Baby With Big Lips On Ultrasound – Should You Worry?

Baby with big lips on ultrasound is an astonishing picture to everyone who sees it first! 

We all will feel strange when something is bigger than our normal awareness. As a result, we are concerned about whether it affects our children’s development or not.

Is it normal or not? Is it popular? Is there anything wrong? How does it happen? What should we do if we are in the same situation? 

In the article, we will reveal the truth behind 3d ultrasound big lips and give out answers to all of your queries.

Wait no more! Let’s dive into it!

What is Baby Ultrasound?

Baby Ultrasound

Before seeing the scientific fact of babies with big lips ultrasound phenomenon, you need to understand what baby ultrasound is exactly.

A pregnancy ultrasound is well-known under ultrasound scans, fetal ultrasound or baby ultrasound, or ultrasonography or echography or sonography.

It describes an activity in which technicians, doctors, nurses, or any professional person uses tools to take pictures in a woman’s womb to see the development of an unborn child by applying high-frequency sound waves.

People also refer to it as the imaging test to see if any abnormal things happen for the child. Those pics are also familiar as a sonogram.

The problem of babies with big lips ultrasound is found in the process! Besides, echography does not hurt.

The method is one of the most popular and easiest ways to check and diagnose structures inside our bodies!

Is Baby Ultrasound Correct?

Sonography gives you an overall glance at your child. Big lips on ultrasound will also be found in the test.

It can also tell you about children’s gender, age, development, due date estimation, or even some signs of congenital disability that lead to miscarriage diagnosis.

However, the results are not 100% accurate. The sonography has a minimum error.

In addition, it depends on several things, such as the number of days you are pregnant, technicians’ expertise, echography machine quality, the credit of the place you are going for, and the status of the child at that time.

Therefore, a sonogram is somewhat different at every stage you come to echography.

Still, the test has been used for several years. It plays an important role in checking unborn children and mothers’ health.

Because it is safe, painless, and easy to proceed with, you can do another pregnancy test for the fetus to reassure if there are some abnormalities.

The Phenomenon Of Babies With Big Lips On Ultrasound

The Prevalence Of The Phenomenon

Baby with big lips phenomenon normally occurs from the 20th to 28th to 33 weeks or even sooner.

The phenomenon stays pretty popular. People describe the swollen lips as big as duck lips, like Simpsons characters.

Some humorous people usually consider the event as their child has the beauty of one of the famous movie stars, Angelina Jolie. Or the little one seems to pout when they know people are looking at them.

However, the event does not happen alone; the cheeks are also high and big. It’s like they are sucking a big mouth of milk. A wide nose does appear too. Therefore, it’s a common phenomenon in fetal echography.

Parents’ Reactions

Everyone will feel quaint for the first time seeing babies with full lips, even if you are pregnant or just a bystander!

A lot of moms and dads are scared, concerned, and worried. They all ask whether it is popular because no one expects big baby lips or baby thin lips. Everybody wants normal things to happen to their children.

According to the parents who faced the event for the second time, they are all calm and cheerful.

They share what they experienced as they know what matters with a baby with a big lips ultrasound, obviously.

Baby With Big Lips On Ultrasound – Should You Worry?

So, what is the reason behind the baby with big lips ultrasound? 

Why Does The Lip Look Strange On Ultrasound?

Not Completely Developed

Regarding pregnancy stages, sonogram outcomes are not similar at all. At some milestones, they still have not developed skin and fat yet. Therefore, you can see their lips look odd because they have only bones.

Humorous Child

Some babies are quite humorous. During sonography check, their face is opposite to the uterine wall.

Hence, sound waves can not catch the full appearance of a child’s face. Normally, they capture 1/3 or 2/3 on the whole. As a result, the pics are not as familiar as you expect.

Moreover, the images are also exaggerated. They are not high-quality pictures.

Other Parts Of The Body Are Covering The Lip

You can schedule the time to check your fetal health. However, you can not control the time of your child.

That’s why when the images are taken, it might be the chance another part of your love is moving or put on the lip. So the lip size is oversize.


Another reason is your child is swimming and covered by so much liquid. Those lips might be swollen because the machine can not take HD pictures around moving water.

Should You Worry?

No, in the first 20 weeks. Your child’s lip can be a little creepy. From 20 weeks to 33 weeks or more, just ask the doctors or experts who do the test for you directly.

Please don’t sleep on it. Before you leave, question everything you desire to.

Many mothers send the feedback that at least to 36 weeks, their child is still looking like an alien, not only the lip looks weird. But it’s always best if your doctor confirms the information.

You should worry only when the expert concludes the status. Don’t panic about the unofficial message.

Instead, let’s stay positive, live happily, think about your future as a road trip with babies, for example. You have an angel who is about to follow you for the rest of your life.


Is Baby Ultrasound Correct?

Baby with big lips on ultrasound is scary if you are not a fan of Angelina Jolie. However, it is totally normal since a large amount of fluid surrounds your child.

Before jumping to any negative conclusion, let’s consult your health consultant. Otherwise, you can freely continue thinking about your sweetheart’s tiny toes, small nose, and sweet face.

We believe your darling is cute and beautiful as you expect. May you guys have a happy journey together!

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