Feeling Sleepy During Pregnancy Means Boy Or Girl? True Answer

An Instagram post of a mother-to-be got super popular lately as she describes how she feels exhausted and falls asleep by 8:00 pm every night during many months of pregnancy.

And she assumes her second child can be a girl! 

Feeling sleepy during pregnancy means boy or girl? Is that a myth or a truth? If you have the same question and can’t find the perfect answer elsewhere, please keep reading.

We will walk you through your prolonged question and the difference between boy vs girl pregnancy symptoms.

Feeling Sleepy During Pregnancy Means Boy Or Girl? The Real Answer

Feeling Sleepy During Pregnancy Means Boy Or Girl?

The answer is not yet confirmed. Due to great changes in hormone levels, pregnant women usually feel more sleepy and exhausted.

But don’t worry as this is common. Besides, expectant moms can observe other symptoms of pregnancy to guess whether the upcoming baby is a boy or a girl.

There is no precise diagnosis that it is pink or blue unless you have mid-pregnancy ultrasound scans.

Due to some incredible rises in progesterone hormone and blood volume, you may feel exhausted, sleepy, run-down, slow, and nauseous during the first 3 months.

For the rest of the pregnancy period, you may feel slow and leaden due to the lack of iron and the large number of extra weight gain which you’re carrying.

Feeling sleepy and fatigued won’t cause your body any harm, but it may cause some difficulties in leading a usual lifestyle as you used to have.

But, it’s a sign of your body adapting to nourish a God-gifted child inside, regardless of the pregnancy carrying boy vs girl symptoms.

So, if you notice yourself lying around, dozing, or sleeping more often, let it be.

Try to take care of your health and body by eating healthy and nutrient-rich diets as well as allowing yourself to take some time off and rest more.

In case you’re wondering which milk for mommy and unborn baby, read the article Can You Drink Ensure While Pregnant and get yourself explained.

Also, remember to look for medical advice to get yourself and your family mentally well-prepared.

Difference Between Boy And Girl Pregnancy Symptoms

That’s all knowledge from us.

But, we know you still feel curious about baby gender symptoms in early pregnancy, so we’re bringing the popular difference between boy and girl pregnancy symptoms

and old wives tale signs you may feel excited to see:

If You Have A Baby Boy

  • You don’t feel any kind of severe morning sickness or unwellness in the first few months of pregnancy.
  • Your belly has a basketball-like shape.
  • You carry a low belly, and the extra weight is out front.
  • Your areolas get darker and darker through time.
  • Your nose widens.
  • Your hands and foot skin are very dry.
  • The hair of your legs grows faster and thicker during pregnancy.
  • You usually feel cold in the foot palms.
  • Your urine has a bright yellow color most of the time.
  • Pregnancy gets you to look better than ever.
  • Your pillow faces north when you sleep (but this is just an old wives’ tale).
  • You crave salty and sour foods.
  • You yearn for protein food like meats and cheese.
  • Your partner gains weight along with you.
  • You have short headaches for a while.
  • The baby’s heart rate is up to 140 beats/minute.

If You Have A Baby Girl

  • In contrast, you have a form of morning sickness and feel super tired in the early months of pregnancy.
  • You carry more weights on your hips, which is fully explained whether your hips get wider during pregnancy or not.
  • The baby’s got faster heart rates, from 140 beats per minute or more.
  • You carry high and have a watermelon-like belly.
  • Your breast gets bigger, and the left side breast is larger than the other one.
  • Your urine has a dull and yellow color.
  • Your face breaks out with pimples more than usual.
  • You look pale, dull, and not as good as usual.
  • You crave sweets and fruits instead of salty foods.
  • You don’t like carbohydrates and protein.
  • You are temporarily moodier.
  • Your partner notices your pillow faces south when you’re asleep (no science has proved this, just old wives tales among moms-to-be).


Does Feeling Hot In Pregnancy Mean Boy Or Girl?

Do you wonder about feeling hot in pregnancy boy or girl? Again, the overheated sensation is not a pregnancy gender symptom.

Pregnant women who have fever-like symptoms should wear loose and absorbent clothing, stay hydrated, and sit in a spacious and dry place.

If your situation gets worse for more than one hour, don’t hesitate to seek the nearest medical treatment.

No Vomiting During Pregnancy Means Boy Or Girl?

This is one of the most common myths when it comes to guessing that you’re having a girl.

Numerous studies have indicated that women who experience severe nausea and vomiting during pregnancy are likely to have a female baby.

So what’s the cause? It comes from the extreme production of hCG and estrogen in a female fetus.

Depending on one’s physical health, the whole puking nightmare can last from the first to the 14th week of pregnancy.

In contrast, feeling well and having no or bare vomiting symptoms tell that you’re about to buy a lot of blue decorations for the newborn celebration party.

What Are Other Pregnancy Gender Symptoms?

These are just good old wives’ tales, but if you and your partner want a fun time in the finding clues – gender prediction game, here we go.

  • The garlic test: If you have eaten a ton of garlic but don’t smell like you have, congrats! Your newest family member is a sweet baby girl!
  • Or, look closely at your pupils for a minute or longer. If it is dilating, you’re having a baby boy.

Long Story Short

Difference Between Boy And Girl Pregnancy Symptoms

Although some couples prefer to wait for the big day to find out their baby’s sex, others are too anxious and got a huge bundle of joy.

But remember that there is no such thing as feeling sleepy during pregnancy means boy or girl. It’s because prenatal testing is the only scientist-backed and definite method.

In the meantime, take care, stay hopeful, and wish for the best.

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