Sister Name For Lily – Different Alternatives To Lily For Your Newborn

Naming a baby is not an easy task for parents. In most cultures, names are not only a means of identification, but they also deliver parents’ hopes and expectations.

Lily – one of the most popular baby girl names, is favored by English-speaking parents.

If your first child has that name, you might wonder what a sister name for Lily should be. Don’t worry! You’ve come to the right place.

Check out our list of baby names that go with Lily for more inspiration.

Meaning Of The Name Lily

Sister Name For Lily

Primary Meaning

Lily is a popular delicate century-old flower name commonly used in Western countries. It refers to a white and lovely flower. The image of the lily symbolizes fidelity and loyalty in love and friendship.

This is also the primary meaning of this name: honesty and loyalty. The girl named Lily has a beautiful and noble face like a Lily flower.

Parents hope their children will have a life full of luck and faithful love.

Spiritual Meaning

Regarding its spiritual and classic meaning, some say this name is formed from Lilith, meaning “beautiful” or “flower”. That was the name of the first biblical woman.

Another version of the origin is in place of Susanna, which also means “lily”. This flower is associated with purity, immortality, resurrection, righteousness, and God’s mercy in Christianity.

The ancient Romans and Greeks once honored the lily as the highest of flowers.

In the Greek and Roman wedding ceremonies of that time, people wore the bride’s head a crown of white lily flowers decorated with wheat to symbolize purity.

In general, Lily is an excellent choice with an amazing dimension. It sounds soothing but also has a symbolic meaning.

This name is a great option for parents who hope their child grows up confidently and can do whatever they want.

The versatility across languages makes it an international choice, becoming one of the most affectionate names for kids.

The name gained popularity among English-speaking parents in the 1800s and 1900s, but it is now used widely worldwide, notably in Western countries.

Sister Names For Lily

Here are some sibling names similar to Lily that you can consider for your child.


Lucy is a name given to a girl, which means being born at dawn, with the sun shining, so the child born will always stand out.

Girls with this name are expected to be good at analyzing, understanding, and learning new things. They tend to become researchers, scholars, or teachers.


Lola is a female name. The name is a form of Dolores and is of Spanish origin.

Lola implies a smart and intelligent girl. The Lola girl is expected to be hard-working and never be a lazy teenager.


Alice is among the popular names for a girl in the UK. Its classic meaning is “noble”, “benevolent”, and “kind”.

This name first appeared in a cartoon called “Alice in Wonderland” and has been a popular name ever since.


The name Alexander in Greek means “courageous” and “guardian”. It is assumed that this named girl will be a strong and fair person, a fighter for ideas.


Clara means “light”, “shining”, and “brilliant”. This name is of French origin.

People with this name often wish for beautiful love and harmonious relationships. Some popular names for Clara are Clara Austen, Clara Blaze, Clara Blue, and Clara Dove.


Emma is a baby girl name of Latin origin. This name represents “global”, “universal”, or “all over the world”.

It also expresses the meaning of rich inner life, affection, and desire for a peaceful life.

Naming the baby Emma, the parents hope that their baby is born and grows up as beautiful as famous stars in the universe.


In Hebrew, Eliza means “pledged to God.” Eliza is also frequently interpreted as “Joy” and “Joyful.” Parents expect their kids with the names “Eliza” or “Elizabeth” always to be happy and independent.

Brother Names For Lily

Brother Names For Lily

Here are some boy name suggestions you can choose for your son.


Ezra originated from the Hebrew word Azar. The meaning of this word is “protector”.

The name is also said to be a shortened form of the word Azaryahu – meaning “God’s help” The boy with this name is believed to become a brave and confident person.


Caleb comes from the Hebrew language, which signifies “faithfulness,” “wholeheartedness,” “boldness,” or “bravery.”

Some individuals believe it also indicates “devotion to God.” The name is a combination of two Hebrew words, “kal” and “lev,” which imply “whole-hearted.”


The name originates from Hebrew origin, dating back to the 13th century BC. The name is related to the gentle smile of the Canaanite god.

Isaac literally means “He laughs/will laugh”, which represents joy – a simple meaning many parents give their children.


Oliver is predominantly a male English name that translates to Descendant Of The Ancestor.

This name immediately makes you think of the olive tree. The biblical olive tree represents fertility, beauty, and dignity.


This is a traditional Welsh name. Owen represents a  young warrior or nobleman. The name became very popular worldwide from about the 2000s to the present.


Chase is a French unisex name. It began as among the common nicknames for a “huntsman” during the Middle Ages and was formerly used as a family surname.

Baby Chase may be encouraged to pursue their aspirations and hobbies in life.


The name Luke is derived from the Latin name Lucius. Luke is considered a shortened form of Lucius.

This name means a bright person who was born at dawn. The Luke boy is also curious, always asking for stuff, and desiring to explore the outside world.


What Are The Middle Names That Go With Lily?

Some common middle names go with lily you can consider:

  • Lily Haven
  • Lily James
  • Lily Bart
  • Lily Brown
  • Lily Cole
  • Lily Gladstone
  • Lily Grace
  • Lily Hollister
  • Lily Luna
  • Lily Owens

How Popular Is Lily’s Name?

The popularity of the name Lily has been increasing for the past 100 years in the world.

It is ranked 31, according to the Social Security Administration in 2022. Given how profound and lovely the name Lily is, this trend is pretty simple to comprehend.

Lily is currently one of the most sought-after baby names in England and Wales. It could be a short form or a pet name for Lilliana or Lillian if you are seeking a more friendly option.

Are There Celebrities With This Name?

Of course! Common names with Lily you can find on the news include two well-known women named Lily Collins and Lily James.

Lily Collins is most recognized for her performance in Emily in Paris, whereas Lily James is famous for her roles in Cinderella and Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

Other renowned people whose name is Lily are:

  • Lily Allen: She’s an English singer, songwriter, and actress.
  • Lily Bloom: She’s a French actress.
  • Lily Gladstone: She’s an American actress.


A beautiful name helps a kid make an impression and brings good luck in life. Therefore, a good name for a baby girl is always something that parents aim for.

If you are still finding names to go with Lily for your next child, we hope our list of sister name for Lily could help.

There are various sibling names for Lily to choose from. Depending on your expectation and orientation for your child, you will find the most meaningful name that suits your needs.

Thanks for reading.

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