Can I Take Airborne While Pregnant? A Clear Answer

Pregnancy is one of the harshest experiences that a woman can go through. That is why it’s encouraged that you can take some supplements to make things easier.

However, knowing what to take is something that not many people have mastered.

That is why there are questions like: Can I take Airborne while pregnant?. This article is here to let you know a proper answer.

What Is Airborne?

Airborne Vs. Emergen C During Pregnancy


Can you take Airborne while pregnant? Before addressing the query, it’s better to get the hold of this product first. What we now call Airborne started as a supplement to support the immune system.

It was produced by Schiff Vitamins in tablet form but has branched out to encompass chewable, gummies, and powder.

No matter which forms it is in, this supplement always arrives in individual packets.

The reason for this characteristic is that you can have an easier time following the recommended intake of one packet each day.

Of all the forms, the powder is usually regarded as the most convenient and easiest to consume.

As long as you have 4 ounces of water, you can dissolve a package and enjoy some fizzy water. There is no need for chewing.

What Is Airborne Used For? 

As we have mentioned, the main use for Airborne is to support your immune system.

However, its original marketing was to prevent and even cure a common cold. This claim has since been reverted due to a 30 million USD lawsuit back in 2008.

These days, it mainly functions as a Vitamin C supplement, boosting your immune system.

Vitamin C is, after all, very good at improving natural killer cells’ function and increasing lymphocytes.

Airborne also supplies a reasonable amount of Vitamin E for your body. This vitamin’s powerful antioxidant nature protects your immune system on a large scale.

Now, can I take airborne while being pregnant? Let’s discover.

Can I Take Airborne While Pregnant?

NO, expecting moms should not consume this supplement, except for when you are instructed by a doctor.

The main reason lies in Airborne’s profile, which consists of many ingredients. Unfortunately, some are incompatible with a pregnant lady’s volatile hormones.

This is especially serious in the first trimester of pregnancy.

With just one glance at Airborne’s ingredient list, you will quickly see Vitamin A, E, and some herbal supplements among the major components.

All of these carry some sort of risk for a pregnant woman. Let us delve into the details.

The most vital one is the herbal extracts. They originated from Chinese traditional medicine, where you use natural remedies to better the body and fight sickness.

However, there are so many herbs across the world, and previous studies have not been consistent on their effects on the human body.

Some of them can even lead to miscarriage, adverse birth outcomes, low birth weight, etc. A case in point is cinnamon, which is a controversial cause of miscarriage.

Moreover, natural herbs do not go through the same systematic review that the National Institutes Of Health perform on prescription drugs.

This means that the herb’s quality can vary greatly, even if they come from the same batch.

For some herbs, losing quality can turn them into poison, especially when they need to work in conjunction with other herbs.

That is also why the United States’ FDA recommends against taking any herbal product across all periods of pregnancy.

When you want to do so, you must consult doctors or healthcare providers specializing in herbs first. This advice is especially important if you are in the 2nd or 3rd trimester.

As for vitamin A, it’s only bad for your pregnancy when you take in too much over a short time.

Due to its fat-soluble nature, having it in too high of an amount is a recipe for liver damage and even birth defects.

Is It OK To Take Emergen-C While Pregnant?

A special feature that sets Emergen-C apart from its competition is its simplicity.

While other supplements have lots of ingredients, it only features vitamin C and zinc as the main ingredients.

The other components only take up a small percentage, not big enough to pose any risk for your pregnancy.

That is why it can act as a safe prenatal vitamin C supplier for your body. There are also supposed benefits that zinc can bring to you, but they are not science-backed enough.

However, what we do know is that zinc does boost your immune cells.

With this boost, even when you encounter bad exposure during pregnancy, you don’t need to worry about things like active infection.

The risk of vitamin C deficiency also becomes minimal.

Airborne Vs. Emergen C During Pregnancy

Is Airborne safe for pregnancy? As we have explained in the sections above, Airborne should not be taken at any point during your pregnancy.

This recommendation applies no matter how far along you are, 20-27 weeks, 28-31 weeks, etc.

On the other hand, Emergen-C is mostly safe for your pregnancy. It also provides you with the safety of vitamin C supplementation in pregnancy.

That is why Emergen C is always better for moms-to-be.

What Can I Take For Covid While Pregnant?

When you find out that you have coronavirus during your pregnancy, the first thing to do is remain calm.

Then, check what your symptoms are. If they are mild, you can take some over-the-counter medicines to treat those symptoms.

A prime example is acetaminophen. This medication works perfectly for the most common Covid symptoms like body aches, chills, and fever.

The special thing is that it is safe to use throughout your entire pregnancy.

In the case of the coughing and sore throat becoming too much to bear, drink some cough syrup.

It is among the few things that lead to no adverse birth outcome, even if your pregnancy reaches its critical period.

What Can I Take For A Cold While Pregnant?

There are so many drugs that you can take for a cold that it literally becomes immeasurable. However, this number shrinks a lot if we put in the “safe for pregnancy” tag.

The American Medical Association is notoriously strict when it comes to this issue, as the adverse outcome can be much more serious for pregnant patients.

Of course, there are still some safe options, no matter how many weeks pregnant you are. They are Tylenol, Sudafed, Actifed, etc.

If you are in the 37-42 weeks range and want to be as safe as possible, we recommend using warm salt or water to gargle.

Don’t underestimate this approach, as it can lessen the risk of infections in pregnancy.

Your consumption during this period is vital for both you and your fetus. So when you crave for special drinks like energy beverages or Gatorade while pregnant, consider carefully.


Can I Take Airborne While Pregnant?

Can I take Airborne while pregnant? With this article, we have answered the question. We also thoroughly compared it with another great vitamin C supplement, Emergen C.

Our hope is that you can know exactly what will happen to your body if you take Airborne while pregnant.

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