Pram Vs Stroller: Which One Is More Practical?

Although pram and stroller are two of the most widely used baby carriage models today, they still confuse many parents when distinguishing and choosing.

So which one is best for your little one on every outing? What are their differences? Are they safe? Scroll down and take a look at our detailed comparison between pram vs stroller!

What Is Pram Stroller?

Pram Vs Stroller

What Is Pram? 

A baby pram is an acronym for perambulator, a pushchair used mainly for newborn babies and infant seat demand.

They have a soft, spacious compartment that allows your child to sleep in a reclining position while on the go.

This is a beneficial word for the breathing process and the development of the spine and lungs of the child.

This pushchair model has a wide canopy that can cover up to half of the body, helping to protect the chit from wet weather, sunlight, dust, and wind.

Its body is a wheeled frame. Depending on the version, the number of wheels in each vehicle is different.

Although it has a large storage space, it is difficult to fold, so it takes up a lot of space and is difficult to carry in the car. This design also makes it heavier than other pushchairs.

What Is Stroller?

It is a means of transportation for young children. The vehicle has a solid body structure with a wheel system that allows easy movement.

The frame is attached to a seat/crib so parents can let the mite lie down or sit in it. It also has a built-in handle to push your tot to move, take your chit out, and go for a walk anywhere.

The plus point is that it is easy to fold when you want to store it.

With a structure like a lovely portable cradle, with high versatility and convenience, this is the ideal product for babies.

It helps the baby have a comfortable space to rest, but it is also convenient for parents to take care of and look after their children.

However, keep in mind that lightweight strollers are only suitable for babies who can already sit.

Stroller Vs Pram Or Buggy

Stroller Vs Pram

In terms of appearance, these two chit buggy models look quite similar. However, key differences between perambulator vs stroller are:

PostureSit up straightLie down or sleep
User objectUpright seat(6 months – 3 years old)Newborn babies /infants(< 6 months)
AppearanceChair-like storage compartmentBasket-like storage compartment
SafetyWith safety belt and harnessesNo safety belt and harnesses
WeightQuite light and easy to moveHeavy, bulky, and difficult to move
Ability to foldCollapsibleCan’t collapse
Seat heightLowerHigher as larger heels

Stroller Vs Buggy

Buggy is a term used to refer to a pushchair based on the user’s specific requirements.

If a baby stroller can only carry babies under 6 months old inside, with a buggy and a little tweaking, you can use it for even older babies.

Besides, this basic model also allows users to fold when they want to store, which baby pram cannot.

This product is quite diverse in categories with many unique designs: Twin buggy with an additional seat, facing buggy, Jogger buggy, lightweight models, etc.

Stroller And Pram All In One

Both products are extremely convenient mite carriages for parents.

However, the age limit for using this pushchair is too short, only about 6 months, while the cost to own one is not small? So will you have to buy an extra pushchair as your child gets older?

Do not worry. Recognizing customers’ concerns, manufacturers have now combined the most outstanding features of these two models into one product.

It has all the elements an ideal mite buggy needs, such as two-way pushing, easy folding, comfortable wide roof, safety strap, shoulder strap, etc.

You can use it for several years without worrying about replacing it as your tot grows with just one investment.

Pram Vs Bassinet

Pram Vs Bassinet

A bassinet is a compact-sized bed with a sturdy frame and can be folded. It’s usually used on babies 0 – 1-year-old or when you can ensure your baby won’t fall asleep anymore.

Covered bassinets are quite similar to standard pushchairs, but the key difference is that they are not a chair on wheels.

Parents often place it fixed next to their bed or some other suitable area for babies to sleep in the house.

You can still see some with swivel wheels on the bottom, but it only works to make it easier for you to move around the house rather than walking in the park.

Is A Pram Necessary?

Although it is not a small expense, many parents still choose to buy one. On average, for every 10 families with small children, 8-9 families own one in the house.

So, is this investment necessary?

A cozy place to sleep

With this product, parents no longer have to hold their chit in their arms as often as before.

It’s inconvenient to go to the supermarket and hold your mite in your arms, but this great solution will give your hands a break.

It helps your chit sleep better while busy choosing items for the family.

Help your child discover many new things.

The period from 0-3 years old is when babies develop very quickly, so parents need to take their children out to play a lot to explore the world around them.

The device helps children to sit comfortably without obstructing their vision.

 Give your baby a private space

Using this device when going to work, supermarket, uneven terrain areas, etc., makes the kids very excited.

When they see their baby playing, parents can recognize that they are more flexible and less fussy.

Convenience in taking care of your baby

When using it, the mother can feed the baby anywhere because it can be adjusted to the baby’s sitting mode.

Besides, the sitting and lying mode also makes it easier for the mother to observe the baby.

Utensils storage truck

Say goodbye to the sight of carrying items such as towels, milk bags, diapers, etc. This partner acts as a storage vehicle with extremely convenient storage compartments.

While helping the mother relax, the baby feels relaxed when going out.

Safe on the go

This pushchair helps protect your baby from external harmful agents such as dirt, heat, insects, warm weather, and bad weather.



Above is information about pram vs stroller. Each version has its design and characteristics.

Therefore, consider carefully before choosing for your baby to have moments of comfort and safety in the pushchair.

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