Fell Asleep With Heating Pad While Pregnant: Is It Risky?

You fell asleep with heating pad while pregnant?

This is a common case since, during pregnancy, the mother’s body is extremely sensitive, which can lead to many diseases.

One of the most common is achy muscles and joints due to the weight increase. This one often brings agony and makes it difficult to move.

The heating pad is an extremely useful tool to relieve the pains of pregnancy and reduce swelling whenever pain strikes.

However, does it bring any side effects to the pregnant mother’s body? Are you curious about what would happen if she fell asleep with heating pad while pregnant first trimester?

What Is A Heating Pad Used For During Pregnancy?

Fell Asleep With Heating Pad While Pregnant

Usually, using hot or cold pads are common methods to treat pain. Heat therapy supports blood flow, dilates blood vessels, and brings new oxygen plus nutrients into the body.

This relieves joint pains and soreness in the tendons, muscles, and ligaments. A heat pack’s warmth can also improve your motion range while reducing muscle spasms.

There are many choices for you to find the most suitable pads for yourself. Some popular types include:

  • Electric heating pad: It needs to be plugged into a power source when you use the pad. It usually comes at a high price but is flexible when you can adjust different temperature levels.
  • Microwavable gel pad: Can be heated by microwave or boiling water with the ability to keep hot for 20 to 25 minutes.
  • Rechargeable pad: It has the benefits of the electric one but is more convenient to use anywhere.
  • Hot water bottle: This type is affordable, and you just need to put hot water in it to use it.However, its ability to keep hot is not appreciated.

Can you use a heating pad when pregnant? There is a fact that most pregnant women experience some degree of back pain during their pregnancy, according to the American Pregnancy Association. 

In general, heat is usually used to treat recurring pain, such as the aching back, hips, or joints you may experience as your pregnancy progresses.

So if you’re concerned about: is it bad to use a heating pad while pregnant?, you can rest assured.

Benefits Of A Heating Pad During Pregnancy

Muscle Pain and Cramp During Pregnancy

In the first and second months of pregnancy, the mother’s body is usually stable, and there are few symptoms.

At this time, the fetus is still quite small and has not yet developed, so the effect on the mother’s body is not noticeable.

Not in all pregnant women, but symptoms such as morning sickness will appear from the 3rd month.

As the baby grows, the mother’s symptoms suffer more and more, especially muscle and joint problems.

Some common reasons that make pregnant women experience pains in their period:

  • Hormone level increase: During gestation, the body releases larger amounts of hormones. This causes ligaments and joints to become softer and looser.
  • Weight gaining: Body weight increasing means your back needs to work hard to be stable. To avoid uncontrollable weight gain, you can refer to the 21-day fix pregnancy method.
  • Compromised posture: Sitting and standing in one position for too long or crouching can also worsen your back and hip pain.
  • Change of gravity: You need to change the center of gravity in the abdomen and back as the baby grows up.

Benefits Of Using Heating Pads

Muscle and joint pain can be quickly resolved with these pads. However, always remember that it has an immediate but only temporary effect: 

  • Promotes circulation and relieves blood vessel congestion 
  • Reduces muscle group spasms 
  • Eliminates cramps and increases mobility in stiff muscles 
  • Temporarily relieves pain and swelling.
  • Cuts down the risks of musculoskeletal issues like low-back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tendinitis.
  • Be careful not to use it directly on open wounds. If you want to apply hot and cold compresses alternately, you need to consult with your doctor.

Is It Okay When I Fell Asleep With Heating Pad While Pregnant?

Briefly, it is not acceptable to fall asleep with a heating pad as it’s really dangerous.

The maximum period of time recommended to use a heating pad is 15 minutes, and the experts advise not to use it when sleeping because it’s risky to your mother’s health.

The Health Risks

Direct heat from these pads is helpful in reducing pain, but you must follow some rules to use them properly and avoid risks.

Moreover, if you fell asleep with a heating pad, this could be more hazardous to your and your baby’s health.

  • Using a heating pad during pregnancy third trimester can negatively impact the neural tubes.
  • It can lead to some issues such as bloating, abdominal pain, and constipation.
  • High temperatures can cause burns.
  • Long-term use with high temperatures can cause brain damage to the fetus.

