Graco Turn2Me vs Evenflo 360 ? Which Is Good For Your Child?

For baby car seats, Graco Turn2Me vs Evenflo 360 stand out as popular choices among parents seeking maximum safety and comfort for their pretty babies.

These two renowned brands have established themselves as leaders in the industry, offering a range of features designed to provide peace of mind during every journey.

I’ll compare the key aspects between Graco Turn to Me vs Evenflo Revolve 360 by exploring their similarities, differences, and unique selling points.

This guide aims to help you make an informed decision and ensure the utmost protection for your precious passenger.

Graco Turn2me vs Evenflo 360 Review & Comparison

graco turn2me vs evenflo 360

While the Evenflo 360 allows for 360-degree rotation, the Graco Turn2Me only lets you turn when in the back-facing mode.

The Graco is also a bit bulkier and less flexible but is safer to use.

Now, let’s see the battle between Evenflo 360 vs Graco Turn2Me.

Baby Car Seat Evenflo 360 Review


  • ‎Item Dimension: 21 x 19.8 x 25.9 inches
  • Material: Polytester
  • Orientation: Convertible Car Seats
  • Installation Type: Latch or Seat Belt
  • Maximum Rear-Facing Weight Limit: 50 Pounds
  • Vehicle Seat Weight: 29.6 pounds


The Evenflo 360 infant car seat is built to provide a safe and comfortable experience, featuring a 360-degree rotating seat.

You can easily access it when placing your child in or taking them out of the car seat.

The 360-degree rotation allows easy buckling and unbuckling, minimizing strain on parents’ backs and providing a hassle-free experience.

The seat is also designed with plush cushioning and adjustable headrest positions, which support comfort during the long ride.

The weight limit for kids lies between 5 and 120 pounds, making the vehicle seat a versatile choice that can adapt to your early growth period.

The Evenflo 360 also incorporates an advanced side-impact protection system, ensuring enhanced safety during unexpected collisions.

Sleek structural integrity offers both parents and babies maximum security and convenience.

I also notice that this model is equipped with 14 recline options and 5-point harness, facilitating and securing your child in seat or sleep.

High-quality materials prioritize durability and comfort, especially in the stroller frames.

A combination of sturdy plastics and steel-reinforced frames provide strength and impact resistance.

The seat covers, and cushioning fabric are soft, breathable, and easy to clean, ensuring your child’s comfortable and hygienic environment.

Incorporating energy-absorbing foam padding within the seat structure, the toddler seat enhances protection and minimizes the force experienced in case of collision.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for a wide range of weights, accommodating your child as they grow.
  • Affordable car seat
  • Dual cup holder
  • Qualified As Crash Test Standard


  • Limited compatibility 
  • Complex installation process

Graco Turn2Me Review


  • Item dimension: 20.75 x 19.13 x 24.4 inches
  • Material: Polyester
  • Orientation: Rear-facing
  • Installation Type: Latch or Seat Belt
  • Vehicle Seat Weight: 30 pounds


The Graco Turn2Me offers 3 working modes: the rear-facing mode, forward-facing harness, and highback booster.

This feature eliminates the need for twisting and awkward maneuvers, providing convenience for parents and reducing strain on their backs.

The vehicle seat typically offers 10 modes of recline positions. Whether your little one wants to sit upright or sleep peacefully during the journey, the adjustable function caters to their needs.

With a strong focus on safety issues, this vehicle seat ensures that the Turn2Me is equipped with an advanced side-impact protection system.

This innovative seat system goes the extra mile in safeguarding your child by effectively absorbing and redirecting crash forces, providing an additional layer of enhanced protection during any unfortunate collision.


  • Hassle-free use
  • Easy buckling with a secure harness system
  • Qualified As Crash Test Standard
  • Machine washable and removable seat cover for convenient cleaning
  • Dual cup holder


  • A bit noisy when rotating
  • Can only turn in rear-facing setting

Who Should Buy Graco Turn2me? 

evenflo revolve 360 vs graco turn2me

Parents With Back Or Mobility Issues

Between Evenflo Revolve 360 vs Graco Turn2Me, the 360-degree rotation feature of the Graco Turn2Me makes it an excellent choice for parents with back or mobility issues.

