Craving Gatorade While Pregnant: Is It Safe?

When you are bearing a child, craving some kinds of foods is certainly a common symptom.

And craving Gatorade while pregnant is also a normal desire. However, many people are not sure about the safety of this product.

That’s why this article is here to inform you of the answer to this doubt, “Can I have gatorade while pregnant?”. So let’s dive in together!

What Is Gatorade?

What Is Gatorade

Gatorade is considered a type of sports drink, which was initially produced with the view of enhancing the strength of footballers.

This product has electrolytes to complement water for people after long and harsh training. On top of that, it also plays a role in giving energy to sick people.

However, it also contains a large amount of sugar, putting people at increased risk of medical conditions such as obesity, weight gain, or diabetes. Yet, a moderate amount of it cannot trigger any health issues for drinkers.

Why Am I Craving Gatorade While Pregnant?

Wanting to eat or enjoy something is a common symptom when you become impregnated. However, it is clear that craving Gatorade while pregnant does not indicate that our body desires it.

It is just that we like the taste, which makes us want to have it. Some have a high intake of sugar; that’s why we should maintain it.

It is proven that during pregnancy, our bodies will experience an increase in our metabolic rate together with vasodilation. These rises drive us to become hot, which can, in turn, make us crave Gatorade. That’s why you might ask “Can pregnant drink gatorade?”.

Can You Have Gatorade When Pregnant?

This product is safe for women who are bearing a child. But you should be acknowledged whether it is safe or not, this drink has a large amount of sugar, leading to many pitfalls to your body, including:The extra level of sugar may trigger health-related problems like gestational diabetes.

  • This drink has electrolytes containing potassium and sodium, which can harm pregnant women with an excessive intake of this product.
  • Besides that, weight gain can also be a negative impact of drinking this type of water excessively.
  • During pregnancy, most women do not need to work hard. That’s why extra calories from powerable drinks like it can render a rise in the cholesterol rate.

According to the University of Iowa Health Care, when you desire to have this kind of product during pregnancy, it is recommended to choose products with a low level of sugar and calories.

This advice is more vital if you’re on the verge of having diabetes or are diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

However, regarding some versions which have no sugar, they also have different kinds of sweeteners, including sucralose and acesulfame. These types of products are just safe for women who are having a baby if they are consumed in a moderate amount.

Moreover, when choosing this kind of product, the best Gatorade for pregnancy is their G2 versions, as these drinks contain a lower intake of sugar and calories than the original option.

In terms of the advantages, there is no caffeine in these types compared with other drinks on the market.

You should remember that many types of sports drinks also contain several food dyes. These products with moderate intake have no negative impacts on your body.

In conclusion, although a small amount of the drink doesn’t affect your health, some kinds of substances such as sweeteners, colorings, or flavorings aren’t a good option to have during pregnancy.

If you have this product only to complement water, it is advisable to drink other types of water such as water, milk, or sugar-free juice.

After reading the above information, can you know the answer to the question: “Is it okay to drink Gatorade while pregnant?”.

Is Gatorade Good For Pregnancy Nausea?

Is Gatorade Good For Pregnancy Nausea

When having a baby, it is clear that most women will suffer from nausea, vomiting, and “morning sickness”. These symptoms, as a result, lead to their electrolytes loss and drive them to want to complement water back to their body.

Some people believe that this drink can stop women from nausea. However, no research or studies has concluded that this sports-rehydration liquid takes effect in helping pregnancy nausea.

Moreover, it is not advisable to rehydrate yourself by having more electrolytes from this product as it can trigger the imbalance of electrolytes in our bodies.


Is Powerade Safe For Pregnancy?

For those who ponder, “Can pregnant women drink Powerade?”, here is the detailed answer you need.

Powerade is safe for women bearing a child through the details informed by many brands. However, you should talk to your health doctor before drinking it to prevent unfortunate circumstances. 

Indeed, drinking Powerade while pregnant can bring some good impacts to your body.  

Leg cramps are a common illness for women because of the imbalance of electrolytes when becoming impregnated. In this case, Powerade can have effects in relieving leg cramps.

Which Drinks Should We Avoid When Having A Baby?

When having a baby, it is obvious for all women to stay healthy during pregnancy. That’s why we should avoid some kinds of drinks that can harm pregnant women.

Fruit juice: This liquid may come as a first choice for women to keep fit, but there is no doubt that unpasteurized fruit juice may bring negative effects to your baby. So what you should do is not drink these products during pregnancy.

Alcohol: No matter how much you love alcohol, remember to avoid using it when having a baby. Although some studies found that this type of liquid does not influence pregnant women, alcohol can also lead to miscarriage and stillbirth.

Coffee: It is a bad choice when you are bearing a baby. However, if you are fond of coffee, you can use decaf coffee without more than 200 mg of caffeine per day.

Ice tea: It is not a good choice for pregnant women as this type of liquid has sweeteners and sugar, harming your health.

How To Make A Homemade Electrolyte Drink?

In case you are wondering about a recipe to replace sugar material and preservatives in marketed products, try this recipe:

  • ¼ cup fresh squeezed lemon juice.
  • 2 cups of coconut water.
  • ¼ teaspoons of sea salt.
  • 2 teaspoons of honey.


Craving Gatorade while pregnant is not an unusual desire. Although it is safe to use this product during pregnancy, you should not consume it excessively as it contains harmful chemicals.

Hopefully, this article has given you detailed information about the safety of this kind of drink so that you can use it in the right way.

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