6 DPO Symptoms Leading To BFP You Need To Know

If you’re attempting to have a baby, it is normal that you pay attention to every single change, pain, or ache that indicates pregnancy.

This eagerness causes you to expect a new day to roll around and give you a positive pregnancy test.

Now it’s six days after ovulation, and you start asking yourself what are the 6 DPO symptoms leading to BFP.

Although there is little chance you’re pregnant this early, some people actually notice early signs at this time. Let’s discover the symptoms with us and see if you’re one of those people!

What Happens At 6 DPO?

6 dpo symptoms leading to bfp

When one of your eggs is fertilized, it will travel from the uterine tube to implant itself in the uterine lining. If this process is successful, you are officially pregnant and can detect its signs.

While this process can happen six days past ovulation, don’t panic if you haven’t noticed any changes in your body. Implantation can take place from 6 to 12 days after ovulation.

Besides, this process finishes at 8-10 DPO for most women, so your situation is completely normal.

Those who notice symptoms at 6 DPO are just a minority, as one research finds out that fewer than 0.5% of women had this experience.

On the other hand, if implantation happens to you at 6 DPO, let’s get through this article with us to see the 6 DPO symptoms leading to BFP.

What Are 6 DPO Symptoms Leading To BFP?

The most common sign you can encounter is the missing period. However, other 6 DPO implantation symptoms can appear even sooner than this, such as breast tenderness, hunger, cramps, fatigue, bloating, etc.

You might mistake them for what happens in the second half of your period; therefore, you can take a pregnancy test for certainty.

1. Breast Tenderness

Breast Tenderness
Breast Tenderness

After implantation, there is a surge in the level of hCG, estrogen, and progesterone in women’s bodies. This causes their breasts to swell and become more tender.

While some also experience this before their menstrual cycle, the breast change is more noticeable when they’re conceived.

Sometimes, swelling can even make you suffer sore breasts and dry nipples!

2. Increased Hunger

Increased Hunger
Increased Hunger

The fluctuation of hormone levels also results in increased appetite.

Besides, it is pretty easy to understand that nurturing another human being inside your body will take a lot of energy, so you need to get that energy from food.

In addition to increased hunger, women might have food cravings as 6 DPO symptoms BFP.

Researchers haven’t figured out the exact reason for this; however, it is possibly another result of the influx of hormones.

Food cravings make women long fo sour fruits or spicy dishes. In some cases, women in the early stage of pregnancy will despise the dishes they used to like.

While giving to their new desire is okay, sticking to the diet before implantation will ensure your body’s safety and health.

3. Fatigue


Feeling tired during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy is commonplace due to hormonal changes. This also shows that your body is preparing for the arrival of a new member.

Don’t panic or make a big deal out of it when you feel worn out too frequently. Just remember to rest when your body calls for it.

4. Implantation Cramps

Implantation Cramps
Implantation Cramps

This probably is the most common one among the pregnancy symptoms 6 DPO.

Since these twingy cramps resemble a period pain, many people miss this sign of conceiving, thinking that their period has come.

The culprit behind this misery is the implantation of eggs into your uterus. Overthinking or anxiety at this stage can worsen the cramps, so it will be better if you try to relax.

5. Constipations


When you’re having a baby, different reactions inside the body relax the intestinal muscle, causing foods to move through it more slowly.

You can add more fluid and fiber to your diet to relieve this condition. Also, avoid taking too much medicine or supplements as this will exacerbate constipation.

6. Bloating


Bloating is a result of the change in the working of pregnant women’s guts.

The foods moving slowly down the intestine allows gas to build up. This gas can lead to bloating, flatulence, and burping.

7. Nausea


Mommies usually experience nausea after the fertilized egg successfully settles itself in the uterus.

However, waves of nausea at this stage are not the same as morning sickness, which only appears when you’re a couple of months pregnant.


Can You Get A Positive Pregnancy Test At 6 DPO?

Many people have asked us the same question: “Is 6 DPO too early to test?”. You can take a test when this milestone comes, though it will not be 100% accurate.

This test works by checking the levels of hCG in our urine.

hCG will appear during implantation and be enough to come out as positive on the pregnancy test 15 days after fertilization.

Thus, if you take the test too soon, the hCG level in your urine will not sufficiently rise to show you the correct outcome, although you’re already pregnant.

So, in short, can you get a BFP at 6 DPO? Yes, but very rare.

You can still make attempts when 6 DPO symptoms ending in BFP appear and take the test again one week later or combine it with other ways to find out the correct pregnancy result.

How The Ovulation Changes When You’re Pregnant?

Inside the ovulation, once the fertilized egg has completed the implantation process, it will start to produce hCG.

This hormone will lead to increased progesterone in your body, leading to a missed period.

The physical change you might feel about the ovulation is negligigble except for the mild cramping. Wait 3-4 more days, and you will clearly detect your body reaction.

How Many DPO Do Most Get BFP?

Many women shared that they get their positive test at around 9 to 14 DPO.

Can You Have Symptoms Before BFP?

Yes. If you have the 6 DPO implantation symptoms while the test result shows negative pregnancy, the hCG level is simply not enough.

In fact, these signs are akin to the experience during the menstrual cycle so much that many women think their expected period has started and receive a BFP a few days later.

So, is 6 DPO too early for pregnancy symptoms? To this question, our answer is no (for a minority of women).


The welcome of a new person to our life has never been easy and simple. We understand your anxiety and expectation when encountering such a big milestone.

We hope we can alleviate your confusion, stress, and worry with these 6 DPO symptoms leading to BFP.

Have a good day!

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