Names Like Leo – Meaningful Baby Names For Your Newborn

Your family’s traditions and the time of year your child was born can both have an impact on the name you decide to give them.

Even a child’s astrological sign can serve as a source of inspiration for baby names. Check out our list of names like Leo for more inspiration if your beloved child is a Leo.

Meaning Of The Name Leo

names same Leo

There is plenty to adore about the diminutive but forceful Leo, a name with wonderful associations.

It has a unique translation in German that most commonly serves as a short form of Leopold or Leon and means “lion-hearted” or “brave people”.

In addition, if you are into astrology, numerology (angel number), etc., you will know that there is a constellation with the names same Leo.

This constellation is controlled by the Sun, which literally and metaphorically worships this blazing sky deity.

Leo is the classic and cool kid name, radiating an easy grace and carefree attitude. A kid with this name is a self-assured person who doesn’t hesitate to talk to anyone.

Furthermore, this child is confident in their identity and desires, and they aren’t hesitant to put in the necessary effort to get what they want.

Leo is a multifaceted choice with an amazing dimension. It sounds soothing but also has a forceful aspect. This name is also great for multi-descent couples, such as Italian, Jewish, French, Spanish, etc.

The versatility across languages makes it an international choice, making it ideal for newborns who want to cruise and conquer the seven seas.

Cute Boy Names Like Leo

names that sound like Leo

This name is getting more and more popular. If you want something a bit different, below are some popular names similar to Leo but with a twist.

  • Liam: An Irish-origin name that means “protector” and “strong-willed fighter.”
  • Milo: Germanic in origin; it means “merciful, soft-hearted.” It also translates to “soldier” and is assumed to be of Latin origin.
  • Levi: comes from Lewi, a Hebrew word that means “adhered” or “joined”.
  • Neo: A Latin-origin baby name meaning “gift” or “new”.
  • Theo: is of Greek ancestry and means “God’s gift.” It also has a German root for “brave people”.
  • Eli: translates to “elevated” or “high”.
  • Luca: A translation of the Latin name Lucas, which means “bearer of light.”
  • Felix: Felix is a Latin-derived name that shows “fortunate” or “happy”.
  • Ace: The Latin etymology of Ace’s name translates to “one, oneness.”
  • Arlo: Arlo is an Anglo-Saxon or Old English word that means “rock hill” or “walled hill.”
  • Gio: The meaning of Greek ancestry is “God’s pleasant gift.”
  • Dominic: A boy’s name with Latin roots that means “belonging to the lord”.
  • Julian: The meaning of Julian is “sky father, downy-bearded, and youthful”, and it has English and Latin roots.
  • Raphael: This Hebrew baby boy’s name means “God has healed.”
  • Cole: It equals “victory of the people”, which is generally a masculine name of English origin.
  • Hugo: Hugo is a boy’s name with Germanic, Spanish, and Portuguese roots that indicates “thought, intellect.”
  • Jude: This Hebrew name translates to “praised”.
  • Henry: “Ruler of the home” is the meaning of Henry, which is predominantly a boy name of German origin.
  • Oscar: It is an English and Irish baby boy name that signifies “champion warrior, deer-lover, or God spear.”
  • Sebastian: This is a classic boy’s name with Latin and Greek roots that means “revered” or “venerable”.

Baby Names Like Leo For Girls

Female Names

Although Leo is more common for boys, you can still find names for your baby girl with similar meanings. Here are some of the most beautiful names that sound like Leo for girls.

  • Leona: This is the female version of Leo, which also means “lion”.
  • Elise: Latin-derived Elise, which translates to “God’s promise,” is a perfect name for your baby angel.
  • Leandra: It’s a feminine version of Leander of Greek origin, meaning the “lion man”.
  • Cleo: “To praise” or “acclaim” is the primary meaning of the Greek female given name Cleo.
  • Aeriela: The ex plantation of this Hebrew name is “Lioness of God.”
  • Kiara: It’s a lovely name with ties to a well-known lion family from the iconic Disney movie: The Lion King. The meaning behind it is “clear” or “light”.
  • Nala: It is predominantly a female African name indicating “successful.” This is also the name of the famous character in The Lion King movie.
  • Regina: With the meaning of “queen”, this is a proper name for your natural leader.
  • Zira: This is a girl’s name that represents “moonlight.”
  • Ariel: Derived from the biblical Hebrew Ariel, it translates as “lion of God.”
  • Reese: Welsh ancestry gives Reese its meaning of “ardent” or “enthusiastic”.
  • Sigourney: French in origin; Sigourney is a girl’s name that means “daring king.”
  • Arija: It is a name with Hebrew roots signifying “lion of God”, “sprite”, “courage”, and “strength”.
  • Lucille: French in origin; this is a girl’s name that equals “bright.”
  • Cordelia: This is a feminine given name of Latin and Celtic origin, repesenting “heart” or “daughter of the sea.”
  • Everett: Is a derivation of the Germanic given name Eberhard, which means “the courage or power of a wild boar.”
  • Ari: It is thought to be of Scandinavian origin, denoting an eagle, as opposed to Hebrew origin, denoting a lion.
  • Cyra: is for baby girls with Persian origins that indicates “lord”, “throne”, or “sun”.
  • Theodora: A girl’s name equates to “gift from God”. It also conveys the idea of wealth.
  • Sunniva: This is a girl’s name with Norwegian origins that means “sun gift.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Celebrities With This Name?

Yes, there are plenty of celebrities with the name Leo in several fields. The one with this name that immediately pops up in your head might be Leonardo DiCaprio, a famous Hollywood A-list star.

Another famous person you might know is Leonardo da Vinci, an Italian artist well-known for the artwork of the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, Salvator Mundi, etc.

If you are a music fan, Leo Sayer, a British songwriter-singer, will be the first person you think of.

Is Leo A Rare Name?

No. The popularity of the name Leo has been steady for the past 100 years in the United States, where it consistently ranks among the top 500 each year.

It is, in fact, ranked 31 according to the Social Security Administration Popular Names Ranking 2021. This phenomenon is quite easy to understand, considering how meaningful and beautiful the name Leo is.

Is The Name Leo In The Bible?

Despite the fact that the name Leo does not exist in the Bible, both the Greek Christian Bible and the Greek Septuagint make references to lions, frequently employing terminology associated with Leo.

Leo has also been the namesake of several Popes and Saints.


Above, we have listed many names like Leo for you to choose from. A name is one of the first and most important gifts you give your newborn.

It will follow your kid for their entire life, so pick wisely.Suppose you are new parents and don’t have much experience in naming and caring for a baby; check out our Tinyhood Baby 101 review.

This course can assist you throughout your parenthood.

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