Other Pain Relief Options

Using a heating pad is an excellent and more convenient option, yet it usually only provides temporary relief. Some additional options can work wonders in the long run.

If your pain doesn’t go away even with these pads, try some of these methods:

  • Massage: The belly becomes heavier as the baby grows in weight during the third trimester, which changes your body posture. This causes muscle tension, rendering you ache all over.

Massage is one of the most common ways to ease muscle pain and is also relaxing instead of putting a heating pad on pregnant belly.

Also, a warm and comforting sensation can make you feel better after that.

  • Relaxation and meditation: Deep breathing is a simple yet extremely effective movement. It helps reduce stress on the brain as well as the muscles. For some people, applying acupuncture helps relieve those symptoms faster.
  • Stretching exercises: Yoga is always one of the best for pregnancy, but not all are highly recommended. You can try Hatha, restorative, or prenatal yoga, or look for some back strengthening exercises for pregnancy to enhance your health during the period.

Is It Safe To Use A Heating Pad On My Pregnant Belly?

We all know that heating pads work effectively and provide instant pain relief. However, this does not mean that regular use is good, and its use has never been appreciated.

In parts like the hips, back, and calves, they can be a lifesaver in an emergency. Not only will it put your pain at bay, but the pad heat will also help minimize muscle cramps by increasing blood circulation.

However, using a pad on a pregnant belly is always a BIG NO. You absolutely should not do it, in any case.

The belly skin during pregnancy will be quite thin and the closest to the fetus.

The unborn baby’s exposure to high temperatures while in the womb has been strictly forbidden by doctors because of the potential for congenital disabilities.

Let’s re-learn the use of heating pads. As has been repeated many times, heat increases blood circulation and supports muscle contractions.

This means it will be useful for pain from the muscles or joints, not the abdomen.

As soon as possible, consult the doctor if you have abnormal symptoms like stomach ache, fever, or a lightheaded feeling.

Ways To Use A Heating Pad During Pregnancy

We always stress that using it properly will not cause harm to health, so how can you lay on a heating pad while pregnant correctly?

Certainly, we can’t ignore the indications that doctors and experts have suggested. By following them, you can minimize the potential risks:

  • Do not use the pads during the first trimester of pregnancy. At this period, the fetus is not fully formed and is very sensitive to external influences.
  • It is highly recommended to use it for a short time, under 15 minutes.
  • Do not place the pad directly on the skin; layers of clothing or blankets should separate it.
  • Start with the lowest heat levels to get used to the temperature.
  • Do not use it when there are symptoms such as abdominal pain, fever, or amniotic fluid.
  • If pregnant women sweat too much or feel too hot during use, please stop using.
  • Use it at room temperatures or in a cool place. Try not to use it at a high temp or not in a well-ventilated area like a bathroom or steam room.
  • Avoid using multiple heat sources, such as heaters or hair dryers, to easily control your core body temperature.
  • Stop the therapy immediately if the baby has movements, such as kicking the mother’s belly.

When To Stop Using A Heating Pad During Pregnancy?

Heating pads are not suitable for all pregnant women. While most people find comfort and relief from pain after using it, soreness can be worse in some special cases.

When the cause of pain during pregnancy is not correctly determined, its use is considered futile and might lead to heating pad cramps pregnancy.

You need to stop and contact your doctor if you experience the following issues:

  • Chills or fever
  • Spotting or bleeding
  • Chronic pain in the back or joints
  • Intestinal discomfort or vomiting
  • Flatulence and poor digestion
  • Dizziness and headache
  • Vaginal discharge or amniotic fluid


Benefits Of A Heating Pad During Pregnancy

We cannot deny the use of heating pads. However, utilize it, don’t overuse it, and if you fell asleep with heating pad while pregnant, this is really bad and shouldn’t be done under any circumstances.

Some mandatory rules when using heating pads:

  • Using time is not longer than 15 minutes.
  • Do not put it directly on your skin, especially your belly.
  • Do not use it during the first trimester or when you have some health issues.
  • Start with the lowest heat level to ensure safety.

Consulting doctors is a prerequisite for safe and effective use when you don’t have experience or knowledge about this.

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