Took A Xanax Before I Knew I Was Pregnant – Is It OK?

It is of paramount importance to care about the kinds of medicine that women take during pregnancy. However, some women worried: “I took a Xanax before I knew I was pregnant. What should I do now?”

Does this substance negatively influence women during pregnancy? Let’s check it out in this article to know about the issue between pregnancy and xanax!

What Is Xanax?

What Is Xanax

This drug has effects in treating diseases relating to anxiety or panic. The medicine is a part of the medication’s class named benzodiazepines that affect our central nervous system, including the brain and nerves.

Thus, this can lead to a calming impact on our nervous system. It activates by boosting the influences of a particular original chemical (GABA) in our body.

Is Xanax Safe During Pregnancy?

“I took a Xanax before I knew I was pregnant“, – several women said worryingly. So can you take Xanax while pregnant?

As a general fact, because this drug is categorized as a D drug, it can cause bad impacts on your pregnancy. Consequently, it is not safe to have it during pregnancy.

The influences of this medicine vary on the time you use it when you bear a child. Because of the negative issues that the medicine can lead to when you have a baby, it is recommended not to use this drug throughout three trimesters.

  • During The First Trimester

When you use this medicine when you are bearing a baby from one month to three months, this could trigger many severe health-related issues.

Regarding some authentic information, this also can put women at increased risk of increasing your son’s opportunity of congenital disabilities such as cleft lip or other dangerous issues.

As a result, it might cause many negative impacts on these babies’ appearance, development, or functions.

However, it still needs more studies and evidence to conclude the influences of taking the drug during the first trimester.

  • During The Second And Third Trimester

Using the drug when you have a baby from 4 months to 9 months can drive your baby to have withdrawal syndrome. That is because the medicine can lead to your baby’s dependence and addiction to emotions and physical health.

Although there are few studies about withdrawal syndrome in babies, the use of the medicine can trigger many serious health-related issues, including difficulty in breathing and eating and dehydration, which can appear over some days.

It’s still a mystery whether these troubles can last for a long time in newborns.

When you take Xanax and pregnancy third trimester, your child may stand a higher chance of having infant syndrome, which can, in turn, lead your baby’s muscles to be weak.

This situation results in losing your baby’s head and other body parts control, leading their appearance to be like a rag doll and can happen about fourteen to twenty-one days after the baby is born.

Both diseases can put newborns at increased risk of having an Apgar score at a low level, which means your baby has troubles with the breath, heart, or other parts.

Side-Effects Of Taking Xanax When Pregnant

Like other kinds of medicines, the drug has many possible side effects. Even when using this medicine directedly, this could also drive people to bear negative impacts relating to memory, concentration, or fatigue.

In case you use the drug excessively, this could lead to intense side effects. Moreover, if you’re abusing it, you can stand a higher opportunity of being physically dependent, tolerant, and addicted.

These symptoms can pose serious risks to women who are having a child and also have negative impacts on the child.

In case a woman who is bearing a child stops taking Xanax in a sudden way, she can witness many health problems, including the imagination of suicide and seizure.

Treatment For Xanax When Pregnant

When you realize that: “I took Xanax before I knew I was pregnant“, the best thing you should do next is talk with your doctors as soon as possible. In this way, you can know how to prevent and cure main problems together with the side effects of using the drug.

The medicine harms your baby in every situation. That’s why it is advisable to consult your doctors when using the medicine during pregnancy.

Feel free to ask any things you want to know like:

  • Which kinds of drugs are safe for women who are bearing a child?
  • How to stop safely using the medicine?
  • Apart from taking alprazolam while pregnant, what should I do to minimize stress and anxiety? 

Your health mentors can give you all the needed information to help you receive the best cure for all of your symptoms. Therefore, you can experience a healthy pregnancy period with their advice.

Moreover, in case you are having a problem with using this drug excessively or being addicted to this medicine, you can try a specialized program to treat these diseases called inpatient rehab centers. In these IRC, you are provided with special care to stop using the medicine.

During the time spent in these centers, women bearing a child can get all harmful chemicals out of their bodies safely and during a supportive condition.

On top of that, there are many amenities that women can experience in these centers, such as education relating to drug addiction and good parental skill classes. Particular programs may need insurance in terms of private or public, comprising Medicaid.

If you need more information about the impacts and dangers when taking the alprazolam when you are having a child or looking for a center to detox, what you need to do now is to contact a specialist to receive advice.


Is Xanax Safe During Pregnancy?

It is clear that using any type of drug when you are bearing a child should be considered carefully. However, some women are worried: “I took Xanax before I knew I was pregnant. Is it okay? What should I do now?”

Hopefully, this article has informed you all details about this problem to know how to deal with using the drug during pregnancy in a safe way.

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