6 Year Old Keeps Putting Fingers In Mouth – How To Handle

Sucking fingers is a common habit among children, especially in infancy.

Two-month-old babies love to suck their thumbs, which shows that they need assistance when they are stressed and anxious, especially when their mom is not close to them.

However, as children grow up, the habit of thumb-sucking will still cause much harm to the development and health of children.

In the article below, let’s find out why a 6 year old keeps putting fingers in mouth and how to handle this bad habit.

6 Year Old Keeps Putting Fingers In Mouth – Why?

6 Year Old Keeps Putting Fingers In Mouth

According to American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) experts, children like to suck their thumbs to show they are hungry.

Therefore, the habit of sucking the thumb is the child’s way of asking for breast milk. In addition, this movement creates a pleasant feeling, stimulating the fingers in the mouth like breastfeeding.

However, thumb sucking can become a bad habit, which can happen when babies are not hungry, even in older babies who have stopped nursing.

Most children’s fingers-sucking habits will disappear by the time they are 1-2 years old, but in about 15% of cases, kids will continue to suck their thumbs until they are older.

Many children like to suck their thumbs when they feel stressed or worried (emotional stress in infancy).

Thumb sucking stimulates the release of endorphin hormone (a happy hormone working as a pain reliever) that makes your little one feel good when they are bored, hungry, tired, and when their brain calls for relaxing.

How To Stop Toddler From Putting Fingers In Mouth?

There are several ways to stop when toddler keeps putting fingers in mouth


Always begin by explaining to your children why fingers sucking is a terrible habit.

Talking does not usually dissolve the habit, but it can assist your child in realizing that they wish to stop. Positive parental encouragement to quit is the first step.

Some things to tell your kid are:

  • Thumb sucking spreads germs, making individuals sick, forcing their teeth forward, making their teeth coming in wrong orders, and they may require braces.
  • Moreover, it will be quite hard to figure out how to speak properly if they suck their fingers.


Sometimes, children simply need to hear about undesirable habits from someone other than their parents.

YouTube is a cheap and simple way to accomplish this. You can let them watch short videos about how bad finger sucking is, and they will decide to stop by themselves.


Jewelry that users can chew on is a good option for helping toddlers stop sucking without losing the true satisfaction of oral stimulation.

Find Your Child’s Favorite Thumb-Sucking Times

Children frequently resume thum-suckig while watching TV or napping. Determine your child’s trouble times can assist you in developing a proper plan to deal with this.

If you notice you little one putting their fingers in their mount while sleeping, try placing socks on their hands before bed and using safety pins to connect socks to their pajama sleeves.

Is watching TV their fav time of thumb-sucking? Consider turning it off for 5 or 10 minutes every time you notice your child doing this.

Sticker Chart Or Positive Reward System

Make a sticker chart and provide plenty of positive reinforcement and rewards for accomplishment.

Initially, your baby may require a patch for every hour he spends without putting his fingers in his mouth.


Create a reminder for yourself or your baby’s caretaker to congratulate your baby for not sucking at least once an hour.

For example, you can reward them with some kid activities on Hampton Road if they quit this habit for a week. Consider using your phone to set alarms or reminders.

Plastic Thumb Or Finger Covers

The top brands of a plastic finger or finger cover include Dr. Thumb, Dr. Finger, and TGuard. They are not inexpensive, costing between $20 and $40 each.

They are immensely valued, and most kids cannot pass. Your child will kick the habit if you maintain them for roughly two weeks.

The issue is that they restrict children’s use of their hands, making it challenging for them to explore or feed themselves.

Cloth Thumb Or Finger Covers Or Gloves

Using some cotton gloves and mitten brands with a security pin on the adhesive can make it more difficult for kids to unfasten and suck their fingers.

These products encourage children to use their fingers more actively.

Ace Bandage To The Elbow

An ace bandage around the elbow can hamper a baby to extend the elbow sufficiently to put the fingers to the mouth. This makes bending considerably more difficult.

Nipit Hand Stopper

This device is essentially an upgrade to the ace tape. It inhibits the elbow from flexing sufficiently to let the fingers or thumb enter the mouth.

It is simpler to put on and more challenging to remove than an ace wrap. Many folks have had amazing success in helping their little ones, using only this device and not requiring any other procedures.

Frequently Asked Question

What Are Other Bad Habits Of A 6-Year-Old?

Some common habits among children are:

  • Suck their thumb, thumb, or dummy
  • Biting or picking up nails
  • Rotate and pull hair
  • Pick their nose or sores
  • Pick their lips or cheeks
  • Chewing on objects such as pencils and clothes
  • Chatter

When Is It Needed To Get Help For Bad Habits In Babies?

Fingers sucking can be a concern if a child turns three.

Should your kid be still sucking after this time, consult your doctor about other options, such as using paint or sticking plaster, making their hands bitter and hindering babies from sucking them.

Or else, consult your dentist about utilizing a palatal diaphragm. When the child sucks their thumb, this gadget causes discomfort.

If you suspect that worry is the source of a habit, you should address the source of your baby’s concern.

Consult your general practitioner so that they can introduce you to a health expert. A psychologist, for example, can educate your children on some simple steps to break the habit.


How To Stop Toddler From Putting Fingers In Mouth?

It is not easy to stop when a 6 year old keeps putting fingers in mouth.

But to help parents deal with it, Bon’s Mommy has provided you with some useful solutions in the post. Just refer to our advice, and you can let your hair down.

Thank you for taking the time with us. See you around!

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