Can A Pulling Dog Cause Miscarriage- Best Answer And Tips For Pregnant Women

Walking with your dog is a great exercise method to increase the master-servant bond and enjoy the cool breeze in the hot summer.

But if you’re pregnant, you won’t be as comfortable with your four-legged friend as before!

Although pregnant women need to pay a lot of attention to oral health during their pregnancy, your furry friend will not stay in the house all day.

So, can a pulling dog cause miscarriage? This article provides the most thorough answer and gives you some tips for getting along with your dog during this sensitive time.

Can A Pulling Dog Cause Miscarriage?

Can A Pulling Dog Cause Miscarriage

Short answer: The pulling dogs always harm owners, let alone pregnant women.

If you ignore the warnings and keep walking with your dog, a fall that’s severe enough could cause you to miscarry shortly after.

Many people consider the dog’s size a matter of consideration, but the severity of the problem completely depends on the amount of traction the dog can exert.

Many tripping cases occur because the dog suddenly gets too excited to pull, wriggle into the leg or directly hit its owner’s leg.

Dogs tend to enjoy playing by rubbing themselves on their owners’ laps, and even jumping on your belly.

When you fall, they may think it’s your joke, leading to scratching, dancing around, or continuing to drag you on the ground.

8 Pro Tips To Walk A Dog When You Are Pregnant

8 Pro Tips To Walk A Dog When You Are Pregnant

Staying time during pregnancy in safety is always a top priority for pregnant women.

Therefore, taking the dog out for a walk is not recommended because of the potential dangers behind the dog’s aggression.

But if you want to have moments of hanging out with your furry friend, everything can be done smoothly. Follow our tips below and make sure you don’t miss a thing!

Best Foot Forward

Investing in comfortable sport’s shoes will pay off better than expected.

Not only that, but a well-fitting shoe also helps you easily follow your dog and promptly react if you accidentally miss a step.

You’re best off looking for products with a lightweight and breathable design suitable for walking.

Choose designs with mesh lining and additional toe pads if you want more comfort.

Stay Hydrated

A little water is extremely important for keeping your body from getting tired from heat and exercise.

Also, a little water for your pet dog can improve its mood without being irritable due to dehydration.

Dress For The Weather

Dress neatly and under the weather to help you stay comfortable and steady on every step. You can wear short-sleeved, stretchy, and sweat-wicking tops so as not to get fluid retention.

Wear more layers of clothing when the weather gets colder, and take a little off if you feel hot.

In the hot and humid climate of summer, a clear sunny sky can become smoky and ready for showers in just a few minutes.

Therefore, always pay attention to bringing an umbrella or a raincoat during your hike.

Poop Scoop

During outings, you may be used to bending over and cleaning up the mess left behind by your pet.

Since crouching is quite difficult for pregnant women, you should buy yourself a long-handled garbage collector to make it easier to clean up.

Pick Your Time

Never choose the hottest times of the day (such as noon or early afternoon) to bring your furry friend out of the house!

The inclement weather can make your dog irritable and want to rush to places with shade and clean water.

Therefore, head out for an early morning or late afternoon hike to enjoy the cool, fresh weather.

In winter, you can choose any time of day to practice outdoors, except in the evening and early morning.

Avoid The Crowds

Most dogs are extremely anxious when their surroundings become unfamiliar and noisy.

If your dog also has this trait, never lead it to high-traffic areas. Instead, choose quieter routes so your dog can safely explore and play.

Keep Your Phone

It’s best to fully charge your phone before you leave the house and keep it in your backpack or pocket.

Call your nearest relative or friend to inform you of your condition whenever trouble arises.

Make Your Dog Comfortable

If your furry friend has a habit of pulling on its owner, try some methods of restricting its movement, such as using a harness instead of a collar.

These measures can help calm your dog down, make it easier to control, and limit his chances of pulling the owner over.

Find A Dog Walker

Some pregnant women are more sensitive and can’t get too close to their furry friends. But you can find a substitute if you can’t bear to leave your sadness at home.

Of course, you and your dog can comfortably enjoy outdoor activities while maintaining a safe alternative distance.


Make Your Dog Comfortable

Can You Walk A Dog That Pulls While Pregnant?

The answer is yes. You can walk a dog that pulls while pregnant, but only if you have enough tips to ensure the safety of your outing.

Before each outing, you should take the necessary steps to limit your dog’s excessive activity. Please limit the health risk factors by hiring someone to look after your dog if necessary.

Can A Dog Hitting Your Stomach Cause A Miscarriage?

Unfortunately, that is entirely possible if the hitting force is large enough.

The impactor’s weight is unimportant because sometimes a child or a small dog hit can make things out of control.

Any impact on the abdomen in the stomach can lead to placental abruption (the placenta leaves the uterus).

If the separation reaches a certain extent, the pregnant woman can go into labor, causing miscarriage or premature birth with birth defects (depending on gestational age).

What If My Dog Stepped On Your Pregnant Belly?

The consequences of your dog stepping on your pregnant belly depend a lot on your gestational age as well as the force of your furry friend.

The longer weeks of pregnancy, the smaller the “safe zone” on the pregnant woman’s abdomen.

Throughout the first trimester of pregnancy, the uterus is still protected by the pubic bone, so it is only slightly affected.

After the first trimester, the uterus leaves the pelvic region, resulting in higher post-traumatic outcomes.

Things would be adorable if your four-legged friend merely put her foot on your belly to say hello to your unborn baby healthy.

But if the condition is more serious with unusual changes in your body (abdominal pain, joint pain, amniotic fluid leakage, vaginal bleeding, severe infection, etc.), contact your nearest obstetrician-gynecologist immediately.

Some Last Words

Daily walking is very good for the oral  health of pregnant women and fetuses.

But if a four-legged friend accompanies the journey, be prepared with enough material and knowledge to avoid trouble on your walk.

So, can a pulling dog cause miscarriage, and what should I do to avoid this with my hairy friend?

Through this article, we hope you can spend the happiest summer with your pet and be ready to welcome a new member soon.

Have a nice day!

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