Baby Back Cracks When Picked Up – Should You Worry?

Baby back cracks when picked up. This sound makes all moms worried and wonder if the little one is in pain. It’s totally understandable.

However, is it normal for babies’ bones to crack? How serious is the situation? When should you be concerned? And what can you do to deal with the issue? Let’s scroll down to find out!

Baby Back Cracks When Picked Up – Is It Normal?

baby back cracks when picked up

If a baby’s bones crack when picked up, it’s mainly because the nitrogen gas between the joints is released during the movements.

Most of the time, this popping sound will gradually disappear as our kid grows older; thus, don’t be too nervous.

In most cases, when your baby’s bones crack, they should not feel hurt at all. It’s just the reactions between bones, joints, and other tissues, and it’s part of their growth.

But in case you hear that sound after your baby falling backwards and hitting his head on the floor, it can be a source of concern.

The Reasons For Back Cracking

The Old Wives Tales

You may hear your grandparents keep telling you not to pop your knuckles; otherwise, you will have arthritis. The same might apply to your baby.

Yes, those who suffer from arthritis are more likely to have bone clicking and knuckle popping.

However, there’s no evidence that if you intentionally do so, the action will bring the disease. Therefore, if your baby’s back pops when picked up, don’t be nervous.

Your little one is still safe.

Air Bubbles Created During Joint Movements

While growing, your baby will experience the readjustment and relocation of hard tissues, such as bones, and soft tissues, such as tendons and ligaments.

Due to this reason, air bubbles will appear between the joints.

As the backbone is moving, you will hear newborn bones cracking. It results from organic gasses, mainly nitrogen gas, generated from the spinal joints.

The name of this phenomenon is cavitation, which resembles the cracking sound produced when adults move their joints.

Since your cutie is flexible and the sound is part of his growth, most of the time, the popping sounds mean healthy and normal development, so don’t be negative.

I advise you to relax. The sound will be less noticeable when your baby is bigger.

Stretched Ligament And Tendon

Is it normal for babies’ bones to pop? The answer is yes. Babies are active, and their movements can stretch or shift their ligaments and tendons.

Therefore, you may hear the cracking sound.

Plus, toddler back cracks when picked up can be due to the mild friction between the bones and tendons.

This audible sound is generally considered normal and a part of the toddler’s growth. Again, you will hear it less often as the baby grows.

Muscle Contractions

Why do my babies’ bones crack? The muscle contractions and relaxation can be the reason.

These movements of muscles, especially changing positions or stretching, also can create audible sounds.

Joint Hypermobility

The last reason causing the baby’s back to crack is joint hypermobility. The term refers to super flexible joints, also known as loose or double joints.

The unwanted results of joint hypermobility include muscle stiffness, clicking joints, bowel issues, sprains/ dislocations, a high frequency of fatigue, and dizziness.

You’d better bring your toddler to the pediatrician for consultation.

However, the situation can’t be diagnosed in most cases since the baby’s joints and bones are still growing, with a high possibility that the sound will disappear.

If the sound persists in later childhood and adulthood, seeking help from a doctor is advisable.

Now, let’s look at the positive side that joint hypermobility is not necessary to be bad. Take dancers or gymnastics as an example.

Who knows, your kid may also have the same desired flexibility to perform well.

Thus, don’t be nervous. Just keep the regular checkups with the doctor, and everything will be fine.

How Long Will The Situation Last? 

How Long Will The Situation Last 

The infant bones cracking sound can happen up to the age of 2 or 3 years old. However, while growing up, your baby can face the process of bone readjustment.

Thus, the situation can occur when your child gets older, at 5-6 years old.

Depending on the kid’s growing process, the issue of baby bones popping can disappear in the early months or last for years.

If you hear the crack sounds normal (as usual, popping sound), you should not be too worried.

What Can You Do To Deal With The Issue?

Buy A Good Mattress

A good mattress plays a huge role in developing the child’s back.

It properly supports and aligns the spine for a healthy back and can help you deal with the situation of a baby’s bones cracking.

Whether your little one is sleeping on a bed, crib, or mini crib, you should go for a firm and flat mattress.

It should not be too soft as it can cause the body to sink and negatively affect the spinal alignment.

Yet, keep in mind that the mattress should not be too hard because it can create discomfort while sleeping.

Besides, proper bedding can protect your infant from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), avoid gaps or entrapment hazards, and provide better sleeping quality.

Once the little one can relax and have sufficient sleep, his bones and general health will also be improved.

Do Routine Check Up

Babies usually react (mainly cry) when they are in pain. However, it’s not the case for everybody.

Some infants may not show any discomfort even if they suffer from an accidental bone fracture.

Therefore, if your baby’s back cracks when picked up and you want to ensure there’s nothing wrong, go to the hospital and check with the local pediatrician.

A regular checkup every month is also highly recommended.

Seek Help From A Chiropractor 

I accidentally cracked my baby’s back. In this situation, you may feel nervous, then it’s time to come to a Chiropractor.

A Chiropractor can help your baby readjust their spine, thus improving his mobility, nervous system, and immunity.

The doctor can aid your infant’s physical development and assist when your kid’s spine becomes lazy.

Besides, professional treatment will reduce strain and tension on the little nerves.

Lastly, once your toddler has a healthy spine, they will feel comfortable and relaxed, thus boosting their immunity.

The Bottom Lines

baby's back cracks when picked up

Baby back cracks when picked up. Now, you can feel less nervous when you face this situation, as the sound is just a part of the toddler’s growth.

In most cases, the popping sound is from the air bubbles created during joint movements, and your child will not feel hurt.

The sound will become less noticeable during your kid’s growth, so don’t worry.

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