My Dog Jumped On My Pregnant Belly: Can It Hurt My Baby?

My dog jumped on my pregnant belly, and I wondered whether I should bring him to an obedience school. Many believe a family isn’t whole unless they get a dog.

Seeing our children growing up with a dog is the nicest feeling in the world. However, hardly one thinks about what to do when a member gets pregnant.

Dogs are wonderful friends, but if you’re wondering whether a dog jumped on my stomach pregnant is harmful, keep reading.

Is There Any Risk After My Dog Jumped On My Pregnant Belly?

my dog jumped on my pregnant belly

There is no weight limit for a dog that might leap onto our lower abdomen without endangering the unborn child.

“I can’t be precise about the amount that an animal may weigh and be acceptable to jump on a pregnant belly,” said Dr. Yvonne Bohn.

It is not quite so much weight, but what matters is the level of force exerted on the abdomen.

Generally, we should avoid kicking, jumping on, or applying pressure directly to a pregnant woman’s belly bump.

It is because when the placenta erupts, it can separate from the uterus. It is known as placental abruption.

Once the separation is large, the woman may suffer labor based on the child’s gestational age. At severe consequences, it may result in the loss of the pregnancy or premature delivery.

“This does not occur whenever force is put on the abdomen, and it depends on the trimester,” Bohn tells Romper. However, there is always a risk, so we need to be careful.

Do I Get Miscarriage When Dog Jumps On Pregnant Belly?  

The probability of a normal-sized dog leaping on our abdomen and causing a miscarriage is low. It relies on the force applied and the phase of pregnancy.

A miscarriage is a painful heartbreak. As the mother of two babies, I understand the concern and fear you experience throughout our first trimester.

Miscarriage risk starts to reduce after 12 weeks of pregnancy, so some women relax when they reach their second trimester.

However, when we have an energetic furry friend at home, we may need to remain vigilant.

When our dog jumps on our pregnant belly early during pregnancy, possibilities are that our baby is okay.

Our uterus is still reasonably safeguarded by our pubic bone. Plus, our baby is very little.

Our baby is developing, and our belly is beginning to expand as we approach our second trimester.

During this time and toward the finish of our pregnancy, we should make plans to safeguard our bellies from four jumping paws.

For me, my dog jumped on my pregnant belly 20 weeks, and I had to check with my doctor. Luckily because my dog was too small, everything was okay.

However, we should always be careful. There is always a risk. As previously mentioned, a big dog with a hard jump on our belly may cause a miscarriage.

What Should I Do When My Dog Jumped On My Stomach Pregnant?

dog jumped on pregnant belly

Regardless of the dog’s size, we will most likely be concerned and stressed about if any baby harm occurs. However, consider a few things before you rush to the emergency department.

Size of Dog

I have a dog named Bella, and she is a Shih Tzu. Thus, she’s not particularly large. She’s like a small yet loud little bug. She weighs about 7 lbs!

When you’re the owner of a little dog, you should not be too worried about them.

When contrasted with a German Shepherd puppy or golden retriever, it is evident that they may carry more punch and risks.

German Shepherd dogs’ legs are equivalent to the four legs of a Shih Tzu.

Thus, we may prepare our dog before getting pregnant, including sending him to a relative or regulating the time in crates.


As previously said, my puppy is currently 7 pounds. Therefore she was much smaller throughout my pregnancy.

It didn’t stop her claws from stinging my stomach. In fact, her general personality shifted from that of a fun fur baby to that of a defender. She protected me from virtually everything!

Cuddles with our dog are ideal, but when they are too excited, be mindful of our belly.

Whether we own a dog with small paws or a giant, we should be careful and hold back if they are startled or trying to defend us.

When a dog steps on our pregnant abdomen, regardless of size, I believe it is critical that we get medical attention. It can be a small check-up to be safe.


There’s another factor to take into account. It is our trimester. During the first trimester, our uterus is significantly safer.

Because it is still nestled under that pubic bone, harm from our dog leaping on us is far less likely.

However, in the third or second trimesters, this type of influence might be harmful to the fetus.

When the power of the jump is significant, we ought to visit our doctor and let them examine us.

