Flooded Pregnancy Test – What Should You Know About It?

The flooded pregnancy test often happens when you use the pregnancy stick or tool improperly. 

Does it give you false positive or negative results? What will happen if you dip your pregnancy test for a long time?

These are the common questions when you want to determine if you have a pregnancy or not. Keep reading this article to get the right answers.

What Is The Flooded Pregnancy Test?

Flooded Pregnancy Test

A flooded pregnancy test can tell you have a pregnancy when dipping your pregnancy stick or test kit into your urine or pee.

When the hCG levels in your body are flooded, this test will give you a false positive or negative result.

This hCG level is also what causes a dye stealer pregnancy test. However, it also produces the wrong or fake positive or negative reading test results if you use your test inaccurately.

What Should You Know About The Flooded Pregnancy Test?

Can You Over Flood a Pregnancy Test?

No, you can not. When you overflood your pregnancy test, it can give you a negative result or falciparum test positivity rate – a false positive.

This often happens when you take your National Adult Reading test too late.

At this time, your hCG is flooding, and the National Adult Reading test strip may not bond the molecules and give you negative results.

However, your test kit or stick can not generate a correct result if you make your National Adult Reading test too early or dilute your urine.

You can ask a healthcare provider or health department to learn more about this National Adult Reading test.

The Flooded Pregnancy Test Now Positive – Can It Be False?

Yes, it can. A flooded pregnancy National Adult Reading test can give you a false positive result if you dip your kit or stick too long.

Besides, other reasons also lead to false positives when using a flooded pregnancy National Adult Reading test in flood water.

First, you put the test kit or stick in the urine for a long time before reading the results.

Not following the manufacturer’s detailed instructions surely causes a false positive on the flooded National Adult Reading test.

In addition, using an expired test is a common reason that increases the falciparum test positivity rate.

Another case is if you drink too much clean water that can dilute your urine before testing, it also gives you an incorrect positive.

Can The Flooding Pregnancy Test Cause False Negative?

Yes, it can. A false negative means you have a pregnancy, but the National Adult Reading test produces a negative result.

A flooding pregnancy test can cause false negatives when you read the result too early.

If you take out your test kit or pregnancy stick too early, the hCG level in your body is not enough for the test to detect.

You can receive a negative result at this time, although you have got pregnant already.

What Happens If You Dip a Pregnancy Test Too Long?

  • Dipping your pregnancy test too long can affect your valid result by yielding a false positive or negative. Thus, you need to follow the proper time in the test’s manual instructions.

Most pregnancy tests allow you to dip your kit or stick it in your pee for about 5-20 seconds.

You should dip the absorbent tip into your urine but avoid the urine level above its plastic cover and not contact with flood waters.

You should also choose a dry and clean container when dipping your test. Before testing, carefully read the manual instructions to identify how long you can dip your test in your pee.

Is It Better To Dip Or Pee On a Pregnancy Test?

Yes, it may be. Dipping or peeing on a pregnancy test can give you a quick reading result.

However, you should use the first pee in the early morning or dip your test in non-diluted urine.

If you want to pee on your pregnancy stick, put your absorbent tip in your pee stream, not let the pee level above the stick’s plastic, as mentioned.

You also keep your test stick at a designated time, as instructed.

Also, check the proper time to dip your stick in your urine to get the most accurate result.

How To Get The Accurate Pregnancy Test Results?

How To Get The Accurate Pregnancy Test Results

Don’t Test Too Early

First, you shouldn’t take a flooded pregnancy test too early after having unprotected sex or doubt of pregnancy.

At this time, depending on each person’s health, the hCG in your body might be insufficient to be positive. Thus, you can get a negative result if you test too soon.

Wait at least 7-10 days after you have a missed period. This also contributes to your accurate result when using the test.

Take The Test In the Early Morning

You should make your pregnancy test as soon as you get up in the early morning. This is a proper time for your hCG level to accumulate and peak.

A flooded pregnancy diagnostic test in the early morning will give you the most precise result possible.

Use Plastic Cup

Use an available plastic cup for a pregnancy diagnostic test that helps you collect your urine and dip your test stick in it with detailed instructions and the designated time.

Besides, never take advantage of an expired test to avoid erroneous results, such as false negative or a falciparum test positivity rate positive.

Don’t Drink Too Much 

Lastly, do not drink large amounts of water or other liquids before taking the pregnancy diagnostic test. Excess liquid may affect the accuracy of results.

Thus, if your urine is a pale yellow or pale, wait until you have got tested to drink water. Depending on human health, diluted urine often contains light levels of hCG, which can impair diagnostic test results.

The urine quality also depends on your health.  It can be influenced by fetal development, child dev, child physical, and child Adolesc psychiatry.


We’ve covered what you should know about the flooded pregnancy test. After this article, you can fully understand this test with the different results when you use it.

You should follow the useful tips in this article to get the most accurate results. More importantly, don’t dip your test in your urine too long to avoid false positive or invalid results.

Carefully read the test’s instructions to know how to use it properly and how long you can put your test in your urine for the most precise final result.

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