Does Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Delay Ovulation? Behind Rumors

Ovulation is undoubtedly critical for women’s fertility and pregnancy conception.

One has to pay extra attention to their diet during this entire process, steering clear of any food or beverage that might put a hold on its delivery.

For that precise reason, red raspberry leaf tea has become a recent source of controversy: some claim red raspberry leaf tea delay ovulation, while others believe the opposite.

So which one is the truth? 

Does Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Delay Ovulation?

red raspberry leaf tea delay ovulation

No. Quite the contrary, this beverage has reportedly brought numerous benefits for women’s physical health in general and improved pregnancy rates in particular.

Let’s have a closer look at the benefits of red raspberry tea for fertility and overall health.

A Rich Antioxidant Source for Fertility Goals

Plant compounds (aka polyphenols) have been proven to protect vulnerable bodies against chronic illnesses and diseases.

They are also a major contributing element to balanced, healthy diets – and guess what? Raspberry leaves have tons of them!

Specifically, each raspberry plant contains antioxidant polyphenols (namely alkaloids, bioflavonoids, and tannins), which work miracles on relaxing uterine walls and the pelvic.

Sure, their polyphenol levels might not catch up with black or green tea.

But trust us, these ratios easily stay in the same boat as white wine, fruit drinks, and other extremely common beverages.

Relieving Tons of Digestive, Hygiene, and Inflammatory Issues

Studies have noted raspberry’s impressive capability in relieving diarrhea and indigestion.

It is believed to have very mild diuretic effects, reducing fluid retention and bloating to a maximum extent.

Even better, when used as mouthwash solutions, these leaf teas can kill all lingering discomfort of gum disease, sore throat, and mouth ulcers.

We are also delighted to discover its high efficiency as eyewashes for numerous inflammatory eye dilemmas (ex: conjunctivitis) and in easing skin rashes.

Curing Water Retention and Irregular Menstrual Flow

Unbeknownst to some, fragrant is a key ingredient in chaste berry leaves, toning and tightening pelvic muscles.

Hence, it plays a huge role in reducing period cramps; even history researchers have found remnants of ancient raspberry tea used as cramp easers for women! 

Its diuretic effects (discussed above) also reduce water retention puffiness during months of pregnancy and menstrual cycles, lifting a lot of stress off your shoulders.

Ample Support for Healthy Pregnancy in Late Stages

Due to its uterus-toning ability (stressed multiple times through this article), raspberry leaf teas can facilitate late-stage labor quite well.

More scientific evidence around fertility teas like these is still needed – but at least from our experiments, no severe or mild side effects have been spotted thus far. Quite the opposite, in fact!

Experts and professionals suggest taking it as daily tea (about 1 to 3 cups every day) from week 32 into pregnancy to increase uterine blood flow.

Avoid drinking it too close or too early from the due dates! 

Warding Morning Sickness Away During Period Cycles

Though multiple anecdotal evidence have suggested the tea’s effects in easing morning sickness, never forget that early weeks of pregnancy causes higher risks of nausea if the food/beverage is consumed in the morning.

Thus, we strongly suggest checking with the GP/midwife before drinking it. The right timing and condition are important, you know!

Fostering Smoother Childbirth

Who doesn’t want a smooth, healthy labor outcome that needs no medical intervention? 

And apparently, raspberry leaf teas can help you with that; many new moms report needing no further assistance in their C-sections or forceps delivery for their labor process.

This lovely benefit is credited to the tea’s rich vitamin C and folate, which contributes to improved blood regulation, higher estrogen level, and stronger immune systems.

What Are The Best Ways to Use Red Raspberry Leaf Tea for Fertility and Pregnancy Health?

tea for ovulation

Enjoy It As A Cuppa

A sizzling, hot cuppa is a godsend for everyone after a long, hard day – not just traditional women! Why not turn this tea for ovulation day into a regular part of your evening routine? 

Remember to find quality organic blends – unless you want to contaminate your unborn baby with GMO (genetically modified organism) or questionable pesticides.

And for those with a sweet tooth, feel free to add a dash of honey or coconut milk; the healthy fat within them keeps you full all the time, preventing untimely wake-ups in the middle of the night to look for snacks.

Drink It With A Cake

The natural sweetness in red raspberry tea has always been its best charming point – terrific for all desserts and crap food!

Even women going into their pregnancy with some weight issues can still reward themselves through wise substitutions.


  • Replacing oil with applesauce in homemade baked products
  • Purchasing natural foods/whole-grain flours instead of refined white ones

Drink It With Some Ice Cream

Who can fight back the call from mouth-watering ice cream? The stark contrast between cold deliciousness and hot tea will surely please any palate.

It also sends on-time warnings when your teeth become too sensitive (a common symptom in pregnant women). Time to visit the dentist! 

Add Some Touches of Mint

People plagued with regular nausea may find some piece of mind with mint flavors – known to tame tumultuous tummies in a blink.

One great idea is to add a wide range of sprigs to lukewarm water or throw dried herbal remedy into the blend.

Teapots with loose-leaf infusers allow numerous brewing customization, too.

Play with different peppermint leaf variations till you come up with something of your taste! 

Ice The Tea Up

Who says cups of leaf tea are only the best when served with hot water or salty food like clams? Sunny and warm days are the best time to ice your red raspberry tea or chill it in a refrigerator.

And do you happen to own a Sodastream in your house (for carbonating waters)?

Adding to the iced tea will be terrific; the bubbles tame both nausea and mood swings faster than anything we have ever seen.


Do These Popular Fertility Teas Have Any Effect on Levels of Hormone Regulation?

Yes – but in a positive way, so no worries! These natural remedies regulate luteinizing hormone levels to ward off irregular cycles/cancer risks for female fertility.

Who Should Stay Away from Red Raspberry Leaf Tea TTC? 

Women in the extremely early pregnancy stages should take more caution with this beverage. Ensure – or beverages with more vitamin A – would be the better choice for you.

How Much Should You Drink Raspberry Leaf Tea TTC in Regular Cycles?

Two cups of this fertility and pregnancy tea would be the best number for every monthly cycle to maintain sufficient breast tenderness and keep menstrual disorders at bay.

If you crave more, do not make it past 3 cups.


improved pregnancy rates

Red raspberry leaf tea delay ovulation cycles? What nonsense.

A wide body of current studies and researches have pointed out various advantages that this tea for pregnancy brings to women, especially for uterine muscles, menstrual health, and estrogen dominance!

Keep in mind our extra tips to enhance the flavor of this ovulation tea during pregnancy. As usual, our inbox welcomes further suggestions and comments from you.

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