Most Useful Tips For Getting Pregnant After Nexplanon

Are you finally ready to have kids after using a birth control option for women? Want some tips for getting pregnant after Nexplanon?

Look no further; we have all the information you need in this article. Our tips will help increase your chances of becoming a parent and having a complete family.

What Is Nexplanon, And How Does It Work?

Tips For Getting Pregnant After Nexplanon

Nexplanon (or birth control implant) is a thin matchstick-sized rod that will be inserted into the upper arm area just beneath the skin.

It will release the hormone progestin, stopping your ovaries from ovulating or releasing an egg.

This hormone thickens the vaginal mucus to stop sperm from penetrating your uterus, keeping you from unintended pregnancies.

It also prevents the eggs from exiting your ovaries.

The contraceptive implant offers up to three years of unwanted pregnancy prevention.

It is possible to implant a fresh Nexplanon after removing an older one, but you can reverse it any time you want. Once you get it removed, you can become pregnant as usual.

How Soon Can I Get Pregnant After Nexplanon?

In theory, you might become pregnant fairly soon after having your birth control arm implant removed, around 3-18 months.

Notice that it could take one or a couple of months for the menstrual cycle to get back to normal, depending on each person’s body.

Even though your fertility is back, you might not be able to conceive right away.

Everyone’s body is different, so the time will also differ. Some take four months; others take up to a year or more.

The time to get everything balanced again depends on many factors, such as your medical conditions and the period of time you have the implant.

Typically, around 90 percent of women will conceive within two years of having the implant removed.

Tips For Getting Pregnant After Nexplanon

Are you wondering: why can’t I get pregnant after Nexplanon? The below tips will increase your pregnancy rate.

1. Get A Preconception Examination

Get A Preconception Examination

Get a preconception checkup before you start trying. It assists your doctor or health care provider determine whether your body is ready for pregnancy.

It also aids in determining what efforts you might still need to do to prepare yourself for childbirth.

The process is quite straightforward, so you have nothing to worry about.

You will get an overall checkup, do a blood test, and discuss with the doctor your reproductive health, medical conditions, lifestyle, medications, etc.

Also, remember to bring your user card to inform the doctor of your implant receiving date.

Consult the doctor about prenatal supplements that include folic acid. It helps prevent some birth problems, including spina bifida.

Folic acid functions during the first trimester of pregnancy; it is crucial to acquire enough of it before becoming pregnant.

2. Recognize Your Cycle

Recognize Your Cycle

Understanding your cycle works wonders for determining when you are most fertile. This way, you can schedule and increase your opportunity of becoming pregnant.

The likelihood of pregnancy increases with sexual activity as near as possible to ovulation.

For example, if you have sex over six days before your regular cycle, the chance of you on the family way is essentially nonexistent.

On the other hand, if you do it a day or two before your normal cycle, the chance increases to 30 percent, and you will soon notice some signs of pregnancy!

3. Do Not Go Overboard

Even while ovulating, daily sex does not guarantee you will become pregnant. Your partner’s sperm count may decline if you engage in sexual activity too frequently.

Thus, a rule of thumb is to take it easy and have some fun on the journey.

Another note is that you should not be too worried about the best way to get pregnant after Nexplanon removal.

There are some myths about the ideal positions for conception, but they are merely myths.

When it comes to increasing your chances of getting pregnant, there is no scientific evidence to support the missionary position being superior to the woman-on-top.

4. Maintain A Healthy State Of Mind And Body

Maintain A Healthy State Of Mind And Body

After trying and you still haven’t seen any result, you may think: Why can’t I get pregnant after Nexplanon removal even though I have tried so hard?

Our advice? Take care of yourself more. Keeping your body and mind in a good, healthy state will increase your percent chance of getting pregnant.

Establishing wholesome workout routines now will help your body get ready for pregnancy.

Plus, a simple workout can also reduce mood swings, gain control over your weight, and bring you better sleep.

A healthy diet can also work as a charm for those who are trying to get pregnant.

Nutritious foods play important roles in increasing progesterone levels, supporting ovulation, and encouraging early implantation.

Thus, add fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to your diet.

You can also find some treats such as Malt-O-Meal cereal to make your new diet even more delicious while still being healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get Pregnant After Nexplanon Removal With No Period?

YES. Though unlikely, it is nonetheless conceivable after you got the implant removed and missed the period.

However, if you notice that your cycle hasn’t returned for three months after the implant removal or you experience pelvic pain, it would be best to go to the doctor and get professional opinions on the subject.

Is It Difficult To Conceive After Nexplanon?

The short answer is no. Similar to the combination pill or any other type of contraception, the implant does not have negative effects on your future fertility.

Your usual level of fertility will return once you remove the implant, putting you at the door of pregnancy.

How Soon After Nexplanon Does Fertility Return?

After removing this form of birth control, fertility takes between 14 and 30 days to restore.

Still, this does not apply to all since everyone’s body is different. Thus, be patient if the return of fertility does not come as soon as expected.

Suppose your fertility issues after Nexplanon removal procedure are still there after three years; we advise you to see a doctor for checkups and find solutions for your problem.

Final Thought

Above are our useful tips for getting pregnant after Nexplanon hormonal birth control method removal.

Keep in mind that trying to become pregnant can be a time-consuming process. So don’t panic if you don’t see any sign or symptom of being pregnant.

Take good care of your mind and body; you will soon have what you wish for.

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