A Full Answer: Why Child Veins Showing Through Skin On Face?

Unusual visible changes often signal health abnormalities. Especially when parents see child veins showing through skin on face, they might feel bewildered.

So, is it normal for kids to have veins that can be seen? If you get stuck in this question, this post is for you.

So, let’s read until the end to get hold of the reasons, treatments, and ways to prevent it.

Why Child Veins Showing Through Skin On Face?

child veins showing through skin on face

Visible veins on child’s face are pretty common that appear as tiny red lines on the skin. These lines form due to a vascular anomaly caused by genetics, weather, irritants, or accumulation of stress.

Although they look a bit serious, many studies showed that the facial veins aren’t harmful to your kid’s health.

Let’s take a look at the specific reasons for this situation.

Genetics And Heredity

According to some animal studies, the first reason is genetics and heredity.

The newborn babies might have a higher chance of having these spider veins if their relatives also have them. So you can use a genetic screening technique to check it.

If you are in this situation, you must endure it because there is no way to prevent it. Yet, do not overthink.

Despite the lack of aesthetics, it doesn’t cause severe health problems to the human body.


Weather, especially hot weather and sunshine, can directly make veins dilate.

In detail, sun exposure can cause facial veins. Staying in the sun without sunscreen or becoming sunburned can let your blood vessels expand.

When the skin gets sunburned, its top layer peels away. This way, you can see the extra blood vessels underneath the face.


Excessive pressure on your face, such as washing the kid’s face with a towel, vomiting, sneezing, or facial trauma, can damage and dilate fragile capillaries.

Moreover, when the babies roll instead of crawl, it also puts extra stress on their faces.

Thus, stop scrubbing their face vigorously to reduce the risk factors of spider veins on child’s face.

Chemical Irritants

Chemical irritants, including alcohol, can cause blood vessels to dilate temporarily. Yet, if you drink alcohol regularly, this problem might persist for a long time.

Therefore, alcohol should be on your banned list when you are a pregnant woman.

In case the newborn babies are still breastfed, the mother who drinks alcohol can put the infants at risk of the visible vein or even swollen veins.

Medical Treatments For Facial Veins In Kids

Before taking a deep look at some therapies, please keep in mind that you should only engage in medical treatments with a licensed professional and the good medical conditions to ensure safety.

Itchiness, redness, and scarring are all possible side effects.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment disperses the energy across a greater target area, allowing it to treat a bigger skin area at once.

In addition, the laser will penetrate the skin’s second layer. This can destroy the damaged blood vessels while leaving the top layer unharmed.

These blood vessels dissolve and are naturally eliminated by your body once heated.

Therefore, it is better and poses less risk factors for newborn babies than laser treatment and needs little to no downtime.

Laser Therapy

If the kid’s facial veins appear a lot and are more visible, laser vein therapy can be the way to treat them more effectively.

This laser therapy will use a concentrated and focused light beam to make the damaged veins collapse by irritating them.

Then, our body can naturally get rid of the visible veins after they have collapsed.

Laser therapy is stronger than the one above (IPL) and takes a longer recovery period. Yet, it brings more impressive results in fewer treatment sessions.


This injection-based treatment helps spider veins disappear in a period of weeks. The doctor will first inject a substance into damaged blood arteries that make them close.

As a result, this infusion in children lets your blood redirect to vessels that aren’t visible.

Natural Remedies For The Visible Vein For Children

When it comes to blood vessels on the child’s face, many individuals prefer to try natural therapies first.

This treatment type usually comes with no risk factors unless you have a reaction or allergy to any substances. Here are some suggestions:

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a common ingredient in our kitchen. It brings us many great dishes with high-value nutrition.

In addition, this pantry staple has an impressive effect on reducing the appearance of spider veins by lowering redness and other associated characteristics.

How to use: Apply the vinegar to the child’s face with a cotton ball and gently massage.

Horse Chestnut

Horse chestnut is often used to treat many skin ailments. Some individuals utilize it for visible vein health and receive positive results.

Although horse chestnut is available on the market as a supplement, topical forms may be safer for spider veins. Moreover, try to find preparations that are composed entirely of the bark.

How to use: gently clean your child’s face and apply it directly.

Use Warm Water To Wash The Face

Because heat might cause blood vessels to break, you should not use hot water. Instead, bathe and shower with warm, not hot, water.

At the same time, make sure to wash your face with warm water gently. This way, the facial skin can be relaxed.

How To Prevent Facial Veins For Children

Instead of struggling with how to treat the blood condition on your kid’s face, parents should get the hang of some ways to prevent putting the infants at risk of the visible vein:

  • Limit sun exposure: This is especially critical between the hours of the late morning and early afternoon when the UV level is at its highest. For further protection, use sunscreen every day.
  • Stay away from excessive heat sources: Extreme heat, such as that found in the sun, saunas, and spas, can all lead to blood vessel dilatation.
  • Wear protective equipment: Face protection and helmets can help ward off injuries and spider veins in sports, cycling, and other activities. It is also an effective way to limit sun exposure when doing outside activities.


Is It Normal To See Veins In A Child’s Forehead?

Veins on the forehead that bulge is not really abnormal. It happens due to the same reasons with the facial visible vein. In addition, it can be a signal of extra stress or pressure.

Yet, if your child feels discomfort, you should seek medical advice.

Is It Normal To Have Visible Veins On Face?

As mentioned before, although showing facial veins in children is less common than in adults, they are often not a health-related issue.

Still, it can affect appearance. That’s why you need to know why and how to prevent it.

How Do I Get Rid Of Blue Veins On My Face?

Blue veins are not linked to your bad blood condition, so don’t worry that much. Like facial veins, the treatment of blue ones also has 2 main therapies: IPL and laser.

In fact, these methods cannot make the veins 100% at bay, but they can reduce them significantly.

Once again, please prevent it with the mentioned ways before these things appear.

Is Seeing Blue Veins Normal?

Blue veins are normal, and they don’t represent any health problems of your blood condition.

Yet, what causes blue veins on face? The tone of your skin and the quantity of body fat have a big role in the veins’ color on the surface.


Apple Cider Vinegar

To summarize, child veins showing through skin on face is not a serious disease. It results from genes or external factors (weather, living habits).

Natural and medical treatments are two methods. The natural one is almost 100% safe for your child, but it might take longer to see the result.

However, please try to keep your little one from the visible vein by staying away from excessive heat (sunshine) and wearing protective gear during outside activities.

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