The Best 40 Half Asian Half White Names

Babies who are biracial are often distinguished by their distinct external features and dual cultural identity.

Especially when those babies are ours, it shall take us everything to make them feel even more special.

In cases like that, a unique, thoughtful, and symbolic name will highlight their personality and bless them with love in the days to come.

That is why here we come up with a list of the best 40 half Asian half white names with meanings to assist parents in selecting a lovely and significant one for their beloved child.

Let’s wait for no more but dig right into and pick your most favored!

20 Half Asian Half White Names For Girls

Half Asian Half White Names

#1. Alina

This charming name, which has Arabic and Slavic roots, infers “brilliant and beautiful.” It also has diminutive variants like Lina and Lena, which are well-liked all over the world.

So if you are seeking unique Asian names for your biracial girl, this title is where to look no further.

#2. Ayana

It is an Indo-Iranian name that derives from Sanskrit and is attached to the meaning “blue-blooded.” It once gained attention on a global scale as a result of a sought-after TV show.

This is also the one that ranks among the top baby girl names for multiracial babies.

#3. Annika

Annika, or as well demonstrated as Ann, is a perfect combination of white guys’ and Asian culture.

It reflects parents’ hope which expects their daughter to be fulfilled with grace and enriched with not just beauty but knowledge also (of course, you will need to help them broaden their horizon from a young age by exercising activities with father or mother as well).

#4. Anastasia

Here goes another notable amongst Asian English names that bring you the sense of royals and regality. Hearing such a name, everyone would know that she is indeed a treasure of her darling family.

#5. Carina

This name has Italian origins and brings along itself an implication of “beloved one.” Karina, its Russian adaptation, is also favored by Hispanic Americans.

#6. An

An, which signifies “peace,” is the perfect baby name if you value peace and want something short and easy.

Little did you know, its well-known namesake is Wang Laboratories‘ co-founder and Chinese-American computer engineer.

#7. Daisy

Daisy is one of the traditional flowers used as Asia female names. It denotes “dry eye,” which is of English origins.

Using this name, your daughter will understand your longing for them to live like the most radiant bouquet of flowers.

Isn’t it heart-touching when you take a road trip with your baby to somewhere full of daisies in the countryside? They will memorize your attempt to do anything for them.

#8. Brooklyn

If you are a huge fan of literature and things that are poetic, Brooklyn is definitely not the one to miss out on.

As a toponymic name, Brooklyn is of Dutch origin, which has a connection to the myth “The one who lives by the brook across the marshland,”. It is also translated as “broken land,”

#9. Ranya

Ranya carries a meaningful sense of a mother’s delight. It is the one name that shows your children how much you love them as a child bearer.

#10. Chantelle

The name of Asian girls with a touch of French in origin is calling out Chantelle.

As a one-of-a-kind mixed-race people’s name, it not only carries the meaning of charming but a beautiful voiced “singer” as well.

#11. Leila

A mystery of the night is what the common Asian first name Leila infers. Captivating and dazzling, just like a curtain of a starry sky would be.

#12. Eliana

The meaning of this Hebrew baby name is “my God has replied.” As a popular choice across many cultures, you can see it is most common in Israel, Spain, Portugal, Russia, and Italy.

#13. Samara

If between about January 20 and about February 18 is the milestone in which your baby girl was born, then the name indicating the sign of Aquarius will not fail to describe a splendid girl-to-be.

#14. Ella

Ella’s initial meaning in Old English was “the other one” or “the rest.” Additionally, the name is a shortened version of other names like Eleanor and Ellen.

#15. Hana

Hebrew, Japanese, Arabic, and Korean are the languages of origin for this charming name.

It can neither denote “pleasure,” “grace,” or “flower.” What’s more, it’s also a hybrid of Hannah and Johanna.

#16. Gisele

Arriving next is one of the most beautiful German names. It has a beautiful meaning of “loyalty oath.” Gisele Bundchen, a supermode and successful entrepreneur, is a well-known bearer of the name.

