Baby Standing On Head – Kid’s Funny Movement

Babies are little funny “things”. They can bring to parents and other people full of joy and fun. We can not stop watching them and smiling all day.

Sometimes, babies do some strange stunts that we do not expect from them. Baby standing on head is among the weird stuff that they do.

You may ask yourself what the pose means and why your kid does this. What does it mean when a baby stands on their head?

In general, you should not worry because it’s just a part of their growth.

Old Wives Tale About Baby Standing On Head

Old Wives Tale About Baby Standing On Head

There are some superstitions about babies bending over and looking through their legs in some countries.

Moms might have questions like “Will I have another baby psychic?” when they see their babies are bending over, or “What does it mean when a baby crawls between your legs?” Let’s see if it’s true or not!

Moms Gonna Have One More Baby

Many moms believe that their baby standing on head is a sign that another cutie is coming on the way.

Some claim that it happens to them. After seeing their babies bend over, they take a pregnancy test, and the result is positive.

It’s assumed as one of the ways to find out if you were pregnant. It could be true, but there are more reasons for kids bending over.

Babies Can Sense Pregnancy

Another baby standing on head old wives tale is: babies feel their moms are pregnant.

Toddler sensing pregnancy is another superstition that has not had much scientific proof to support that.

“Can children predict pregnancy?” is still a question. It’s recommended not to put yourself too much into superstition but to enjoy the funny movement of your kid.

Kids Are Finding Their Siblings 

It’s also believed that this funny child looking back position means that kids are looking for a sibling.

If you have more than one kid, the quadruped position baby may feel it’s more interesting to play with their brothers or sisters like this.

If a toddler looks through their legs but they haven’t had any siblings yet, this is where the superstition of having another child comes from. It’s explained that babies have strong intuition, especially with their mothers.

Reasons Why Baby Standing On Head

Growing a kid is not easy, and most parents depend on their grandmas’ experience. That’s how the old wives’ tale is passed on through generations.

However, why do babies like to be upside down? There are several scientific reasons related to their development.

Brain Development

It’s undeniable that brain development is very important for babies, and they know how to do it themselves.

Child standing looking up or baby looking down are all activities for the brain.

Being upside-down helps children learn about their bodies, sensation, and muscles. Bending over is the combined practice of the brain and other body parts.

Kids bending over has been proved to activate the vestibular system. Through stimulating this part of the body’s sensory system, babies adapt themselves to the environment.

This training process of the vestibular system helps children develop their balance, cognition, movements, and orientation.

In other words, a baby standing on head helps the muscles get used to odd movements and control the muscle.

Do babies see upside down when they are born? Yes, it might be true. Babies mostly stay upside down in their mothers’ stomachs for some time before being delivered.

Therefore, bending over can somehow bring the babies calm and comfort as they used to have.

Body Stretching 

As mentioned above, a baby standing on head means the muscles are trained along with the brain.

You can expect toddlers to do this kind of body stretch when they are 14-16 months.

Kids realize that bending over and looking through their legs without falling is a great feeling. Through this activity, they gradually understand how the muscles work.

Babies tend to try to bend this way or that way, turn their heads in different directions. They may struggle to get back up after bending.

It’s just how they stretch their bodies for exploring purposes.

Copying Others

Imitating is one of the learning methods of kids. By copying others’ actions, they train themselves to do the same or even better.

Baby handstand is also a movement that your little one imitates someone else’s, just as walking or speaking.

By seeing their mothers bend over to pick up things or seeing their friends stay on their heads, babies are motivated to mimic that action.

Why do babies stand on their head? It can be because babies are active, so they need to find something interesting to do every time.

Mimic bending upside down is part of their daily activities to spend that energy.

Discovery The World

Have you ever wondered: “Why does my child watch TV upside down?“. It’s because they are exploring the world.

What does it mean when a baby bends over? It means they are curious about the world around them.

It is the first time they know about everything, so a baby head stand is a way to see things from different angles.

Kids are fascinated to discover the world if they get more encouragement from parents.

That’s why you can see when babies bend over, if they receive applause, they tend to do it again. They do things to attract others’ attention and are glad to please people around them.

When To See Doctor

When parents see their little ones doing new movements, they are happy, but sometimes, they might feel frustrated if doctors are needed.

There are a few cases that parents should pay attention to, though.

Spine Problem

Baby standing on head can be a concern if you see any curve while kids bend. The spine usually should be straight, but call the doctor if you find any odds.


Toddlers are still not good enough to tell others that their backs hurt.

If parents notice kids have any pain, especially before and while looking through their legs, it’s a safe choice to bring them to the hospital for further check-ups.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, a baby standing on head can mean something or not; there are different reasons and beliefs.

The most important thing is that your toddler does it with happiness, so there is no need to stop him.

Acting oddly is a cute point about kids. Bending upside-down may bring them the feeling of dizziness which is fun, and they simply just want to spread it to you.

Usually, there is no problem with a child always standing on head. Make sure you observe them well in case you need the doctor’s support.

Watching children grow is the biggest happiness of a mother. It’s precious moments to see your kids improve different skills day by day for their further child’s development.

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