11 Safe Ways To Go Into Labor Tonight – Expert Sharing

The closer the due date approaches, the more you expect your baby.

Many moms-to-be might be interested in trying safe ways to go into labor tonight if they are over the ideal 39 weeks.

Here I share with you the most popular 11 methods. Ultimately, I also share some old wives’ tales that you should never try.

Let’s cut to the chase and dig in now! 

What Are Ways To Go Into Labor Tonight? 

ways to go into labor tonight

Walking, staying active, and gentle exercises can help induce labor. Warm baths or relaxation techniques may also aid.

Rest and staying hydrated are essential. Each pregnancy is unique, so don’t rush if your doctor advises against it.


Many experts recommend taking exercises to induce labor.

Parallel the mother-to-be’s feet

Stand with your feet hip-width apart, making sure they’re parallel. The position activates the pelvic floor muscles and encourages proper alignment.

As a result, it can facilitate the baby’s descent into the birth canal during labor.

Maintain alignment

Stand tall, shoulders relaxed, and avoid arching your back.

Keeping the body in proper alignment is a method of induction that prevents unnecessary strain on muscles and joints, optimizing exercise efficiency and promoting overall strength and flexibility for labor.


Choose exercises that can be done while sitting, like gentle leg lifts or rotating your ankles.

These seated exercises provide a low-impact option for maintaining movement and flexibility during pregnancy, which can help enhance blood flow.

Thus, it encourages the labor induction process.

Pelvic tilts

While standing or lying down, gently tilt your pelvis forward and backward.

The exercise strengthens the abdominal and pelvic muscles, providing better support for the growing uterus.

It also helps align the baby’s head with the birth canal, potentially aiding labor progress.

Butterfly pose

Sit with your back straight and the soles of your feet together. Gently press your knees toward the floor.

This pose stretches the hips and pelvis, promoting hip joint and pelvic muscle flexibility. Hence, it can create more space for the baby’s movement and engagement during labor.

Perform lunges

Take a step forward, bending both knees to create a lunge position. Alternate legs.

Lunges strengthen the lower body and improve balance, which can be helpful during pregnancy and labor.


Based on a study from 2022, walking about 30 mins (3 times/week) at a speed of 2.5 miles/hour during the 38th week can induce labor and lessen interventions during vaginal delivery.

Dance And Move Gently

What can I do to go into labor tonight? Pregnant women, you can try dancing as a way to induce labor.

Indeed, dancing and gentle movements can help stimulate contractions by encouraging the baby to shift position.

Swaying and rotating the hips may assist in engaging the baby’s head with the cervix, potentially inducing labor.

These movements also aid in promoting circulation and relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety that may inhibit labor progression.

Special Massages

Massage is considered a natural way to prepare for labor without the need for medical intervention.

Detailedly, gentle belly rubs can encourage the release of oxytocin, a hormone that triggers contractions.

Besides, I recommend pregnant women have a bath (in warm water). It can relax the body & ease tension, supporting the body’s readiness for labor.

These massages and warm baths lead to a decrease in blood pressure, promoting relaxation and comfort and providing a conducive environment for delivery to begin.


How can I go into labor tonight? Eating!

Certain foods like pineapple, spicy dishes, dates, or even balsamic vinegar contain compounds that might stimulate the digestive system or influence hormonal changes, potentially contributing to the onset of labor.

While the evidence is limited, some believe these foods could contribute to labor onset, although individual responses may vary.

Drink Herbal Tea

Drinking herbal tea is one of the ways to go into labor tonight 40 weeks.

Like red raspberry leaf tea, herbal remedies such as black cohosh and blue cohosh help tone the uterus and support labor readiness.

While not scientifically proven, staying hydrated with warm liquids may enhance relaxation and comfort, promoting a more favorable environment for labor to commence.

Have Sex

How to make myself go into labor tonight? Some of my friends try sexual intercourse, and they are in luck.

Sexual activity may stimulate the release of prostaglandins, substances that can soften the cervix. Additionally, orgasms might cause uterine contractions.

Engaging in consensual sexual activity can be a natural and enjoyable way to encourage labor potentially.

However, certain medical conditions that involve complications with the cervix or uterus, such as cervical insufficiency or placenta previa, may require pelvic rest during pregnancy.

Therefore, refraining from sexual activity and avoiding anything that puts pressure on the pelvic area to reduce the risk of further complications.

