Red Spot On Breast Looks Like Hickey – Causes And Proper Remedies

You come across a red spot on breast looks like hickey for several days, but you still have no clue about them. So what does a red spot on breast mean? 

First, the red spot has a round shape with no edge. Its appearance means that your breast has got infected or some issue related to the milk glands.

For the first few days, there is not any big deal going on. But don’t ignore or downplay the severity. The risk of breast cancer increases if you do not care and take the timely remedy.

This article will list a series of probable causes and all-inclusive approaches to get rid of those itchy hickeys.

What Causes The Red Spot On Breast Looks Like A Hickey?

Red Spot On Breast Looks Like Hickey

A hickey-like bruise on the breast may originate from a bunch of different things. The reasons involve pimples, bug bites, skin rash, breast infection, allergic reactions, or other skin irritations.

In the worst case, it is also a hint of rare cancer named IBC (inflammatory breast cancer.)

Of course, we have some scenarios and preliminary predictions. For precisely detailed reasons, the following part will provide you right away.


Intertrigo stems from the infection of the folds area on the breast.

This issue usually appears as a skin rash looks like a hickey on breast due to the sweet irritation, constant friction, chafing, or sometimes unclean hygiene.

Skin rash mainly occurs between the skin and underneath breast tissue where the moisture and dirt are hard to clean. Thus, the rash could grow into harmful bacteria.

Avoid intertrigo by always keeping that area dry and fresh. Plus, wear comfortable bras with cotton straps and large clothes.


Eczema is a common issue from itchy fabrics, fragrances containing allergen, stress, or sudden weather change.

This skin condition will result in light symptoms like inflamed marks on entire breast and breast pain.

The key is to use natural-extract products or practice meditation to stay calm.

Contact Dermatitis

Similar to eczema, contact dermatitis also comes from an allergy to chemical substances in products.

In particular, dyed fabric, detergent, softener, or perfume are the most common reasons for the mark on breast that looks like a hickey.

This allergic reaction mainly happens in breastfeeding women, causing the itchy rash around the areola area. You can use a spectra breast pump instead of direct contact to ease the itchiness.

Yeast infection

Another reason to cause the red spot on breast looks like a hickey would be a yeast infection.

Breastfeeding people need to be careful about this issue, especially regarding the baby’s health.

The major symptom occurs near the nipples, causing them to become irritated and flaky. Not to mention, pregnant women with dry nipples might encounter a more severe case.

The best treatment is to apply antifungal creams and wash bras with hot water to antiseptic. Also, reduce sugar absorption to prevent yeast growth.


Cellulitis is an indirect breast infection since it comes from the bacteria on wounds of the other skin’s area.

The bacteria affects the breast’s skin and causes some serious inflammation of the tissues, thereby bringing about a breast cancer red spot on breast looks like a hickey.

Breast Abscess

The bacterial infection from the nipple will lead to a breast abscess. Even worse, the red spot may contain toxic pus and hurt your breast, especially during breastfeeding.

To avoid harmful development, make use of antibiotics or drainage.

Breast Lumps Or Growths

Breast lumps or growths also result from bacterial infection. This problem is not a big deal, so you may feel relaxed when getting these common symptoms.

Aside from bacteria affection, skin and lymph gland disorders also lead to the red hickey phenomena. They mainly developed the harmful effects on your mammary glands.

So the point is to take the sooner remedy or medication from a professional doctor.

Mammary Duct Ectasia

The name has said it all; this issue leads to the injury of milk duct mammary glands.

More specifically, the duct will get wider, and the wall will become thicker. Then apparently, the blockage or buildup of fluid certainly happens.

Duct ectasia will bring about redness and tenderness around the nipple area.

The popular occurrence is in the menopause stage of women. Occasionally, there is also the possibility of men or younger women getting this problem.


The last worth-noticing cause would be mastitis. The milk blockage and accumulation will produce harmful bacteria, causing worrying infection or inflammation.

Mastitis contributes to the increase of the breast cancer red spot on breast looks like hickey. The symptoms may become serious, like warmth and even tenderness.