#17. Kiara

This name has roots in the civilizations of Italy, Ireland, Australia, and Korea. Its meaning is “bright” or “the first sunbeam.” One of the unusual lady names for mixed people is this musical one.

#18. Zaria

Which parents don’t want their daughter to be a princess? We are sure you are as well, not an exception!

That’s why here we come with the princess’s name granted by the talent in creating and expert in whichever field she delves into.

#19. Leah

It is a biblical name that in Hebrew denotes “a woman who is weary but remains devoted.”

#20. Meera

Sanskrit roots have created this name, which means “prosperous,” as its hidden insinuation. This beautiful name is crowd-pleasing in many different cultures.

20 Half Asian Half White Names For Boys

20 Half Asian Half White Names For Boys

#1. Andrew

Greek for “tough and masculine,” this name is prevalent in different civilizations with variations including Andrei, Andre, and Anders.

#2. Kai

Kai, a top 100 boy’s baby name that is also growing in popularity among females nowadays, is native Hawaiian for “ocean.”

#3. Ren

This Japanese name means “water lily.” It is more frequently in use for males across cultures.

#4. Diego

This name has Spanish ancestry and signifies “aims to ease.” Santiago and the Spanish equivalent of James are also thought of as shorter forms of this word.

#5. Chung

You certainly want your child to end up a little quirky, don’t you? Then you might want to bless him with this name since Chung is Chinese for “wise and erudite.”

#6. Fabian

It is a derivation of the Roman word for “bean grower,” Fabianus. Fabiano is a popular variant among Italian boy names.

#7. Anderson

As we mentioned Andrew, now here comes a patronymic name implying “son of Andrew”, Anderson.

#8. Hiram

You can also follow the lead of other successful Asia male names. As such, native Hawaiian Hiram Fong, whose name means “my brother is exalted” in Hebrew, was the nation’s first Asian senator.

#9. Darrel

The name is Old English in origin and means “beloved.” It was a beach boy name in the 1960s and remains a prominent option for parents today.

#10. Don

Don signifies “proud chief” and is a shortened version of Donald. Don Wakamatsu, a major league baseball player and coach in America, is the famous namesake.

#11. Elison

This name denotes “Elias’ son.” To tell the typicality, Ellison Onizuka, an astronaut and colonel in the US Air Force, is the famous namesake.

#12. Denzel

Another option to come is a Cornish patronymic name that designates a former member of the Denzel family.

Denzil and Denzell are some variants of its name. You can also easily recognize the actor Denzel Washington is a well-known holder of the name.

#13. Jin

Jin is a name that originated in Korea and means “precious.” Its namesake is the author and educator Jin Xuefei, who is Chinese-American.

#14. Ivan

This name has Russian roots and means “God is gracious.” Many cultures are fond of the different versions of this name.

#15. Kenzo

This Japanese phrase translates to “healthy and powerful.” Ken, its short form, is a typical name throughout various cultures.

This name is one of the uncommon biracial boy names because of its exotic sound.

#16. Franklin

This English name, which means “free landholder,” gained a lot of popularity because of its connection to Benjamin Franklin. Frank is the short form of this title.

#17. Greg

This is the one shortened from the Greek name Gregory. Its meaning is “the vigilant one.” One of its famous name holders is the native American basketball player Greg Oden.

#18. Gary

Despite being a popular name, Gary has a distinctive pronunciation. It refers to a “brave warrior.” Gary Becker, the 1992 recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics, is a well-known benefactor.

#19. Ian

The Scottish name Ian, which demonstrates “God is gracious,” is a variation of the name John.

This name has been used by a great number of emperors, popes, saints, and princes.

#20. Soren

Danish in origin, this sweet and unusual name has the meaning “stern.” This is one of the uncommon mixed boy names that is rising in popularity among Americans of different ethnic backgrounds.


You must have armed yourself with abundant storage of wonderful half Asian half white names for your infant by now.

As can be seen, we are sure it is not at all a daunting task to pick up the one that matches your preference! Hope this article can be of great help to you.

See then!

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