When Can You See Baby Kick From Outside? Where Can You Feel It?

When can you see baby kick from outside during pregnancy is the common question discussed in this article.

This is one of the greatest things about the pregnancy process you will experience with the special and lovely feelings.

The early kicks or active movements are one of the first physical signs that show the energetic lives of a small person inside your belly.

Thus, you will have emotional and glad feelings when knowing your child’s movements or kicks for the first time. Yet, these earliest signs can make you a little worried! 

But this is good news because it tells you that your baby is developing and starts growing up with a good status.

When Can You See Baby Kick From Outside?

When Can You See Baby Kick From Outside?

You can see your unborn baby kick from outside after 24-25 weeks of gestation but move more often after the 30th week.

Pregnant women with less fatty tissue in the abdomen with a thin frame can feel an earlier and stronger kicker.

This fetal movement can also depend on whether the placenta is in front of or behind the uterus. If the placenta is in front, you will see the first kick in the second half of pregnancy.

You often notice the first visual kick after the 28th week. When you watch TV or sit to relax, you can see something like the fetus’s legs or hands over your stomach.

This is the time your baby is moving and can be sensed from outside.

When Does Your Baby Start Kicking?

You can know the feeling (not to see) your baby begins kicking during your pregnancy. This sensation will appear around 16 weeks after you find yourself pregnant.

These exciting early movements will help you know your baby’s growth in your belly.

Your fetus’s movements will be more difficult yet more pronounced by 24 weeks. Your baby also starts to form patterns during this time.

When can you feel baby kick from the outside? If you are confused, don’t hesitate to contact your doctor or maternity unit for useful advice.

Besides, when you don’t feel your baby’s kicking movements by the 24th week, call or see your family doctors.

They can examine your health, check your baby’s heart rate and arrange an ultrasound to help your baby stay healthy.

When Can You Feel Baby Move or Kicks From Outside? How Do You Feel It?

Since you relax your body at night before sleeping, you can feel what your baby is doing.

After you eat something such as a snack, your baby can get the energy from the elevated blood sugar to be active.

When you’re worried, adrenaline can also energize your child and make them move. Besides, when can you feel baby move from outside? It is when your baby has hiccups.

These hiccups are often harmless and normal, but they can give your baby slight movements.

You can get the feeling baby move outside stomach like a small bubble in your belly or a cramp in a muscle.

Feelings you can have at the baby’s first kick include bubbling, tumbling, flapping, painless, slight tickling, a gentle tap, and a slight snap.

Instead of small pops, you can feel rolls, bumps, jabs, or punches when your child grows up in your abdomen.

When Can Your Partner Feel The Baby Move?

Share your baby’s kicks with your partner around the 20th and 24th week of pregnancy.

But your spouse can begin to sense your child kicking across your stomach earlier from 16 to 22 weeks.

You can put your partner’s hands on your abdomen for him to feel the baby’s exciting movements, especially if your little one is active.

Your partner can feel your active baby kicking from outside if the movements are clear.

When your baby begins growing a lot, your partner can see their movements from the outside.

However, should your partner feel nothing, tell him to wait a few weeks. It can take more time to feel the baby’s kicks from the outside, especially in your anterior placenta.

When Can People Feel Baby Kick?

For several weeks, most people, such as your family members, relatives, and friends, can feel the baby kick or motion after your feelings.

People can put their hands on your belly to sense the infant’s movements around the 20th week.

Since your child will become stronger and larger, your relatives, family members, friends, or others you allow can not only feel but also see these normal kicks.

Your child also starts to reply to familiar voices around the 25th week, so talking for your baby should create special kicks.

Where Can You Feel Baby Kick?

Where you can feel your child’s movements depends on different factors, including the distance of the baby during pregnancy and where the child is in the womb or placenta.

In the first stage of pregnancy, the kicks or movements can appear near the navel.

These movements can be more active if you feel from the upper ribs to the lower position of the pelvic.

How Can You See Baby Kicks?

You should wait for the most proper time, about 28 weeks, to see your baby’s kicks. Do some activities to give your child kicks and movements after waking up.

You can drink or eat something such as food or fresh water that provides your baby energy for moving.

If you don’t feel your baby kicking, try drinking or eating something to wake them up. You can consume high-carbohydrate and sweet foods, provided that you do not have diabetes.

Stay still or take a break for about 20-30 minutes while eating or drinking something. If you move, your body’s shaking can calm the child to sleep.

When do you see your belly move during pregnancy? Taking a rest after your meal is the best time you can see.

Place your hands on your abdomen to get the feeling of the baby’s location if you can’t see any kick at first from your baby.  

Put your fingers on your belly since the baby can touch the mother’s fingers or hands.

As your child is kicking and awaking, move your fingers across your tummy to feel your child’s movements.

They can communicate with you by kicking with one hand or foot. Try to spot the kicks or movements in the ultrasound.

Your baby can move around more, and you might even see your baby’s big lips during the ultrasound process.

What Should You Do To Encourage Baby To Kick?

If you don’t see your baby’s kicks anymore, you can be nervous about your baby’s movements.

Thus, you need to contact the obstetrics doctors at once. Otherwise, refer to the useful tricks below to motivate your baby to make a gentle kink.

Support your stomach and lie on your left side. This tip allows you to feel your child’s kicks better than when you walk or stand.

You can encourage your child to move or kick by drinking cold water.

This water will boost your baby’s movement because of feeling a slight temperature change.

You also make sounds or exciting noises such as talking to your baby or playing music to support your baby’s movement in your belly.


How Can You See Baby Kicks?

The above article has answered the question: when can you see baby kick from outside? However, the time you can see a kick can vary from one person to others.

You can usually experience various fetal movements during the pregnancy process. Pay great attention to the movement of the fetus to check the health of the fetus’s growth.

It is also essential for you and your loved ones to connect with their child in the womb or placenta.

Movements and kicks are a special and unique way to have contact with your baby.

If you detect a significant decrease or stop in fetal movement, contact your doctor for further consulting.

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