Please discuss any concerns or restrictions related to pelvic rest with your doctor to get medical advice.

Acupuncture & acupressure

How to go into labor quicker? Acupuncture & acupressure are complementary therapies.

Acupuncture applies thin needles in some specific body points, while acupressure applies pressure.

These practices are believed to stimulate energy flow, triggering contractions and encouraging labor at term.

Membrane Sweep / Stripping

A healthcare provider can do a membrane sweep to help start labor. Professionals gently separate the amniotic sac from the cervix.

The action may release prostaglandins, triggering contractions, encouraging delivery to move forward, and preparing your body for labor.

However, remember that the procedure should only be done under medical supervision after discussing it with your healthcare provider, and elective induction should not be attempted without proper guidance.

The type of premature rupture could be a risk. It is not recommended that pregnant women do it by themselves.

Foley Bulb Induction

Foley bulb induction involves placing a small, fluid-filled balloon in the cervix. It is also a type of elective induction.

The pressure from the balloon aims to widen the cervix, stimulating labor.

It is a formal induction method used under medical supervision, and you should only consider it if your doctor advises, taking into account any existing medical conditions.

Pitocin Induction

Pitocin is a synthetic oxytocin used in hospitals to start or speed up labor, and it is one of the obstetric interventions.

It mimics the body’s natural labor hormones, helping to create or strengthen contractions.

Having Fun 

How to go into labor overnight? From my experience, staying relaxed and happy is crucial.

Relaxation and enjoyment can release endorphins, which are more likely to promote the release of the hormone oxytocin, supporting labor initiation.

Laughing and being happy reduce stress and create a positive emotional state, potentially aiding labor progression.

This is the most simple yet easy-to-perform natural induction method. If you still worry, a vaginal exam appointment will clear your anxiety.

Natural Ways To Go Into Labor Tonight You Should Not Do?

how can i go into labor tonight

Castor Oil 

Using castor oil to induce labor is actually not the natural way I recommend. It may cause nausea, diarrhea, and dehydration, which can be harmful during pregnancy.

Additionally, the effectiveness of oil for labor induction is uncertain, and the side effects can be unpleasant and uncomfortable for the mother-to-be.

One more thing, like castor oil and evening primrose oil, any oil for induction you have ever heard of is not backed up by strong scientific evidence.

Therefore, whether it’s for “medical induction” or any other natural methods, be alert that there is a hidden risk of unnecessary interventions.

Always seek professional consultation before trying any labor-inducing approach to ensure your safety and well-being.

Nipple Stimulation

While nipple stimulation may promote contractions by releasing oxytocin, you should tread with caution.

Overstimulation can lead to intense contractions and stress on the baby or so-called fetal distress.

Hence, the key here is to discuss the common methods, including the use of a breast pump, with your healthcare provider, as improper or excessive stimulation can pose risks and should be avoided to ensure the safety of your body for labor.

Note: Some may suggest that one of the other common methods for conventional labor triggers is driving on a bumpy road.

But there is no proven evidence of its safety and effectiveness.

Earlier labor should only happen with elective labor induction the doctor advises. When there are controversies in labor induction, it is best to steer clear from it.


fast ways to go into labor tonight

What is the quickest way to go into labor?

Just allow the process to happen naturally. Doctors will always allow time for mommy-to-be to handle the situation because your body knows when it’s the right time for your baby to arrive.

Trusting the natural process and being patient is essential. Inducing labor may carry risks and should only be done under medical supervision.

What are the fast ways to go into labor tonight?

There are no guaranteed fast ways to go into labor tonight. Even though there are some tips, they are not scientifically proven.

Therefore, you should only follow these tips and tricks if your doctor advises you to do it.

Otherwise, it is best to focus on staying relaxed and comfortable, such as gentle physical activity, warm baths, or drinking herbal tea, to avoid unnecessary interventions.

The labor process will begin eventually when the expecting mom’s body & the baby are ready.


I want to emphasize again that these ways to go into labor tonight only apply under your healthcare provider’s advice because everybody is unique and will respond differently.

You have waited for nearly 9 months, and your doctor will guide you through this special time.

That moment will come eventually. Your doctor will conduct a vaginal exam to assess your progress, so please be more patient.

Be kind to yourself, relax, and embrace the excitement and anticipation.

Your baby’s arrival will be a beautiful and transformative experience. Trust your body’s ability to give birth and stay connected with your healthcare provider.

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