What Are The Best Teddy Bear Names – Top Ideas For You

Toys with us since childhood, especially teddy bears, are like a soulmate, a close brother, and a sister.

And as a close person, they also need a name to serve communication. But what should you call it to be cool and meaningful?

Please refer to our Top best Ideas for teddy bear names below.

Why is Choosing a Teddy Bear Name Important? 

teddy bear names

If we think that stuffed bears are just mindless toys, only helping children to be happy with laughter, then that is completely wrong thinking.

According to many studies, playing with teddy bears helps babies develop more quickly and comprehensively.

  • It helps children practice independence, helping your child feel comfortable and secure when alone.
  • Help children practice new skills: Simulation situations such as medical examination, teaching, or cooking with bears help children enhance observation and develop imagination and creativity.
  • Help your baby feel secure when going to sleep, avoid crying at night
  • Help children learn to express and share feelings. This toy is the most loyal listener, always ready to listen to anything.
  • Teach children how to care for and share with those around them, such as giving food, distributing gifts, sharing toys, etc.

Teddy bears greatly mean a person’s growth, especially in the first years of life. It is very important to choose for these little friends a very special name.

Communication between the two will occur more comfortably and naturally through the name. It creates a closer relationship between them and your kids.

Top Best Ideas For Teddy Bear Names 

Depending on personal preference, each person tends to give a different name. It could be cute, quirky, classic, gendered, etc.

Cartoon bear characters, celebrities, or anything that makes an impression on you can also serve as inspiration.

Cute Names For A Bear  

Try the options below for sweet, cuddly names worthy of an endearing teddy bear. If your kid doesn’t like any of these, it can also inspire brainstorming to come up with something.

  1. Buttercup: This means “yellow wildflower,” so it would be suitable for yellow bears.
  2. Buttons: Suitable for teddy bears with many buttons on their clothes
  3.  Cuddles: Does your child love to cuddle?
  4. Fudge: A familiar name for chocolate aficionados.
  5. Fuzzy Wuzzy: It is a cute character from a poem by Rudyard Kipling – the author of The Jungle Book.
  6. Honey: Guess what the bears’ favorite food is? Delicious honey.
  7. Peaches: This sweet fruit is a popular nickname for cute treats.
  8. Snowball: The name for the teddy bear is the same as the pets’ name. Why not?
  9. Suffy: it means “excellent” or “impressive.”
  10. Sugar: Simple and sweet

Some other suggestions for you:

StarBubble Bear
Snuggly BearBoba
SkyBaby Bear
SalsaLil’ Bit
RacerHuggy Bear
Pumpkin PieHot Sauce

Funny Names For Teddy Bears 

Is your child a funny kid? Then nothing is more appropriate than a funny name.

From the words of naughty cartoon characters to silly, witty choices, the suggestions below will make your whole family smile when they hear them.

Don’t worry if your child is a bit older, as they suit teenagers or adults.

1.     Beary Potter: Inspired by Harry Potter Characters

2.     Bootsy: Teddy bears with boots or shoes

3.     Bozo: A good choice for those who like clowns.

4.     Chubby: Do your kids like teddy bears with thick fur?

5.     Ding Dong: A silly name sounds like a doorbell

6.     Eddy the Teddy: Silly and cheerfully rhythmic

7.     Mr. Fluffles: Great choice for a fluffy teddy

8.     Pookie: A funny and ending nickname

9.     Waffles: Most kids love waffles, so why not use them?

Some other suggestions for you:

Bear GryllsGummy Bear
Bearies N. CreamHairy Barry
Bearly ChubsHalle Beary
Beary ManilowHoney Nut
Beary PotterJustin Bie-bear
Beary PotterKnight Night
BeethovenLazy Bear
CadbearyMr. Fluffles
Candy BearMr. Gibbs
ChampPeter Panda
ChunksterSargent Teddy
Ding DongShreddy the Teddy
FrankensteinSir Fluffs-A-Lot
Fur BabySunny

Unique Teddy Bear Names Girl 

Children who treat their little friends like sisters like to call them girl names. Here are a few of the most popular options:


Unique Teddy Bear Names Boy

cool teddy bear names

Likewise, kids love names with strong, cool tones that they can show off to their friends. You can suggest them some options as follows:

BarryMr. BearDanny
BearMr. BrownDarwin

Famous Teddy Bear Names 

Kids often love a certain character and want to call their bear after that name.

