My Child Hates Her Dad – How To Cope With?

The reasons why teenage daughters hate their fathers vary, depending on personal issues. Some are real, deep, and surely have terrible stories behind.

In some cases, it can be just the teenage phase that causes the hatred feeling toward their dads.

It is overwhelming and confusing to live in a family where some members don’t get along.

Conflict and arguments definitely happen more often, causing stress and ruining family bonding and happiness.

Why my child hates her dad can be tough to explain, but understanding it will help you bridge the gap. In this guide, We’ll help you with some explanations and strategies to help you get through!

Why My Child Hates Her Dad

My Child Hates Her Dad

Why does my daughter not like her dad? Apart from the lack of connection and violence, mostly it is from the desire for independence, while the father tends to restrict them.

As teenagers, they are at their rebellious stage, and they want to express themselves the most.

Some parents don’t understand it, especially fathers, and they start to be incompatible, ending up with arguments and hatred.

Some other detailed explanations can help you figure out, and they are as followings:

Lack Of Emotional Connection

For those growing up in a nuclear family and whose fathers are workaholics, spending hours and hours pursuing their careers, children will feel disconnected and somehow abandoned.

The result is that they will long for love from their father and resent him. This also explains why a child favors one parent over the other.

If the situations last too long, it will create a barrier between them, and the daughter or sons gradually feel distant and don’t try to connect with their dad anymore.

It is important to have parents as a profound presence in our lives.

If this need can not be fulfilled, the adult children will grow with intense feelings of hatred and resentment. It will lead to bad behavior in teenagers.

Authorize Against Their Daughters

The authoritarian parenting style happens mostly in the daughter’s formative years.

At this stage, the parent’s role is more significant in directing and guiding them to overcome their developmental rebellion.

However, their strategies are not all perfect, and they don’t have enough understanding. Especially for difficult fathers, they are strict and even over-control their adult children.

If parents are hard on them and try to force or forbid them to do or not to do something, it will create more detestation and insurgence in teenagers.

Instead, fathers should be more sympathetic and caring so that their little girls can be more open.

Child Abuse

Why do children fear their fathers? Child abuse is the the main culprit.

Parents are responsible for providing for their children to have a life full of material. Therefore, they can’t take advantage of physical, emotional abuse or verbal abuse to teach their kids.

It not only creates hatred between them, but they will also struggle to grow. That’s a pain that is hard to heal and makes them feel insecure all the time.

Family Violence

What is a toxic dad like? If there’s a father in the family who has controlled and abusive behavior toward their mom, daughters will be affected negatively and sense the dynamics from these caretakers.

They will beware more and think of their father as a threat to their own safety.

Once their daughter witnesses their father’s violence toward their mother, it surely deteriorates the relationship between them and forms a bad image of happy families.

They are likely to build a cover for themselves and are afraid of marriage in the future.

Is it Normal For a Daughter to Hate Her Father?

If your adult daughters hate their dad, it’s not normal at all. There is absolutely a story behind it, and it can not be they are born with it.

Also, the reason can not be just one but the exceeding chains of actions that lead to the result.

Daughters at different ages, either 7, 17, or 37, having problems with their dads should be handled properly.

Difficult fathers need to be clear, sweet, and calm. Mothers can be involved to help and reach reconciliation.

How To Cope With A Daughter Who Doesn’t Like Dad?



Their engagement is the only way to ease the issues between daughter and father. They must be more willing to communicate, showing their honesty and effort to erase the boundary.

If you are laid back, shy and inactive, the other will assume that you don’t care. So, try to take the initiative, be an enthusiastic, nice person, and show your interest in their opinion.

In some cases, a teenager that doesn’t care can be really hard to deal with; some will also use bad language.

So, even if your little girl just gives one-word answers or feels awkward, be patient and don’t give up on that. Just stay in the picture, and she will understand eventually!



When daughters fear or hate their dads, they don’t open up to them. They will try to ignore or get away from their dads at any chance.

The reason is that they feel embarrassed, and they don’t think dads truly listen to them.

So, take time with them and examine what really bothers her. Approach her with more questions and figure out her insecurities and struggles that make up her feelings.

There is so much insecurity and anxiety in a teenager, but you might not think it’s a big deal then turn a blind eye on it.

Adult daughters are also women, and they deeply want you to understand and sympathize.

Be Dad, And Let Her Be A Daughter 

Be Dad, And Let Her Be A Daughter 

Bear in mind that after all situations, you still be the father. Playing an adequate role model is essential as adult children are quickly inspired by the impact of fathers.

Sometimes, it can be easy to step into her inner world if you are her friend by playing a reliable and trustable father role.


There are many reasons why my child hates her dad as we talk through our article. We hope you can find out for yourself.

Let’s care more about her feelings, and you will discover facets you don’t usually see in your adult children.

Family is something indispensable in our lives. Make all effort to mend the gap and bring back the happiness together.

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