What Is A Dye Stealer Pregnancy Test? When To Take It?

Baby carriage detection seems to be the most sacred moment to all women. They are desperate to search for pregnancy test kits if they experience missed periods.

While making a test, you will encounter a reaction – dye stealer pregnancy test. At first, you may wonder if there is anything wrong with the usage process or if your body suffers something strange.

But no need to worry much since that result happens for the most part.

So when does a dye stealer happen? And how come that phenomenon occurs? Let’s dive right in for in-depth information.

What Does A Dye Stealer Mean?

Dye Stealer Pregnancy Test

Once you see a dye stealer, let’s celebrate as this sign indicates a viable pregnancy.

The hCG hormone levels up by week after conception until 10 weeks, causing the dye movement from the control line to the test line. If your hCG level reaches 18 DPO, it turns out to be a stunning dye stealer.

hCG is a batch of urine samples that allow women to self-test pregnancy at home. We often base the positive pregnancy dectection on the hCG performance.

In particular, an hCG level of less than 5 mIU/mL indicates negative results, while a positive indicator jumps to more than 25 mIU/mL.

With the level between 6 and 24 mIU/mL, testers need another trial to ensure if they are pregnant or not.

Occasionally, the misreading occurs due to several undesired reasons like error usage, early pregnancy testing, expired tests, or a too diluted urine sample stemming from overconsumption of fluid before testing.

When Should You Get A Dye Stealer Pregnancy Test?

Once you suffer a missed menstrual period, the possibility of getting pregnant is very high. It’s time to take tests in pregnancy immediately.

As mentioned above, observing the pregnancy test lines determines the right outcome.

In other words, pragmatic strips will react to the level of hCG, a special hormone generated from the placenta.

A dye stealer pregnancy test will appear instantly if this pregnancy hormone ratio reaches from 25 mIU/mL. Particularly, the test line steals dye from the control line, causing it to turn into a faint line.

What If The Test Line Is Darker Than The Control Line?

The pregnancy test kit includes two core strips: a test line signing the positive pregnancy and a control line ensuring the properly working test kit.

When the hCG hormone increases rapidly, it triggers the darker test line reaction.

This situation happens naturally and does not harm your pregnancy, though darker color commonly happens in the other line.

Therefore, you do not need to feel insecure about any potential pregnancy problem. The darker color won’t last forever yet in a testing time frame. It will fade gradually later during pregnancy.

Nevertheless, you can sometimes experience a lighter test line. And it does not affect the accuracy of final results as well. That faint line is still valid for a positive pregnancy.

Besides the test method, some early signs can indicate a high possibility of being pregnant like: morning sickness, fatigue, missed period, or sore breasts.

Are You Pregnant With Twins Having A Dark Line?

Yes, it’s possible but not always the case. A twin pregnancy means the hCG hormone produced is twice as much as in a normal case.

Based on that point, the test line will absorb a much higher ratio of dye from the control line and become dark in color. The possibility of twin carriage may occur.

However, the hCG hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy cause some misreading. They change relentlessly from pregnancy to pregnancy, so there is no fixed conclusion.

In some rare cases, the hCG levels drop alertly, causing bleeding – a possible sign of miscarriaage.

Hence, it is widely advisable that women do the test after the missed period.

By then, the dark pregnancy line determines the sign of twin pregnancy more reliably. Wait until 4 or 5 weeks pregnant; the outcome will not disappoint you.

Additionally, yet-losing period women can notice the early body symptoms partly to identify if they have a twin pregnancy or not.

Morning sickness, for example, is a common sign around the 5th week of pregnancy. hCG by week will increase significantly, causing intense changes in hormones.

Then, you can not avoid stopless nausea – a symptom of severe morning sickness. Luckily, this bad experience also says you are carrying two healthy babies.

What Are The Signs Of Having A Chemical Pregnancy?

Several noticeable signs show a chemical pregnancy: 

  • A heavier period 
  • Worse menstrual cramps
  • Less pregnancy hormone than usual
  • No common pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness or breast soreness even after a positive pregnancy test.

Possible Reason For Test Expiration

Once you get a negative outcome, don’t hurry to feel disappointed. Stay calm and recheck if the test date is still valid or not. This out-of-date problem sometimes misleads your conclusion.

The best way is to check the expiration date before using it. Or, if you go to purchase a test kit in a pharmacy store, make sure to take a valid one.

Despite looking like a regular pregnancy test, the accuracy of the expired dye stealer pregnancy test has decreased badly.

What To Do If You’re Unsure About Dye Stealers?

As the first response dye stealer does not make you feel safe, please follow one of these three suggestions:

  • Be patient for several days before testing again. According to professional instructions, it’s effective to retest after at least a week. This safe distance gives your body enough time to rebuild an appropriate ratio of pregnant hCG hormones.
  • Ask for online ideals. You can easily see many forums where women share their pregnancy test photos to get help from others’ advice. This method also performs effectively due to the realistic experiences of pregnant mothers.
  • For a more reliable base, you can take a doctor’s meeting. They will offer you a general test and directly explain the detailed information.

Nevertheless, we think a thorough self-check at home before taking a professional test is the top priority. This way helps you to save time and also examination costs.

Final Thought

What If The Test Line Is Darker Than The Control Line?

All in all, the dye stealer pregnancy test serves as a great tool to notify you of the bestest news.

You have figured out all the scientific proofs behind the dye stealer reaction. The hormone levels vary at different pregnancy stages, constantly changing the strip’s color.

Thus, feel free to see the darker test line next time.

We hope you get a positive result and prepare to start a new journey with the upcoming angel.

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