Pregnant Discharge Smells Like Vinegar: Is It Normal?

Vaginal odor is natural for pregnant women. Still, its musky or unpleasant smell mainly derives from bacteria, and urine may sometimes contribute.

Many encounter the situation where their pregnant discharge smells like vinegar and don’t know what to do.

Here comes a well-rounded post revealing the reasons and how to treat them effectively.

Pregnant Discharge Smells Like Vinegar: Why?

Pregnant discharge smells like vinegar

Many pregnant women experience unheard-of changes like that discharge smells like vinegar pregnant.

There are a wide range of primary causes leading to this matter, such as diet, hormones, dehydration, yeast infections, bacterial vaginal infections, and STDs or viruses.


A mother-to-be often undergoes significant extraordinary estrogen changes in the body.

Pregnancy hormones trigger massive physical changes in your body. This may involve the rising vaginal secretions with stink.

Right after you find out you are pregnant, you will soon notice this smell since you get sensitive to any odor (from foods or anything else) during gestation.


The vaginal odor might stem from the woman’s diet during pregnancy. Possible sources of body strong odor include spicy meals, seafood, coffee, garlic, onions, dairy products, and broccoli.

Yeast Infection

Expectant moms are at a higher risk of yeast disorders and abnormal discharge due to more sugar in the vaginal secretions.

From there, the yeast may feed on it. This results in the yeast’s overgrowth, leading to an infection.

Bacterial Vaginosis Making Infection

BV (bacterial vaginosis) is a prevalent vaginal illness among pregnant women, originating from a bacteria imbalance. BV causes a fishy vaginal odor after intercourse.

Although research is uncertain about what causes BV, safe sex, avoiding smoking, and avoiding douching may minimize your matter.

Not to mention, BV also leads to premature labor. Thus, if you smell fish, consult the healthcare provider as soon as possible.

Viruses & STDs

Discharge smells like vinegar pregnancy may be because of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and viruses, such as herpes simplex.


You could be dehydrated if you have ammonia or pungent smells. You should drink at least 2 liters of water daily since your body has double the work to foster the baby.

Is It Normal To Have Vinegar Smelling Discharge Early Pregnancy?

Yes, absolutely. In particular, even though it’s unsightly and irritating, the unpleasant vaginal stink is natural throughout pregnancy.

About 65% of women report vaginal odor during pregnancy, and it’s a sure sign of a mother-to-be.

If the strong smell developed after you conceived, it’s pregnancy-related. Your odor might be subtle to intense and is typically not a problem.

But each pregnancy is different. Vaginal odor may be present throughout the current pregnancy but disappear in the next. Also, some trimesters may have a more intense aroma.

Vaginal discharges are sometimes called leucorrhea. This is nothing to worry about and does not indicate a health problem.

Like our lips salivate, a woman’s vagina has a certain amount of regular discharge, and every woman has her particular fragrance.

Unfortunately, many women who suffer irregular vaginal discharge fear going to a doctor because of shame.

Discharge That Smells Like Vinegar: How To Get Rid Of Weird Or Rotten Odor?

How To Get Rid Of Weird Or Rotten Odor

Go For Suitable Hygiene

Wash your vagina outside daily with water and light soap. Yet, avoid adopting loofahs; otherwise, it may cause tiny tears and exacerbate the infection, even vaginal cancer.

Douching Is A No-No For Pregnant Women

Improper douching when pregnant will lead to some health issues. Forcing freshwater or a cleanser into the vagina might kill beneficial bacteria. In the worst scenario, it spreads diseases to your uterus.

Stay Hydrated To Mitigate The Vinegar Smell

Drinking water mitigates the ammonia smell and promotes healthy bacteria and fluid release. Pregnant women should drink 8 to 10 8-ounce glasses daily.

Change Underwear Constantly To Alleviate The Funky Smells

Changing the underwear regularly can alleviate the moisture that builds up and the odor it produces.

Altering Your Diet Would Help For Vaginal Health

A nutritious diet helps your whole body, especially your vagina. Sugar may foster yeast.

Spice your meals up with multiple kinds of fruits, healthy grains, vegetables, and foods rich in protein and vitamins. For a quick meal, Malt O Meal is safe and nutritious during pregnancy, so don’t overlook it!

Beyond that, try to minimize certain foods like broccoli and garlic and add probiotic-rich yogurt, sauerkraut, and kefir.

Employ 100-percent Cotton Underwear

The correct undergarments may limit pregnant odor. Find loose-fitting and feel-good cotton underpants.

Cotton will wick away sweat or vaginal discharges, creating a breathable and dry condition for the nether areas.

Say No To Cosmetic And Feminine Products With Fragrances

Soaps and other feminine items that include fragrances may irritate and even contribute to the vaginal odor.

If you want to stay clean, you might use odorless cleaning solutions or even just simple warm water. You could improve your sexual health this way remarkably.

Let Off Tight-Fitting Clothes

We know that yoga pants may be very comfortable throughout pregnancy. But wearing garments that allow your lady bits to have enough ventilation is essential.

Discharge Smells Like Vinegar: When To See A Doctor?

A strong vaginal odor is frequently typical during pregnancy due to hormones, increased blood volume, or diet, yet it may indicate an infection or virus from time to time.

If you undergo a sour smell that lasts long, along with these signals:

  • Redness.
  • Irritation.
  • Itching.
  • Urinating hurts.
  • Pain during sex
  • Burning.
  • Unusual discharge changes, color, and consistency.

The doctors will test cervical secretions for infection. If your vaginal discharge has a fishy odor, you may have vaginal bacterial vaginosis and need prescribing medications to fight off the infection.

But don’t be embarrassed by your new “scent”, as the treatments are not that harsh. Your doctor may prescribe or suggest an OTC antifungal cream for yeast infections.

Wrapping Up

Pregnant discharge smells like vinegar, making you uncomfortable, yet do not fret. Hormones cause vaginal odor during pregnancy. After your kid is born, it may go.

Be careful with any fishy smell, irritation, burning, or redness. To this, adequate cleanliness, cotton undergarments, avoiding fragrant soaps and douching, and modifying your diet can assist.

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