Waxing After C Section – Don’ts And Dos You Should Know

In the process of postpartum, there may be many things for you to ponder. Amongst that, questions related to waxing after C section is the one that we receive most frequently.

Understanding those rational skepticisms, here we got your back with the ultimate help you may have seized.

Let’s delve into this to find out the addressed answer for your needs!

Waxing After C Section – Everything To Know

Waxing After C Section

Can you wax after the C section? Yes, but you must wait at least 8 weeks or more preferably, 6 months.

This is when your body is fully recovered and ready to face some “agony” of waxing. To somewhat ease the pain, you can take aspirin beforehand.

The Status Of “Down There”

When it comes to waxing, the body part that leaves you the most bothersome must be your vagina.

The question here comes: What does it look like down there, and does that appearance affect your hair removal?

There are some risk factors you need to take care of. Having said that, the vaginal discharge is the first to give heed.

The story begins as the superficial mucous membrane that lines your uterus throughout pregnancy sheds once you’re done with your emergency deliveries.

This membrane and blood pressure (or blood clot) will be present in your vaginal discharge for weeks.

For the first few days, this discharge will be blood-red and substantial. It will then diminish, get waterier, and turn from pinkish brown to yellowish white.

So if you wish to have waxing as soon as your Cesarean delivery finishes, the scene might look messy and not very splendid.

Plus, as mostly the same as the natural birth or vaginal births, the planned C-section major surgery doesn’t exclude vaginal pain or hip pain.

That is why considering the maternal morbidity, medical condition, and so on, the foremost priority must be to keep the postpartum maternal physical health comfortable before considering any form of painful makeovers.

When To Start

Since every person’s birth experience and delivery variables are unique, there is no such thing as optimal timing.

However, we advise waiting at least six weeks after giving birth before scheduling a wax appointment.

If you are bound to get a hair removal at services, bear in mind to let the salon know that you have undergone a cesarean section, assisted birth, abdominal surgery, or had any sutures from an episiotomy or tear beforehand.

It is because those factors will involve pretty much the time you have to wait.

Things turn a bit harsher for those who intend to wax directly over their scars. When performing tasks close to and around such a compass, extra caution must be taken.

Chances are that you don’t even need to wax it because hair does not grow on scar tissue.

What about your intimate area? It would be most reasonable to have that waxing eight weeks after having birth if you got a Cesarean delivery.

Still, six months will be a safe zone to ensure the mother’s restfulness and avoid any unnecessary severe external lesions under any circumstances.

Pain Level

Most bikini or any area waxers’ top (and entirely valid) fear is pain. It is true that the performance can hurt or make you uncomfortable to varying degrees.

Especially when you already have vaginal pain and extremity aches as a consequence of a planned C-section or vaginal delivery, the agony even seems to multiply exponentially.

So despite the fact that it’s not likely to be as bad as you would fear, we suggest you take an aspirin or ibuprofen about an hour before your appointment to ease the discomfort.

Since you may not be able to find a more effective or hygienic method of hair removal or grooming than waxing, we guarantee you’ll be happy with the results once you are done paying all that effort.

Plus, waxing the bikini area and so on is often much simpler than shaving them. So a little daunting to exchange for a marvelous renovation? We will say it is completely worth the shot.

Should You Wax Before Your C Section?

Although it is technically possible to get waxed at the preterm birth, we do not advise you to have your hair (particularly bikini hair) removed right before your planned C-section.

There is even a high likelihood that a few days prior to your operation, your midwife or care team might urge you to cease shaving or waxing your intimate region.

It is because this would lower the chance that the wound from your planned c-section post delivery may become infected due to your skin contact being prone to soft tissue infection.

As a result, though waxing afterward may sound riskier, it is, in fact, that doing it before that makes you more vulnerable and likely to gain prolonged hospitalization.

Brazilian Wax After C Section

Brazilian Wax After C Section

What if it is not just your bikini area but the whole down there where you wish to eliminate? Is Brazilian wax harmful to your recovery period?

The answer is no, but it may take quite a decent tolerance for you to work your way out of this matter.

How Long After C-Section Can You Get Brazilian Waxing?

As we have mentioned, the average amount of time for the new mother to rest and heal is eight weeks.

It is also attainable to have your first intimate waxing eight weeks after having birth if you had an elective Cesarean section.

In cases like that, working close to and around the Cesarean scar will require extra caution. So make sure you hire a careful hand if you decide to take help from services.

Does Brazilian Waxing Hurt More With Longer Hair?

A big old yes is when the answer turns up.

As such, your hair should be perfectly alright to go up to a quarter of an inch long, so-called a grain of rice.

Otherwise, if it grows longer, the pain indeed is what your waxing must bring during the process of removing.

Moreover, it will also make it more difficult for your therapist to complete the task.

That is why prior to the appointment, trimming any extra hair or shaving, then waiting a few weeks for it to grow back before visiting the salon again are the minimum eligibility criteria.

There is no other way for you to avoid the discomfort if you fail to satisfy those requirements upfront.

Tips For New Moms Getting Back Into Waxing

Going frequently and early is our genuine advice for the new hard-working mom who is down to the intent of getting waxed.

Here is the scene that may happen when you now gain a fresh beloved company in your life via all that delivery characteristics: After having a child, you operate on an automatic pilot and start carrying your baby everywhere.

However, some locations, like the wax room or the threading chair, are not at all the safest and most ideal for your little infant. You will realize this as soon as you step into the hood.

He or she might be so adorable that everyone wants to see her. People at the salon are no exception.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean your surroundings shall be willing to monitor and take extra care of them so you can be hands free and focus on your business.

As a new mother, you will also not believe that others can babysit your child if you have to go somewhere alone.

There will be many wonders such as whether or not it is ok to leave the baby with grandparents for you to go to the salon.

It’s similar to going to a fancy restaurant and discovering that they don’t have highchairs or that you must leave your stroller outside, but your infant is asleep, and you don’t want to disturb her.

Even though it will be a difficult transition, you ought to start considering such issues right away.

Our biggest tip for new mothers getting a wax is to prepare for mental health well and to bring a friend or their partner with them so that someone can watch the child while you are receiving services.

You’ll be able to unwind more because your youngster will be secure with a familiar face.


You must have a handful of insights regarding waxing after C section by now. As we already pointed out, things are not as complicated as you may think about such an afterward process.

Granted that you follow those notable features neatly, you will just be fine with the upcoming new days of your life.

Good luck to you then!

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