Baby Rolling Instead Of Crawling – Explanation And Suggestions

Babies are precious for parents. It’s such an enjoyment to watch each growing step of the kids.

Sometimes, babies can bring you fun by odd movements such as standing on their head, but at the same time, they bring you some worries.

During the development process of babies, there might appear some problems that can cause adults to panic. One of the most common concerns is baby rolling instead of crawling.

Mommies and daddies may feel nervous when it happens to their babies. Especially if you are inexperienced parents and this is your first child.

Calm down! We can instruct you on how to help your little one.

Why Do Baby Rolling Instead Of Crawling?

Why Do Baby Rolling Instead Of Crawling

How Old Should My Baby Be To Roll Over?

Baby wont roll over until he is around 3 to 4 months. After that one month, you may see your cutie can roll over from front to back by himself.

Rolling from tummy to back is easier for babies to do than the opposite way. While using two arms to push the chest up, a slight unbalance makes them fall from the stomach to the back.

Baby only rolls one way before four months old then masters this skill in both ways after. Meanwhile, some need a little bit longer time to practice.

When should babies roll over? The answer is they are supposed to reach this milestone before 6 or 7 months.

When Is The Time From Rolling To Crawling?

According to some studies, 50% of babies crawl at eight months old. Some may learn this skill at six months, while the rest of the kids may begin much later (around 11 months) or skip it.

You might be surprised that there are seven types of crawling. These are 

  • Belly 
  • Hands and knees
  • Hands and feet 
  • Scooting
  • Step-scooting
  • Cruising
  • Rolling

Reasons Why Baby Rolling Instead Of Crawling

1. Abnormal Feet

A few common problems can happen with small kids’ feet, such as curved-in feet, flat feet, and bow legs.

All of these problems can disappear as babies grow. However, these may cause a delay in this step.

2. Lack Of Tummy Time

Not enough tummy time means babies don’t have much time to train their muscles.

That can be why toddlers don’t crawl, or baby rolling instead of crawling might be just because they don’t like tummy time or are not ready to crawl.

3. Overweight Infant 

Overweight babies need to spend more energy and effort to move. That’s why they tend to choose something easier to do, such as rolling.

Dressing babies with too many clothes also makes them more difficult to crawl.

4. Not Enough Encouragement

Parents’ encouragement and support are important. Babies may not feel interested in crawling if we don’t applaud them.

5. Cannot Reach Other Expected Milestone

Delay in crawling can be caused by other delayed skills such as weak neck muscles or cognitive problems. Pay attention to that.

Is It Ok When Baby Rolling Instead Of Crawling?

In most cases, baby rolling instead of crawling doesn’t really matter. There are so many styles of crawling, and different kids prefer different ways to move from one place to another.

Some babies may think it’s boring to crawl by hands and knees, so they try to crawl by their bottoms.

Some toddlers may feel that traditional style is not comfortable, so they choose something that they get used to.

Babies can roll at 3-5 months old and start crawling from 6 to 12 months old. If your toddler is under one year old and prefers rolling to crawling, it’s not a big concern.

However, if he has difficulty in other movements and awareness, for example, a 7 month old not rolling over or sitting up, it might be an alert.

Rolling And Crawling Support Tips

How To Help Baby Learn To Roll

1. Limit The Use Of Toddler Equipment

Having limitations in using any toddler equipment which can restrain your kid from moving, such as a swing or bouncer.

2. Spend Time For Practicing On Tummy

When your 4 month old not rolling over, place his stomach on you while you are laying down to make him get used to staying on the tummy.

3. Help Them With Halfway Roll

When babies can roll from their back to one side, sometimes, you can help them finish the rest of the movement; or getting baby to roll over by putting them on one side first, then encouraging them to roll.

4. Put Toys Further From Babies

Putting toys a little far away to encourage toddlers to crawl. They may feel it’s interesting and try to move forward.

5. Physical Therapy

In some cases, physical therapists may instruct exercises to help baby roll over, which might be helpful, especially when the babies are far behind from the milestone.

Exercises For Baby To Crawl

1. Continue On Tummy Time

If your infant is over six months, you can let them do tummy exercises for about 20 minutes, three times per day.

2. Build Up Hand Muscles

Baby rolling instead of crawling can mean they need more hand muscles practice. Support them by reaching their hands to higher objects.

3. Place Kid In Crawl Or Walk Position

If your child’s hand is strong enough, you can put him in a quadruped position with a slight hold on his stomach.

You can support your little one working out his leg muscles by holding their arm or armpit and lifting his feet just above the floor.

4. Make It Fun

Instead of keeping babies in support equipment, there are some ways to make your kid feel crawling is fun.

If you use toys to attract them or let them play in front of the mirror, they may think it’s interesting to crawl forward. You can also crawl with them; they will certainly like it.

5. Give Them Massage

Toddlers enjoy massages as we do. Doing a massage for their hands and legs at least two times per day can help them relax and have energy for the training process.


Should I Be Concerned About My 8-Month-Old Not Crawling Yet?

The expected period of a baby to crawl is from 6 to 12 months. Your little one is still in the expected range of starting crawling.

If your kid still shows his interest in exploring around and moves actively, it’s not really a big deal if he hasn’t crawled yet. Some toddlers skip this move and come to the stage of standing and walking.

When Should Baby See Doctor When They Keep Rolling Instead Of Crawling?

If your sweetheart can do a two-way roll over, sit up from a stomach-down position, and sit without support for a while, it’s more likely that there is no problem if your baby rolling instead of crawling.

If your child doesn’t have these movements, consult a pediatrician for further assistance. Occupation therapy and massage can be applied to relax your kid and help him keep on the expected track.

Can Babies Skip Rolling Over?

Do all babies roll over? Yes, it’s uncommon for babies to skip rollovers. You might see babies skip rolling from back to front, but not vice versa.

Some babies can change the order of their milestones. Sometimes you may see an 8 month old not rolling over.

Because babies can only focus on one thing, they skip it, but they will come back to it later.


Rolling And Crawling Support Tips

Growing a kid has never been easy, even for experienced parents. Baby rolling instead of crawling is one problem that frustrates people.

If toddlers don’t crawl when one-year-old, other activities are developed as normal milestones; it’s mostly not a big concern.

It can be that they skip this step and move to walk. Just be aware of any abnormal limbs actions or cognitive problems that might be the reasons for delay crawling.

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