It could be a character from a popular movie, animated series, or book that they often ask you to read before going to bed.

You can also tell them about famous characters from your childhood. There will be a lot of legendary options to explore, such as:

Baby BearShareDo Your Best
Baby HugsSimbaElvis
BalooSmart HeartFozzie
Bam-BamSmokey the BearFunshine
Bashful HeartStitchGood Luck
BedtimeSurpriseGummy Bear
Best FriendTake CareHopeful Heart
Boo-BooTedLittle John
Br’er BearTender HeartLots-O-Huggin
Brave HeartTiggerMr. Bean
Care Bear(s)TotoNala

Old-Fashioned Names 

Modern names may not seem very appropriate for classic or antique teddy bears. Consider options that match their classic look, such as:


Quirky Names  

Not all kids like the easy or the common. Children with strong personalities love things that are new, unique, quirky, and out of the ordinary.

They believe this is a sign for them to stand out from the crowd.

Quirky names will be what we aim for first instead of the options above.

We have listed some alternatives below, of course, these are for reference only because your child can come up with more interesting names on their own.

Frere Les PinsThiery

Names For Brown And Black Bears

Teddy bears with only one color, black or brown, are the version for those who love minimal things.

This is a unique but equally outstanding item among thousands of modern toys with colorful heads.

The prototype of this version came from the Louisiana black bear, but it was later changed to fit the trend. If your family owns this little friend, try thinking about these suggestions:

Chocolate ChipShiver

Named After Iconic Teddies Of Childhood 

Surely the bears in cartoons or popular series are the favorites of almost every child. Not only are they cute, but they are also funny, witty, and intelligent.

These iconic characters for the childhood of many generations would be a good suggestion.


Over nearly 100 years, Pooh is the bear that conquered children worldwide and became one of the most beloved characters ever.

Winnie the Pooh is a famous British children’s character created by Alan Alexander Milne with equally lovable supporting characters such as Piglet, Kanga and Roo, the donkey Eeyore, and the tiger Tigger. 

The book about this bear sold 32,000 copies in the UK and 150,000 in the US. The Smithsonianmag even compared Pooh’s popularity to the later Harry Potter phenomenon.

It ranks at number seven in the top 50 most popular Disney animated characters next to Simba the lion, Bambi deer, etc.

According to Variety, Winnie the Pooh is the third best-selling franchise in the world, behind Star Wars and the Disney Princesses in 2013.


Rupert’s origins are quite simple as he was originally just a character from a short comic strip in the Daily Express in 1920.

It wasn’t until after the animated series The Adventures of Rupert Bear aired in 1970 that it became one of the most favorite children’s characters.

This bear impresses with its eloquent voice and cute fashion sense when wearing a red sweater, yellow scarf, and checkered pants.

Throughout its more than 100-plus history, books about Rupert have sold around 50 million copies worldwide.

Care Bears

Parents in the 80s of the 20th century must have heard about Care Bears – lovely friends living in the clouds.

In the first stage, the lineup only had 10 characters, but in later versions, the program introduced more than 30 different bears.

The toys with the shape of Care Bears all have a luxurious appearance and bright colors.

The unique feature of this series is that there are different symbols such as hearts, rainbows, smileys, and emoticons printed right on the chest of each one.


Yogi Bear is a popular character who has appeared on several animated TV shows and in popular comics.

This tall brown bear debuted as a supporting character in The Huckleberry Hound 1958.

But after only two years, its popularity has increased rapidly, and many children love it. Thanks to that, a separate program for this character was born called Yogi Bear and Friends.

Yogi’s catchphrase is ‘Hey, Hey, Hey’ voiced by Hollywood star Dan Aykroyd.


Paddington is one of the most nostalgic characters in history. It first appeared in Michael Bond’s book A Bear Called Paddington 1958.