In general, provided our dogs jump up and place their paws on us, don’t be nervous if it isn’t so hard. However, when it leads us to fall, consult a doctor.

When Should I Look For Medical After My Dog Jumped On Stomach Pregnant

A normal-sized dog jumping on our abdomen will usually cause no harm.

Yet, when a dog walks on our pregnant belly and we continue to have any of the symptoms, we should seek medical assistance.

Severe Pain

Consider medical attention when our dog jumps on our pregnant abdomen, and we are in abdominal pain.

Although no harm should occur with a normal dog, there is a possibility of miscarriage. Thus, we need to take action beforehand.

Vaginal Bleeding

During pregnancy, vaginal spotting and bleeding are typical. Up to one out of every four pregnant women can have some spotting and bleeding.

Pregnancy bleeding may not usually indicate a problem, but it may be a symptom of any significant issues, including miscarriage.

We may especially need to check with a doctor if we have bleeding after our dog jumps on the belly. Something may have happened.

Changes In Fetal Movement

Contact a medical professional when we observe a change in our baby’s movement following the leap. The unborn baby could be affected and start showing it.

Signs Of Premature Labor

Consult our healthcare practitioner should we have frequent contractions.

Lower back discomfort or significant pelvic pressure following our dog jumping on our tummy is another indicator to call a doctor.

Leakage Of Fluid

If we have not reached 18 months, which is a normal time to give birth, and our water breaks, it is time we should be worried.

When our water could have broken due to the incident, get medical assistance immediately.

Persistent Anxiety Or Worry

If we keep feeling uncomfortable, we should call a doctor. They will check if anything is wrong.

Besides, ask our doctors for medical advice when worrying about our baby’s health and well-being. We will feel more relaxed, which is beneficial for our baby.

How To Train Our Dogs 

dog stepped on pregnant belly

When you are a dog lover and have one or more in the house, here are the ways that may help.

It will help you prepare before welcoming a new baby to the home. It will be helpful for both your dogs and baby.


Replacing feelings in our dog can lead to a variety of behavioral concerns.

Obviously, none of us want our pets to feel replaced, but when a human infant joins the household, these emotions can emerge rapidly.

To guarantee that our dog thinks as though their role in your house remains unchanged, provide them equal attention as before, stick to their schedule as much as possible, and introduce our baby cautiously.

Help Them Accept The New Normal

Keeping our dogs feeling loved is crucial, but sometimes we cannot fulfill their requirements.

Rewarding activities such as offering treats as our baby makes noises or screams may make them accept our kid.

It indicates to our dog that cringing is not frightening but rather a pleasurable emotion.

Besides, we can take them to obedience training. Our dogs will behave properly when you are pregnant.


As a new mother, it is obvious that our focus will be on our child. However, it is critical that we spend time bonding with both our infant and dog simultaneously.

Whether brushing them while feeding or keeping them around throughout changing times, we’re telling our dogs that we still care about them.

I don’t deny the possibility that we’ll have a Poonami eruption or severe trauma.

However, providing our dogs with a toy or reward will keep them entertained when being around baby items.

Frequently Asked Questions

What If My Dog Lays On My Pregnant Belly?

If we had a habit of allowing our gentle giant friend to lie on our stomachs prior to pregnancy, it’s time to end the behavior.

That weight isn’t a smart idea; laying on our backs during pregnancy might cut off the blood supply to the baby. We should train to change our dog’s habits gradually.

When My Dog Stepped On My Pregnant Belly, Is It Their Natural Reaction?

Dogs are said to be able to recognize pregnancy because of their great sense of smell. They have the capacity to identify hormonal fluctuations in their human counterparts.

Some canines get more protective or clinging, while others may grow distant. However, we should never let them sit on our belly.

Can I Continue To Walk My Dog During Pregnancy? 

Yes, walking our dog while pregnant is typically safe and may give us bonding time. However, we need to modify the duration and intensity of our walks as our pregnancy advances.


Is it okay when my dog jumped on my pregnant belly? When it is a normal-sized dog, it may be safe.

However, for the sake of our dogs, we should check with our doctor after a dog stepped on pregnant belly.

You can do the suggested activities above to familiarize our dogs with the new member.

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