serious.

Sometimes, adults in the family will also accidentally bump into babies when they are in a hurry or are busy with work.

Not to mention, kids  in the process of walking may run across household items such as cabinets, tables, and chairs, then fall back.

Child Abuse

Although this sounds unlikely in the family, it is still listed as one of the causes of frequent falls in children. More than 1,300 cases of abusive head trauma (AHT) have been recorded in the US.

Violent acts include shaking babies vigorously, causing a loss of balance and falling backward in babies. They even hit a heavy object before falling to the floor.

The root of child abuse is partly because their parents are mentally ill, making their emotions unstable and causing violence to their children.

How To Deal When Baby Fell Backwards And Hit Head On Floor?

For a mild head injury like skin swelling, massage and apply cold water.

However, serious cases involving head bleeding, soft spots on the skull, or brain injury require immediate treatment by calling 911 for an emergency.

In addition, the use of hot oil or other methods that have not been proven effective should be avoided.

Now let’s dive deeper to thoroughly answer the question: What should I do if my child hits his head on the hard floor? 

Mild Cases

Children who fall on their backs and hit their heads on the floor may cause mild brain injury and do not require medical attention.

Typical injuries include bumps, bruising to the area where the head hit the floor, or abrasions to the skin.

It would be best to massage the injured area immediately for these wounds to avoid blood clots.

Besides, applying ice is a commonly used method, for about 1-2 minutes to avoid the baby’s skin being damaged.

Serious Cases

Babies’ bones and joints are not well developed, so falls can have serious consequences that parents should be aware of.

Traumatic brain injuries such as skull fractures, contusions, brain bleeding, or uncontrolled bleeding in the brain have been reported in several cases of babies falling on their backs and hitting their heads on the floor.

Some serious symptoms such as headache, vomiting, pale face, and loss of consciousness in their babies can be noticed.

In that case, parents should immediately take their child to the nearest emergency for medical care to avoid regrettable sequelae in the future.

How To Prevent Your Baby From Falling Head On Floor?

Put Skid-proof Pads On The Floor 

Parents should line the floor with anti-slip pads or carpets to prevent children from slipping and falling due to slippery floors.

In addition, babies rolling on the floor instead of crawling will also cause them pain because the floor is too hard.

Thanks to these items, if a baby fell backwards and hit head on carpet, there is a reduced chance of serious injuries.

Also, it helps keep the floor clean and saves the homeowner from having to clean the floor regularly.You can choose a rubber anti-slip pad for the living room, bedroom, and kitchen areas.

It helps to repel water as well as mud. However, dust can build up on the mattress after a long time of use, so you need to wipe it.

Keep Your Baby Away From Stairs

Because they are at the age of walking, you need to keep your babies away from high places such as stairs, corridors, and railings.

Babies can come out very quickly, fall from these places, and get a severe brain injury.

You can install guards on the stairs or glass panels in the hallway to prevent your child from falling.

Protective panels should have rails close together to prevent children from getting through.

Also, you should attach cushions to sharp corners on household items, especially on stairs. Children often walk and bump into sharp corners, causing them to get injured.

Don’t Leave Your Baby Alone With A Walker

Parents should not leave their children alone with baby walkers. If you are busy, you should ask the babies’ grandparents to care for them.

Sometimes babies will be attracted to other objects and cannot stay in one place. The walker will move too fast, causing them to overturn and ending up with injuries for your angels.

Also, walkers will make your child uncomfortable due to the binding of the cord under the car. So babies will try to find their way out and fall back as a result.


Can A Baby Get A Concussion From Falling Backwards?

A concussion is inevitable when babies fall on their backs and hit their heads on the ground. Depending on the hardness and the position of the head hit, the injury can be severe or light.

If babies hit their heads in dangerous or sensitive spots on their heads, there is a high chance of internal damage.

How Do I Know If My Baby Is OK After A Fall?

If the head injury is swollen and bruised due to a minor bump, and the babies only cry for a certain amount of time, then there is a high chance that this skin injury is not of a concern.

When your baby’s cries are louder and more persistent than usual, they are suffering from severe pain.

Can A Baby Get Brain Damage From Hitting Their Head?

It is not common, but parents should also be cautious. It is inevitable that children fall and hit their heads on the floor while learning to walk.

However, if the baby falls too often and his head is damaged many times, there is a possibility of brain damage.


How To Deal When Baby Fell Backwards And Hit Head On Floor?

Overall, a baby fell backwards and hit head on floor due to incomplete coordination ability, slippery floor, accidental crashes, and even child abuse.

Parents should use safety devices in the home and pay attention to their babies to prevent them from falling.

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