Peekaboo Vs Sneak Peek: Are They Different? What To Choose?

Numerous women want to know the gender of their babies by visiting the ultrasound doctor, yet this method is quite expensive.

Another appealing approach is to use an at-home gender testing kit, especially from the Peekaboo vs Sneak Peek.

These two brands are famous for producing products that target pregnant women and babies’ health.

But could you figure out the key difference between the gender tests of these brands? If not, this article will help you out. Stay tuned!

Overview Of The Peekaboo Gender Test

peekaboo vs sneak peek

The Peekaboo kit promises to deliver fast results to users as soon as possible. So how does Peekaboo gender test work?

First, you must purchase the kit, and don’t forget to sign in to your online account on the main homepage of Peekaboo.

After successfully registering and entering the website, the full guidance will pop up on your screen.

All you need to do is follow the instructions strictly, from collecting a small amount of your blood by injecting your finger’s skin to sending your sample to the Peekaboo laboratory.

The brand recommends you to take the test starting at 6 weeks of pregnancy. Taking the test anything earlier than this threshold can alter the result.

The kit comprises a sterilized needle, three lancets, and a small sample container. The result will be sent to your provided mail.

Overview Of The Sneak Peek Gender Test

The Sneak Peek test has a higher price than Peekaboo, and the result also takes longer to reach customers.

However, many people still love using the gender test kit of this brand for a pain-free experience.

The Sneak Peek needs to test the chromosome in the gender DNA via the sample you have provided to conclude whether your embryo becomes male or female.

After ordering the testing kit, you will soon receive it within a few days. Then, use a needle to inject your finger to collect the blood sample and store it carefully in a small container.

You can use the tourniquet (usually made of silicone) in the kit to stop the blood flow from the incision.

After completing the process, please send it to the SneakPeek labs via the location printed on the package. Don’t worry, as there is detailed guidance in the kit.

What Are The Key Differences Between Peekaboo Vs Sneak Peek Gender Tests?

What Are The Key Differences Between Peekaboo Vs Sneak Peek Gender Tests

The Peekaboo gender test seems more suitable for middle-class households with low prices, and the result is delivered faster than its competitor.

Despite the higher cost, many people still favor Sneak Peek, thanks to the greater accuracy and less painful experience.

Let’s dive deeply into each criterion to see their differences.

The Accuracy

Although both brands ensure the gender test is 99.5% accurate, the accuracy of Sneak Peek tests is more reliable than the results delivered by Peekaboo.

You could visit the Amazon site and easily notice that Peekaboo gets a whopping 28% of one star for quality, while the one-star rating for Sneak Peek only accounts for 12%.

The Circulation Of Drawing Blood

Given the blood drawing aspect, many people love the instructions and testing kit of Sneak Peek more than Peekaboo.

The blood collection process seems easier and cleaner when using the Sneak Peek test. You can use a prepared tourniquet to facilitate the blood drip.

However, the experience brought by Peekaboo is a little disappointing. The process of taking blood is harder due to the smaller incision of lancets, and the kit does not have a tourniquet.

The Price

A Peekaboo test is cheaper than Sneak Peek.

The average price for a gender kit produced by Peekaboo is about 69 dollars, while the figure for Sneak Peek stands at 79 dollars, with a 10-dollar difference.

The Result Delivery

How long does it take to get Peekaboo results? When using the Peekaboo product and service to test your baby’s gender, you will likely receive the result via an email within 2 days.

However, you must wait longer for the Sneak Peek test, usually taking 3-4 days.

The Shipping

Peekaboo collaborates with FedX, while the shipping partner of Sneak Peek is USPS. Both are famous in goods delivery, ensuring your kit is still intact when received.

However, many people reported that the shipping of a Peekaboo test was faster than Sneak Peek.

The Extras And Additional Services

If you have difficulty taking the blood sample, call Peekaboo via the hotline, and it will send a professional doctor to help you.

On the other hand, Sneak Peek offers an extra for the same-day result packages if you want to purchase another kit.

The Result Email

Peekaboo gender test results are attached as a PDF attachment and sent to you via an email. Sneak Peek does not do so, directly sending the result shown in the email.

Although both documents include enough data about the test, the Peekaboo result seems more professional and secures your privacy better.

The Guarantee Policy

There is no difference in the two brands’ guarantee policies. They are willing to back your money, suppose the result is inaccurate.

However, to get your money back, you must show proof: a scan or photo of the baby’s birth certificate and your order number.

What Is Suitable For You, Peekaboo Or Sneak Peek?

What Is Suitable For You, Peekaboo Or Sneak Peek

The answer might depend on you. If you want a baby gender testing with medium quality and a reasonable price, the Peekaboo test is a perfect choice that you should not miss.

Yet, you emphasize the test’s accuracy and fear of getting hurt while taking a pin-prick blood sample; opt for Sneak Peek’s product immediately. Is Sneak Peek worth it? Completely yes.

Don’t believe in old wives’ tales, like heartburn in early pregnancy being a sign of a girl. It’s best to take a Peakaboo or Sneak Peek test or go to a doctor to determine if your little one is a boy or a girl.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Time To Take A Gender Test?

According to numerous experts, the optimal period for taking a gender test is eight weeks of pregnancy.

During this time, the level of Y chromosomes is sufficient; the result seems to be more accurate.

On the other hand, Peekaboo suggests a six-week timeframe for pregnancy, as the representative of its research and development team says that waiting longer decreases the test’s accuracy.

This is attributed to the fear that Y chromosomes can drop below the detection limit.

Are There Any Circumstances When The Peekaboo And Sneak Peek Tests Are Wrong?

Absolutely yes.

There are always some exceptions. Although both Peekaboo and Sneak Peek ensure that the accuracy of their tests is 99.5%, some women still report that they get wrong results.

Maybe they take the test too early, or something goes wrong with their breeding health.

The Bottom Line

This article has pinpointed the key differences between Peekaboo vs Sneak Peek gender testing kits in terms of several aspects, such as accuracy, additional services, prices, etc.

Both have their pros and cons; just base on your demand to choose the proper product.

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