Can Wearing A Waist Trainer Cause Miscarriage?

You are bearing a baby but have some questions relating to the clothes you should wear during pregnancy, such as: “can wearing a waist trainer cause miscarriage?”

Don’t worry because this article will provide you with detailed answers to these wonders so that pregnant women can choose the most suitable clothing. Let’s find out together!

What Is A Waist Trainer?

can wearing a waist trainer cause miscarriage

It is a special undergarment consisting of hard metal boning and thick fabric.

Additionally, it also has many uncommon features, such as several hooks, a lacing system, Velcro straps, etc.

It is usually worn around the midsection of your body to make your waist smaller and sleeker.

Moreover, most women often wear it tighter than other items like shaping underwear or a girdle to train their waist to stay in a specific shape.

Although users can see immediate results after wearing it, the purpose of wearing a trainer is to minimize the size of the waist as much as possible through consistent uses over time.

Corsets were invented at least around five hundred years ago. The original purpose of this garment is to hide the shape of women’s hips and breasts.

Until the 1800s, women wore this item to accentuate their shape, aiming to have an ideal hourglass body that involves having curvy hips and slim waists.

Sadly, the waist trainer gradually became outdated due to increasing complaints of health problems and uncomfortable feelings relating to wearing a corset for an extended period of time.

Therefore, modern users need to approach waist trainers with extra caution.

Can Wearing A Waist Trainer Cause Miscarriage?

Answer & Explanation

Although corsets are useful items that help shape our bodies and make our outfits more fashionable, there may be a time when they can no longer be used.

This may be because of pregnancy.

It is advisable that if you are having a baby, you should stop using waist trainers or any kinds of boned undergarments that are intended to compress your body in any way.

This is because using corsets when you are bearing a child can trigger serious problems.

When searching for answers to the question “what causes miscarriage?” we can find several reasons, including wearing a corset when women are bearing a child.

It is proved by doctors and medical professionals that corseting during pregnancy puts the baby at a high risk of congenital disabilities.

Moreover, if mothers wear these undergarments during pregnancy, this could lead the newborn children to have incorrectly formed organs, bones, and heads.

This is because the children are not given enough space to move and develop in their mother’s womb.

Some medical analyses have also stated that women who corset when having a baby can lead the requirement of using uterine or pessary supports in the future after they’ve given birth to their baby.

Furthermore, it is thought that using corsets for pregnant women leads to the risk of experiencing even more undesirable side effects besides the ones mentioned above.

However, the negative influence it has on the fetus’ growth during pregnancy is still the main concern.

Moreover, while you are bearing a child, doctors and health professionals advise that you should not wear tight clothes.

Corsets are universally considered tight clothing that women should not put on when bearing a child.

Most importantly, even though these clothes do not squish your child, they can still trigger pain and discomfort for pregnant women as they do not give women’s bodies enough space to grow, expand and shift.

These smaller tops also put women at an increased risk of heartburn and acid reflux because they could slow down digestion, and the acid in the stomach will be trapped in their esophagus.

This can create considerable discomfort for the mother-to-be!

More surprisingly, wearing corsets when you are having a baby can lead to some shifts in the process of digestion and also the schedule of your bowel movements.

In some cases, it may even cause nausea or dizziness.

It is evident that you will experience many problems when corseting during pregnancy, such as bloating, nausea, vomiting, or discomfort.

However, these terrible impacts are not worth enduring for merely a smaller baby bump.

All women should embrace their own beauty regardless of their height, age, sex, weight, etc.

Especially for a pregnant woman, being a mom is a priceless gift, so there is no shame about the body’s changes during this period of time.

That’s why getting rid of corseting when you are having a baby and letting your child develop naturally is beyond important.

Someday, your child will feel eternally grateful for this remarkable decision.

Hopefully, the above information has given a detailed answer and explanation for the question “Can wearing a waist trainer cause miscarriage?

so that you can make a wise decision to help your newborn develop safely.


For many reasons, pregnant women should not wear a waist trainer to protect their health and the baby’s development.

Waist Trainer Alternatives When Getting Pregnant

After understanding all the dangers of corseting when you are bearing a child, it is necessary not to use these garments under any circumstances while you are pregnant!

However, if you still desire something that can help you feel more confident when you are bearing a child, the great news is that you can still safely utilize some particular undergarments.

You want to look for an undergarment that provides enough space for your belly to grow.

More specifically, remember to also choose suitable and soft footwear and avoid using shapewear that contains boning because it could restrict women’s growing belly.

You should bear in mind that you should not use any type of shapewear until your baby is 5 or 6 months old because your newborn requires free and comfortable space to grow, move and breathe.


Choose an undergarment that is larger than your normal size so that you can feel more comfortable when using it, and this larger item should also be suitable for your developing belly.

If you feel uncomfortable wearing a shapewear garment, get rid of it immediately!

When you are bearing a child, using this clothing should help cradle your growing belly but not create a restriction.


When choosing shapewear, you also need to consider the material.

Using stretchy materials that can provide comfort and space for your developing belly, such as latex, lycra, or neoprene, is an incredibly intelligent move.

Avoid all shapewear that has boning as they could cause dangers to both your body and the developing baby.


Can You Wear A Corset Wedding Dress While Pregnant?

On most occasions, when picking up a wedding dress, brides who are pregnant at the time will be looking for a dress with their favorite cuts and styles that can also lower others’ attention to their growing baby bumps.

In this case, many may consider using a corset wedding dress to help their belly become smaller and slimmer.

Unfortunately, there are still questions about the safety of this type of wedding dress for their babies.

The good news is that expecting brides can use corset tops that are designed without boning during their important days.

This dress style comes with a more loose-fitting form, thus giving you more space to move in. Overall, it is a friendly choice for your expanding belly.

You should also be mindful of the fabric choice because comfortable and stretchy fabrics are the best options.

Can Wearing A Waist Trainer Flatten Your Stomach?

It is a common belief that waist training can help reduce belly fat and make your waist smaller and slimmer, thus leading to weight loss or having the same effects as liposuction.

However, it is not the true purpose of this popular item.

The main influence this undergarment has on our body is to squeeze our torso for an immediate shift in our appearance. Unfortunately, this instant effect will disappear shortly if you stop wearing the trainer.

Critically, similar to many sponsored get-thin-quick fads, there is no concrete proof that using corsets will assist with weight loss!

On the other hand, according to a recent source, a healthy scheme for weight loss combines corseting, workouts, and a clean and healthy diet.

Some waist-training professors also say that workouts and diets are two main key factors to flattening your stomach.

To put it another way, rather than wasting money and risking your health on buying corsets, investing more effort into having a healthy diet and exercising regularly to be more fit is more beneficial to both the mother-to-be and their babies.

Can Waist Training Affect Future Pregnancy?

Some pregnant women are worried about whether or not corseting could trigger negative impacts on their future pregnancy, or some wonder: “Can I wear a waist trainer after an abortion?”.

Let’s find out the answers.

There is no particular proof that waist training makes conceiving more difficult.

This is evident in the 19th century when western women often started corseting ever since they were 14 or 15. Most have no difficulties bearing a child many times in their lives.

Therefore, you should not worry about not being able to conceive another time, even after going through corseting.

However, please keep in mind not to do corseting during times of pregnancy.


Waist Trainer Alternatives When Getting Pregnant

Waist training is popular for many women who want to achieve an hourglass body shape. However, few people know about the impacts of this item on pregnant women.

Hopefully, this article has informed you of a detailed answer to the question “can wearing a waist trainer cause miscarriage?” so that you can decide to wear suitable outfits when you are bearing a child.

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