Second Baby Ruined My Body – Facts About Your Second Pregnancy

Right after you find out you are pregnant the second time, you’ll notice it is different from the first because you will see many unusual changes in your body.

Many mothers have told us that the “second baby ruined my body“, and they are desperate to find a way to fix it.

Do you know the reason why? If you want to know, then read on for the second pregnancy facts in this article to find out why!

Why The Second Baby Ruined My Body?

Second Baby Ruined My Body

You experience these changes the second time you have a baby because of the looser muscles, pelvic pressure, being tired and exhausted due to postpartum depression, difficult weight loss process and exercise routine, or the urgly and permanent stretch marks.

Looser Muscles

Because your muscles are naturally looser throughout your second baby, you may experience a quicker pregnancy than you did before.

The extra stress on the skin causes strained tendons and skin, increasing the likelihood of loose skin, even if you did not have them for the first time.

With looser muscles, it will be tough to return to pre-pregnancy shape unless you work out consistently.

In rare situations, the skin and muscles have become so stretched that your form has irrevocably changed with saggy skin.

 Pelvic Pressure

Throughout your first time pregnant, the toned, freshly pregnant muscles put more pressure around your pelvic floor muscles.

The pressure increases in the second pregnancy, especially when utilized to avoid urine incontinence.

Control issues are frequent during bearing your second baby.

Although Kegel exercises can help bolster weakening pelvic muscles, some women require surgery to completely correct damage caused by many pregnancies.

Exhausted And Tired

Exhausted And Tired

Multiple pregnancies have an impact on more than just your muscles and physique but endure postpartum depression.

You will probably discover that the periods, weeks, and months following your baby’s birth are extended with exhaustion due to a hectic schedule following your second labor and delivery experience.

With two children, you will spend many days caring for both.

Exercise Routine

Is it harder to bounce back after second baby? Yes, it is! You may find it simpler to fit in daily exercise after the second child.

You probably spend your leisure time with your other baby if you’re not feeding, changing, and cuddling your infant.

Consequently, time restrictions during childbirth can limit workout time, making you even more disappointed with your general body health.

Difficult Weight Loss

Difficult Weight Loss

Pregnancy weight gain signifies a healthy baby, but staying fit after giving birth the second time is a pain in the neck.

Your body experiences a lot during two times having a baby. Although no rule states that your body cannot heal, many women find it more difficult to lose weight since they have less time to work out.

Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks

If you prevent stretch marks first, you may not avoid them the second or third time.

Stretch marks rely on your skin type, hormones, and weight, whether you’re pregnant with your first, second, third, or fourth kid.

It is preferable to gain weight gradually rather than rapidly, but you might be unable to control this.

What Should You Do To Feel Better?

What Should You Do To Feel Better?

Instead of thinking having a second child was a mistake, you should prepare to get in shape after giving birth to a second child.

Learning from the first postpartum experience, some moms know what is coming and how to make a plan that works for them.

Here is some advice we would like to give you.

Keep Calm And Take It Easy

It takes nine months to develop a kid, and your body undergoes substantial changes throughout that time and even in the postpartum period. Healing takes patience and time.

If your physique returned the first time but did not this time, you should take a pause and relax. Everything will be okay.

Attempting to exercise too soon can backfire if you hold too much strain on your still-recovering body.

Set Goals

It’s important to be encouraged, but remember that every pregnancy and healing is unique. Never compare yourself to anybody or any perfect postpartum mother images you see online.

Keep Your Integrity

What are your choices, and what should you care about? How do you sense your body? It depends on how well you are doing.

You may have to change your targets as you go. Do not damage or upset yourself by the thought “my body is ruined after having a baby” or following an ideal imaginary in your mind.

Eat Properly

Consider food as fuel. Make eating healthy a priority over calorie reduction.

Consume well-balanced meals daily and pay attention to what you put on your dish. It will help you to ease the physical pain, learn to focus, and possibly even make you happier! 

Eating well is frequently the key to remaining motivated and enthusiastic to accomplish your objectives. Also, remember to hydrate yourself regularly.


You’re a mother of two now! It may be more exhausting than you anticipate.

Instead of stressing over your body size and weight and believing that “having a second child ruined my life“, you should make daily choices to care for yourself physically, psychologically, and socially.

When you are in a positive mood, your body improves.

Have Sex

Spending time with your spouse is beneficial not just to your relationship but also allows you to re-learn your physique.

Enjoy becoming acquainted with yourself and cherish this period of your life.

Adjust The Situation

Your body reacts differently to your second child. Your muscles are weaker, but it would be more difficult to return to the pre-pregnancy form if you did not work out during your pregnancy.

It could also imply that your appearance has been forever changed. Your pelvic muscles may feel more strained around this time, so keep practicing your Kegel exercises.

One significant difference is that now there are two tiny children to look for.

It can make you weary and tired, and your routine may feel a little crazy. So, sleep whenever you can.

Exercise Regularly

Having two children also means having less time for oneself. How can you prioritize everyday exercise? Try to get 15 minutes of exercise per day.

You can refer to yoga or some back-strengthening exercises for pregnancy.

During your baby’s napping period, you can conduct some reinforcement and training (unless you need to take a rest, too).

Alternatively, you can incorporate exercise into your routine, such as taking an afternoon walk or enjoying a poker game with your youngster.


Breastfeeding helps moms burn between 300 and 500 calories each day. It can assist you in losing weight, particularly at the beginning.

Ensure you’re eating well because you still demand energy to generate baby formula.

This means you should not burn calories just to rapidly get a smaller dress size.

Be Patient

Be wary of items and services that claim quick and straightforward solutions to get your ideal figure.

Measures such as shake, end, refill, and prepare are all geared at susceptible young pregnant women. You do not need them.

See a licensed medical expert or your healthcare provider if you desire a comprehensive action plan with documented results.


Pregnancy is frequently stressful, and the nerve is broken the second time as your physique has changed dramatically since your second pregnancy.

So, you should be ready to adopt a balanced diet and daily exercise for weight loss on a new schedule if you anticipate changes.

Hopefully, the article regarding the second baby ruined my body and other facts about your second pregnancy has given you some useful information!

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