How Long After Taking Maca Did You Get Pregnant

Maca has many positive impacts on preserving a healthy lifestyle. Due to its ability to aid in conception, it has received attention recently.

Still, how long after taking Maca did you get pregnant? How to use Maca powder for fertility?

Let’s find out the answers in this article!

What Is Maca?

How Long After Taking Maca Did You Get Pregnant?

Maca, also known as ginseng or Lepidium meyenii, is a cruciferous vegetable like cauliflower, broccoli, kale, and cabbage. This herb has numerous therapeutic benefits.

The edible component is the root, which can come in various hues. Black Maca seems to be more potent than other types.

Although alternative methods exist, the roots are dried and taken in powder form.

How Long After Taking Maca Did You Get Pregnant?

Some people claim that they consume 1.5-5g of maca root powder daily for 6-12 weeks and have received the great news of becoming parents.

Still, no scientific studies have pointed out how long it takes to become pregnant after adding this herb to your diet.

Different bodies have different responses to Maca products. Some can become pregnant after a couple of months; others can take a couple of years or even more.

So, if you are trying and haven’t seen any results, do not be discouraged.

How Can Maca Help In Conception?

How Can Maca Help In Conception?

Maca is so well-known because of many qualities claimed to aid conception in various ways.

Act As A Calming Agent

It is said that Maca root can reduce emotional symptoms, including anxiety and stress.

Stress is one of your biggest enemies if you try to conceive since it raises blood pressure and increases your chance of preeclampsia, early birth, and low-birthweight babies.

So, how does Maca help you conceive? This adaptogenic herb can aid in controlling stress levels in the body. Once you reduce the stress, the chance of you getting pregnant will increase.

Play As A Natural Aphrodisiac

Low libido can be the issue people face when trying to have a baby. In this case, using this root powder might be the solution since it can enhance sexual desire and pleasure.

After six weeks of consumption, it can help menopausal women and males experiencing sexual dysfunction or desire.

Once your sex life is improved, your chance of becoming a parent will also level up. You will soon notice some signs of pregnancy.

Increase Male Fertility

How does Maca root help with fertility? The male partner’s fertility is as significant as a woman’s regarding having children. A healthy and abundant sperm count is crucial for males to conceive a child.

Although the herb does not comprise any hormones, it can support the health of a male’s endocrine system. It improves the function of your pituitary, thyroid glands, and adrenal, which promotes fertility.

Several human clinical trials employing doses of 1,500–3,000 mg of Maca root have demonstrated sperm count, seminal volume, and motility improvement.

Enhance Ovulation Health

A regular menstrual cycle and healthy ovulation are necessary for conception. Women who use the herb report more regular periods and simpler ovulation.

One of its adaptogenic properties is its capacity to maintain hormone balance when your body is creating too few or too many.

The herb aids the endocrine system, controlling the communication between pituitary glands and hypothalamus, which balances the synthesis of hormones.

This shows that it positively impacts on enhancing your ovulation health since hormones regulate the menstrual cycle.

High In Nutritious

The nutritional advantages and benefits of Maca are unquestionable. It contains significant amounts of iodine and iron to support healthy cells and maintain normal metabolism.

Additionally, it has high levels of amino acids, calcium, minerals, and vitamin D.

With the nutrients the herb provides, you will maintain good reproductive health and increase your chance of becoming parents.

How To Take Maca To Get Pregnant

Even though using this herbal supplement will not guarantee to get pregnant right away, it is still a worth-to-try method due to all of the benefits it brings.

So, how much Maca for fertility? The normal dosage of the raw root is 500–1000 milligrams, three times a day.

It is recommended to use it raw for best effects. The simplest method is adding a teaspoon or a tablespoon to each protein shake or smoothie serving.

You can also be creative by putting the powder into juice, Malt-O-Meal cereal, or even making energy balls and sweets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Maca Good For Fertility And Health In General?

The short answer is yes. As mentioned above, Maca contains many nutrients that can support you in having a healthy and balanced lifestyle as well as conception.

Still, you have to be cautious with the amount you take. It is generally safe to consume as a supplement if you take no more than three grams per day for up to four months.

To be extra safe, we suggest you ask your doctor what doses you can take based on your medical conditions and other lifestyle factors.

Can Maca Affect My Period?

Maca can affect your period, both in good and bad ways. It is thought to balance hormones, offer great comfort, bring in the period, and reduce PMS symptoms.

However, some might experience heavy and prolonged menstrual bleeding, cramps, insomnia, etc., as a result of using Maca supplements.

Thus, listen to your body and check with your doctor to ensure that the supplement does not affect you negatively.

When Is It Most Appropriate And Inappropriate To Consume Maca?

The best time to take Maca root for fertility is when the body is not manufacturing the proper levels of hormones. You should not take Maca if you are nursing or pregnant.

According to a short study, its extract offers you a boost and functions in the body like estrogen. This is why this herb is popular among exercise enthusiasts.


How To Take Maca To Get Pregnant

Hopefully, this article answers the question of how long after taking Maca did you get pregnant.

This herb has extraordinary nutritional value and benefits, including the ability to lower stress and act as an aphrodisiac.

Although there is still no assurance that it will aid childbirth, this method is still worth trying.

Keep trying, and you will soon receive the fruitful result.

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