Paddington always wears a blue coat and a red hat. The adventures of this brown bear with a suitcase have shaped the childhood of many generations.

The TV series about Paddington was launched this year to meet the audience’s love for the character.

Chiltern English

First introduced in 1915, this original famous bear is a favorite toy for millions of children across the UK.

This vintage item is the most popular decoration for baby turns and often comes in the triple digits.


SuperTed was a toy that made a big impression on kids in the ’90s when he shared his biggest fear – the dark.

The story of a bear discarded in a toy factory and suddenly gained superpowers after an encounter with Mother Nature has attracted millions of viewers.

First appeared in book form; the filmmakers have released the animated version of SuperTed. This animated series first aired in the UK on Disney Channel.

Brother Bear

A fictional character from the Disney family, this brown bear became famous after The Millennium aired.

This is a fascinating animated series about mutual respect and brotherhood. The message of the film household is a great humane lesson for both children and adults.

Brother Bear appeared on the big screen in 2003 and a sequel in 2006.


Among the films that have stormed the big screen, Toy Story is one of the series that both children and adults love.

In it, the appearance of the bear Lotso has attracted a lot of attention.

In Toy Story Part 3, Lotso is a villain full of personality and multidimensionality. It has a lovely and gentle appearance but is a cruel and cruel person.

Still, pink teddy bears became one of Disney’s most beloved villains.

Thanks to their cute appearance, sweet and attractive scent, stuffed Lotso is a gift any young person will love.

Lotso’s popularity lately makes it the name many children choose for their little friends.

Teddy Ruspin

Teddy Ruxpin was a hot toy in the 80s. The cartoon character was born in 1985 with a cassette tape attached to the back.

After over 30 years of absence from screens and toy stores, Teddy Ruxpin is back in a new animated show in 2018. The film’s main audience is preschool children – the new generation of children.

How To Choose The Best Bear Names?

unique teddy bear names boy

The closer and closer to the baby’s favorite item, the more difficult it is to choose the most suitable name.

Should I use one that’s cute, popular, unique, or weird? These things can go around in your little one’s head all day or a few days without being able to decide.

Please don’t get too impatient and push your child because this is also an exciting memory in their growing up journey.

Parents can act as counselors to help their children and keep the following in mind:

Don’t Think Too Much

As mentioned above, naming things that stick with you daily, like stuffed animals, is important, but that doesn’t mean you should be too fussy about this issue.

You don’t have to think hard to find the perfect option.

Nothing is more important than the child’s happiness and comfort, so spend some time playing with him and the bear if you can.

When witnessing your kids’ bright and happy faces, a good idea will flash into your mind. Let things happen naturally.

Don’t Put Pressure On Your Baby

Each person, at each age stage, will have different views and interests. The options that adults find most reasonable, children may not think so, and vice versa.

Disagreement is something that always happens when it comes to deciding something right.

But because this is the child who has the most contact with the bear and is also the person who will call this name the most in the family, parents should not force their children to listen to their thoughts.

For slightly older babies, offer suggestions and let them decide for themselves.

Check Out Its Theme With Your Kids

Finding an ideal outcome may not necessarily make a child as happy as the time the whole family spends together.

Parents and children could sit down together to examine the theme of the bear.

Each product usually has its theme, such as Christmas, summer, Valentine’s Day, etc. Give your child time to observe and describe what they have seen on this toy.

Listen carefully to the characteristics and discuss them together. Those will be expensive suggestions.

Make A List Of Selected Options

When you see that your kids have identified some of the brightest names, group them into a certain list.

Continue asking your child to choose 10 options they like best and then read them aloud to compare. Choose options that are simple, easy to read, and concise.

This process helps the little angels to form assertiveness when faced with difficult problems and to try to find the right way to solve them.

Besides, the whole family can also play some fun games to decide together, like the draw or flip a coin.


Finding the right name makes everyday communication more enjoyable.

It is also a means of expressing the owner’s personality, but do not take this too seriously because the experience is yours.

Hope the above teddy bear names suggestions can help you.

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