If red spots are changing fast and the hickey on breast hurts significantly, let’s go to get the advice from a dermatologist.

Possibilities Of Getting Cancer When Having Red Spots On Breast

There are two common types of breast cancer, but quite rare to happen:

Inflammatory Breast Cancer

In the worst case, you are prone to the sign of breast cancer. Or, if you have a family history of breast cancer, you also might experience it.

In other words, you probably get inflammatory breast cancer or IBC. So the question is, what does IBC red spot look like? And what does it differ from the normal red mark?

Cancer spots still resemble a usual round-shaped hickey, similar to a red and swelling orange peel.

Nevertheless, those spots do not have any breast lump and cause symptoms like itching, breast pain, warmth, thicker breast skin, fast enlargement, and changes in the affected area.

Although this cancer is quite dangerous with its fast development, it is still rare. Only 2 to 4 percent of IBC cases have been confirmed to appear in America until now.

Paget’s Disease

Another rare cancer occurrence is Paget’s disease. This type of breast cancer mainly happens in the aged and makes up for just only up to 4 percent.

The red spots start right from the nipple, then spread widely to the areola and the surroundings. Thus, sometimes you may mistake it for eczema or dermatitis, which is wrong.

Some points make this type of disease differ from the normal red spots:

  • Thicker skin
  • Color change
  • Breast pain and itching
  • Yellowish fluid flowing out through the nipple
  • Lump appearance

We always say that the best remedy is to visit the doctor. See what is happening and take the precise treatment.

How To Deal With A Red Spot On Breast Looks Like Hickey

How To Deal With A Red Spot On Breast Looks Like Hickey

If everything is still in your control, you may try the following remedies first before meeting a dermatologist:

Salt Water

Saltwater is the easiest and cheapest way to ease the infection. Scoop a half teaspoon of salt into a cup of warm water.

Then lie down to pour it into the infected area. The salt will exterminate the bacteria and help you to soothe the itchiness.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice contains acid and antifungal substances, which helps stop infection. Plus, those properties can subside the inflammation due to the astringent trait.

As a result, the affected area will get rid of bacteria quickly before growing into a pimple.

Tea Tree Oil

Another effective cure is tea tree oil. A dilute mixture of this oil with olive or coconut oil will work out successfully.

Since its key quality is to prevent pimples, eczema, skin infection, and even inflammation, thereby alleviating the redness and swelling.


Thanks to its property of trapping moisture, cornstarch will reduce the hot and itchy feelings.

However, remember not to apply on the fungal case but the skin rashes. You can alternate with talcum powder for better healing.

Aloe Vera

Here comes a popular assistant for skin treatment due to its rich excellent properties.

This natural remedy serves as an excellent cooling agent for red spots. Also, aloe vera relieves the itching and eliminates fungal or bacterial infections.

Basil Leaves

Basil leaves include many good vitamins for our health like vitamin A, C, and calcium and are rich in calcium.

Especially, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial elements in these leaves will immediately soothe irritation and itching.

Also, they will cool down the rashes and speed up the healing process.

When Should You Go to the doctor?

Confronting any problems, you need to stay calm and learn thoroughly regarding causes and proper remedies.

The red spot on breast looks like hickey may fade away within a week. They happen for normal reasons like a pimple, insect bite, or allergy.

When things worsen, we recommend you book a doctor’s visit immediately. The lasting changes in the breast area may be a potential possibility of inflammatory cancer.

Taking professional advice sooner will help you scale down the fatal level.

Bottom Line

What does IBC bruise look like? Until now, all the secrets about the disease are disclosed. With any unusual signs appearing, you have to pay close attention.

In one way or another, your health is at high risk of getting serious if the symptoms last for a while.

Especially with pregnant women, you must always keep an eye on the breast area. The percentage of women having inflammatory breast cancer is increasing remarkably in many parts of the world.

And the red spot on breast looks like hickey is one of the probable signs of breast cancer.

The key is finding the appropriate treatment, or you can visit the doctor for a deep knowledge of your current problem.

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