The rotating seat makes placing and securing their child in the car seat easier without straining their backs or bodies.

Growing Families

The convertible car seat Turn2Me allows it to adapt to a child’s growth over time at the maximum weight of 100 pounds.

It is economical for families looking forward to an extended period. This way, they can potentially save the expense of purchasing another car seat in the child’s later stage.

Safety-Conscious Parents

Considering Graco Turn2Me vs Evenflo Revolve 360, Graco prioritizes safety, and the Turn2Me typically comes equipped with advanced safety features such as an enhanced side-impact protection system (rear-facing seat mode and forward-facing mode.

Parents who place high importance on their child’s safety issues and shock resistance during car journeys would find the Turn2Me a suitable choice for infant and toddler seats.

It’s important to note that individual circumstances and preferences may vary.

It is always recommended to carefully review the features, specifications, and safety guidelines of the Graco Turn2Me to determine if it aligns with your specific needs and requirements before purchasing.

Who Should Buy Evenflo 360? 

Busy Parents On The Go

The 360-degree rotating and easy usage of the Evenflo 360 makes it an excellent choice for busy parents who are constantly on the move.

I also chose this pick between Evenflo Revolve vs Graco Turn2Me for my little one.

The rotating seat allows easy access when placing or removing my child from the car seat, saving valuable time and reducing hassle.

Parents With Smaller Vehicles

The Evenflo 360 is designed to fit comfortably in most standard-sized vehicles.

If you have a small vehicle with a moderate storage location, this car seat can be a great option as it offers the convenience of a rotating seat without compromising space.

Parents Seeking Versatility

The Evenflo 360 often offers 14-position adjustable headrest and convertible designs, allowing it to adapt and grow with your child.

If you’re looking for a car seat providing optimal comfort level, the Evenflo 360 offers versatility in that regard.

By the way, you had better consider your specific needs, preferences, and your current vehicles at the first steps. Thus, you can make a more proper decision.

Reviewing the specifications and safety guidelines to ensure they meet your requirements and offer the conditions for your offspring is always recommended.


graco turn to me vs evenflo 360

Are Evenflo and Graco The Same?

No. As seen in my Graco Turn 2 Me vs Evenflo 360 comparison, these two are separate companies that manufacture baby and childcare products, including toddler seats for cars.

They are independent companies with unique product offerings, designs, and features.

While both companies produce toddler car seats, they operate independently and have distinct brand identities and product lines.

It’s important to consider the specific features, safety ratings, and specifications of each brand’s individual car seat models when purchasing.

Is Graco Made in the USA?

While Graco is an American company, not all its products are necessarily made in the USA.

Graco has manufacturing facilities in multiple locations worldwide, including the United States, Mexico, and China, among others.

The production location can vary depending on the product model and manufacturing processes.

Beside car seats, Graco crib vs mini crib is also a common concern among newborn’s mom.

Where is Evenflo Made?

Evenflo products are primarily manufactured in the United States.

The company has manufacturing facilities in Ohio and Georgia, producing a wide range of baby gear and safety products.

However, it’s important to note that while the majority of Evenflo products are made in the USA, certain components or accessories may be sourced or manufactured internationally.

This is a formidable brand in the stroller (jogging stroller and regular stroller) and carseat category.

Is Evenflo a Good Car Seat?

Yes. Evenflo is a well-known and reputable brand in the baby and childcare industries. With a strong portfolio, they are generally considered to be of good quality.

Furthermore, regularly check for any recalls or safety updates related to the specific Evenflo car seat model you are considering.

Stay informed about the latest safety recommendations and guidelines issued by regulatory authorities, as well as the manufacturer’s instructions for proper use and maintenance.


The Graco Turn2Me vs Evenflo 360 offers notable features and benefits that cater to different needs and preferences for safety-conscious parents. 

The Graco Turn2Me stands out with its 360-degree rotation, bucket seat, and side-impact protection system.

Meanwhile, the all-in-one car seat Evenflo 360 offers versatile crotch buckle options for occupied parents or families with small passenger cars.

Choosing the right car seat depends on your unique needs and priorities.

It is recommended to thoroughly research and compare the specific models and versions of the Graco Turn2Me and Evenflo 360 that align with your requirements.

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